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Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System Services ... your service • Fast Response: Talk directly to skilled technicians with application knowledge • Knowledge: Let our team make your

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  • Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System Services Integrated Service for Maximum Compliance, Safety and Performance

  • Calibration


    Software Maintenance

    Technical Support

    Vaisala viewLinc Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement

    Monitoring system software doesn’t operate in isolation. It lives within a changing ecosystem of computerized and automated systems, network technology, and regulations. Environmental monitoring systems must be adaptable if they are to continue to provide value to your operations over time.

    Our team of expert software developers, electronics engineers, technical support specialists, and regulatory experts will maintain your monitoring system’s compatibility within this changing ecosystem. We are continually improving the viewLinc monitoring system, allowing users to maintain a high level of quality in critical products and processes.

    Software Maintenance provides:

    • Software service updates to improve performance and address new compatibility issues

    • New versions of the software providing you with additional functionality and increased usability

    • Updates to Validation & Good Automated Manufacturing Practice documentation

    Vaisala’s Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement (LCMA) supports a risk-based approach to monitoring regulated environments, as suggested in regulatory guidance. The agreement comprises a modular set of services that help ensure your operations comply with regulations.

    The Vaisala viewLinc Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement is designed to ensure that your investment in the viewLinc Monitoring System is protected for years to come. We offer a range of services including: software maintenance, priority technical support, training, calibration and extended warranty to help you get the most out of your continuous monitoring system.

    Several regulations in life science and other industries address the maintenance and risk management of monitoring systems. For example, data integrity requirements of the FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11 and the EU’s GMP Annex 11 have outlined the need for ongoing maintenance and support over the entire life cycle of a system.

    Software Maintenance

  • Priority Technical Support

    We help you get the most out of your monitoring system by educating viewLinc users on the system’s functions and capabilities. Easy to access training increases software adoption and engagement, so whether you are deploying a new monitoring system, expanding an existing one, or adapting to staff changes, training is critical to your success with the system.

    Training includes:

    • Web-based live training sessions with technical support experts, twice annually

    • On-demand access to task-focused eLearning videos

    • Comprehensive user guides and quick start guides

    Comprehensive Training

    Technical Support provides:

    • 24/7 access to technical support for critical, system-down situations

    • Priority access to technical experts

    The Vaisala technical support team members are famously tenacious problem solvers with deep product knowledge. Our responsive Helpdesk service is a one-stop channel for all your technical questions.

    For operationally critical systems, Vaisala offers premium support as part of the Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement. This optional support agreement helps to ensure system availability and continued value to your operation.


    • Availability: Whenever you need it, globally

    • Expertise: Trained technical experts at your service

    • Fast Response: Talk directly to skilled technicians with application knowledge

    • Knowledge: Let our team make your team expert system users

    • Relationship: With premium support, the Vaisala team is able to build knowledge on your particular operations and processes

    Whether you’ve had unplanned downtime in your facility, or need help configuring the system to meet your needs, our skilled technical support specialists are standing by to assist.

  • Calibration Regular calibration ensures the ongoing accuracy of measurements, safeguarding products and consumers. However, calibration can pose a logistical challenge to organizations: how to avoid costly downtime? Vaisala offers a suite of services to help ensure the regulatory compliance of your operations.

    Key Benefits:

    Service Center Calibration Onsite Calibration Probe Replacement

    Accuracy always ensured in full measurement range

    Minimal downtime for your measurement

    Factory calibration accuracy with minimum downtime, also available as accredited (ISO/IEC 17025 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1)

    Optional accredited calibrations available (ISO/IEC 17025, ANSI/ NCSL Z540-1)

    Vaisala system specialist available at your site

    Easy calibrations with minimal effort

    Adjusted for best accuracy Single point or multipoint calibrations available

    Full measurement range accuracy ensured

    High accuracy, low uncertainty calibrations

    Staff can focus on core operations You receive calibration certificates with As-left values for the replacement probe and As-found values for the original probe

    Functional testing included Device functionality verification Vaisala field technicians can perform probe replacement as a service

    Software upgrades / firmware updates

    Gapless data records and accurate measurements

    Measurement interruption less than one minute


    Boston, USA Helsinki, Finland Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan

    Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Temperature Temperature Temperature Dew Point Carbon Dioxide Dew Point

    Barometric Pressure Barometric Pressure Barometric Pressure Dew Point

    Please check for Calibration Services availability in your area.

  • Standalone Services Several services you may not need on an ongoing basis are available for purchase. Using Vaisala’s professional services will reduce the costs involved in system installation and validation, while ensuring high quality . Your personnel can stay focused on day-to- day operations with Vaisala technicians working in the background.

    A Hands-On Support Partner Vaisala service and support teams provide you with an in-depth understanding of critical environments, network technologies and measurement devices. We help ensure that your systems are efficiently and effectively deployed to meet or exceed the most stringent compliance requirements.

    Standalone Services

    › Installation

    › Validation

    › Mapping

    › Training

    › Calibration

    viewLinc System Services

    “The Vaisala team is well qualified, easy to work with, and became a part of our team. This relationship was a major reason that our original goal of project completion [for a 2000 point, 60 site system] within two years was met.”

    Joe Cwiertniewicz, McKesson Facilities Manager

  • Installation

    Remote Alarming

    viewLinc Monitoring & Alarming

    Remote Monitoring

    E xisting

    N etw

    o rk

    Ultra-Low Temp Freezers

    Refrigerators Incubators

    Installation Service Take advantage of Vaisala’s expertise. Dedicated technicians are available to manage the installation of your Vaisala monitoring system to ensure a flawless system deployment with full system functionality and comprehensive user training.

    Customized Configuration Vaisala-executed installations include the setup and deployment of all sensing equipment and communications devices and installation of drivers and software and configuration of the system to suit your specific needs.

    Key Benefits:

    • Operational integration, help and training

    • Smooth start-up, lower costs, higher productivity

    • Focus on core business with minimal staff requirements allocated to installation work

    Continuous monitoring

  • Validation

    System Validation for GxP Compliance Ensure a high quality validation and reduce system implementation time by using Vaisala’s expertise and deep understanding of GxP quality systems.

    We offer on-site Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification services. The IQ captures the baseline configuration of your system and provides evidence of control that aligns with GxP guidelines.

    The OQ provides evidence that your monitoring system is operating as designed, encompassing all GxP functions of the system, including audit trails, tamper-proof data, and the relevant requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11 and PFSB 040122.

    Key Benefits:

    • Saves days of work with no personnel allocation required

    • Presentation-quality report documents

    • Quickest way to get from system implementation to audit-ready operations

    • Information and advice provided during visits helps end users quickly gain system expertise

    “Vaisala Validation services were an economical choice, saving us a lot of time. We learned a lot with the Vaisala technician who was there to provide advice and answer our questions...’’

    Senior Director of Facilities, US-based clinical-stage biotechnology company


  • Mapping Service Temperature and Humidity Mapping Understanding the dynamics of a space is crucial