VAGUE to VISION. [Your Name]’s Life Vision Playlist: (enter the names of the song(s) that fit your current life vision and that inspire you)

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<p>[Your Name]s Lifes Vision</p> <p>VAGUE to VISION</p> <p>1[Your Name]s Life Vision Playlist: (enter the names of the song(s) that fit your current life vision and that inspire you) </p> <p>21. Your Core Essence It Starts at the Center of You</p> <p>I AM STATEMENTImagine this. Think of someone who grabs your attention. Someone you want to talk to, listen to, learn from. Someone who inspires you. They catch your attention on all levels. Its someone you would want to be around. What are they like? What qualities do they possess? Why do they inspire you so much, why do you want to learn from them? Why do they hold your attention? Write down freely what characteristics you are drawn to in them. After youve written as much as you can, choose 4 or 5 traits of this person that you love the most. With those characteristics arrange the following statement: I am a _____, _____, _____, and _____ man/woman. </p> <p>4THEREFORE I AMNow, the second part of this I am statement involves what you DO. First part was about who you are in your essence, second part is about how you express it in the world. You can take the initial visualization further here and imagine what this inspirational person does that speaks so deeply to you. What would just light you up to do for a living? Maybe youre already doing it. How do you want to take your I AM statement and incorporate it into your lifes work and career? You can list multiple things you DO, but keep it clear and simple. Last part of this statement should clarify how the chosen works help yourself and others. Therefore I am a _______ and ________ that _______. For example: Therefore I am a doctor, published author, and online business owner that moves and inspires truth and awareness within myself and others. </p> <p>MY CORE BELIEFSWhen you act in complete congruency with your beliefs and values you have unlimited power to change your life and influence others. First step is to determine what you will choose to believe. We can believe anything we want to. To passively accept a belief system given to us is ineffective. This isnt about forcing yourself to believe something you dont currently. It is however about letting go of all the limitations that weve been trained to believe and return to the truth that we are capable of what we set our mind to. What do you choose to actively believe? And yes, it is an activity just like working out a muscle, it does take some work to build that strong core. Examples: I am powerful and effective, I care about others and I can help them change their lives. I can change my own life. Everything I experience and encounter benefits me. I do what I love and am financially free at the same time. </p> <p>MY VOWS TO MYSELF So many of us make promises to others, especially to a partner, but we never stop to make vows to ourselves first. Lets try to leave out shoulds in this case. What do you truly want to offer yourself? Keep it simple, clear, direct and without should-ing on yourself.Some Examples: I vow to live without regrets. To say things that are hard to say. To choose peace and kindness with others and with myself. To share myself openly with others and provide the space for them to do the same. I vow to laugh.a lot. I vow to age like a fine wine and to enjoy every robust sip of myself until the glass is empty. (I love this line ) </p> <p>2. ShiftShake It Up and Wake It Up</p> <p>When I was a kid, Id love to stare out the car window on long car rides just dreaming and thinking. Id look forward to such rides simply because of this. Am I the only one? Dreaming is so fun and pondering all the possibilities really can be intoxicating. When we are in this space of truly feeling what it would be like to do what we really want to do, what we really want to experience, it changes our state of being. It lifts us up. And thats really all a vision board does and why its so powerful. It puts us in that state again of feeling so darn good thinking and subconsciously receiving the very things we give attention to and put on the board. We begin to rewire our minds in a state of believing again and openness to receive our desires, which often times gets stifled. 8MY LIFESTYLEWho are you surrounded by? What types of people? Creative people, artists, musicians, adventurous people, very deep intellectual people, etc? What are you doing for fun? What hobbies occupy your time? Are you hiking around mountains or salsa dancing? Are you learning a new language or hanging out at home making new dishes in the kitchen? How are you giving back? Are you working with an organization your passionate about or offering your services in other cool ways? </p> <p>MY HOMELets say you come across some place, any place, and you find yourself feeling at complete peace and at home there. Using adjectives, describe what this place is like for you. How do you FEEL in this space and home? Who comes over to visit? Who do you live near-any friends or family? What are the community and neighbors like? What types of people? Do you have an actual picture of this location or place. If so, slap it onto a new slide after this one. </p> <p>MY ABUNDANCESometimes we have this belief that its not spiritual to have our finances taken care and that it means we are greedy. Thats more limiting, small minded beliefs. Money is nothing but a tool. Its neither good nor bad. Our attachments, fear of money, what it means if we have it or dont have it can just be a mental block. List the ways being financially abundant will benefit you. Examples: I pay off student loans. I take a 2 month spiritual cross country journey. I do a raw food detox retreat. List the ways being financially abundant will help others. Examples: I take the burden of my mom and dad, sell houses and buy one they can comfortably live in. Start non-profit organization for free/reduced cost chiropractic care State your bottom line. Example: Being financially abundant frees me up to live my passions and become more alive and vibrant. This will translate to all I encounter and will elevate all my relationships. I can spend more time helping others and offering more of myself to those who need me. </p> <p>MY LOVEOnce you are clear about how you treat yourself, the vows you have made to yourself, and your core beliefs, you are in an excellent position to envision what kind of person and relationship you either want in your life or you want to develop with someone already in your life. Write as specifically as possible about this person. You cant be too detailed here, and this doesnt mean you are being too strict or picky. We are just envisioning the structure in which our ideal mate comes in, which can change. Being specific, write what this person looks like, how do they carry themselves, what are their interests, whats important to them? What do you envision doing with them? MOST importantly how does being with this person make you feel? </p> <p>MY VOWS TO MY LOVEWhat do you want to offer with certainty to your love? What are you willing to give of yourself through the good and the rough times? Examples: Always try to understand him and his perspective. Build him up with my words. No free form complaining or nagging. Trust his intentions are always good towards me. Treat him with respect always no matter how I feel. </p> <p>3. Outcome ClarityClarity is Power</p> <p>14MY DESIRED OUTCOMESList 3 outcomes you truly desire and have intention to work towards this year. Again no shoulds here. 1. 2. 3. Include WHY these outcomes matter to you. Be specific on how they compel you to keep moving through all the muck and hurdles to reach them. Example: Non-compelling outcome = Get into shape. Compelling outcome = I want so much more energy that I can take up and master salsa lessons again and do a salsa dance competition. </p> <p>REMEMBERFill in the the prompts and examples then delete them leaving only yours. Getting a working vision for your life is crucial. First it starts with stabilizing your core and bringing clarity and congruency to it. Second, you must shift your physiology meaning how you feel about your desires and what meaning you give them. Third, you must set compelling goals that will pull you daily towards that juicy outcome that you truly desire and from there a strategy can be made. Without the above 3 basic principles utilized, you will be operating under vague desires and will find it troublesome to go from point A to point B. </p>


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