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Focused on MEP Design & Engineering Solutions

Text of Utratech MEP Engineering Consultants

  • Ultra TechMEP Engineering Consultants

    Focused on MEP Design & Engineering Solutions Focused on MEP Design & Engineering Solutions

  • 2 Regional Locations

    Head Ofce : Abu Dhabi


    Abu Dhabi (Head Ofce), UAE

    Ahmed Almazrouei Group H.Q

    Al Yayf Street - Building No. 4

    P.O. Box: 4644, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Tel. : +971 (2) 404 1448

    : +971 (2) 404 1444

    Fax : +971 (2) 678 8620

    Al Ain City, UAE

    P.O Box: 90396, Al Ain, UAE

    Clock Tower, Main Street

    Tel. : +971 (3) 7666470

    Fax : +971 (3) 7667470

    Madinat Zayed (Western Region) UAE

    Tel. : +971(2) 8848377

    Fax : +971(2) 8848443

    Doha, State of Qatar

    P. O. Box: 22672

    Tel. : +974 (4) 4918788

    Fax : +974 (4) 4918789

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Tahlia Street, Le Chateau Mall, Ofce No. 210

    Tel. : +966 (2) 2611557, +966 920011030

    Fax : +966 (2) 2619257

  • UltraTech is a member of Eng. Ahmed Almazrouei Group founded in 1989 with (+500) Staff Member, a leader in developing new business opportunities through a team of highly

    qualied professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, providing services across a spectrum of regional markets. The key to our success is our strategic vision and what the group and

    its staff value.

    UltraTech is a rm dedicated to making complete Mechanical & Electrical building design services, MEP project management and consultancy services with innovative ideas and cost

    effective to achieve highest energy efciency & sustainability requirements in the most cost efcient and effective manner as possible.

    For more than 25 years, we have been serving our clients in a wide range of projects, including Buildings (Residential & Commercial), Educational & Health Care Facilities, Hotels &

    Resorts, Military & Defense Projects, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications & Technology and Environmental. We offer a full spectrum of services to public and private owners.

    Our team of multi disciplinary professionals provides an invaluable level of support to clients. We have gained insightful experience in a broad spectrum of MEP engineering and

    the benets of shared knowledge and experience obtained from years of working in wide range of technically challenging projects. We are fully familiar with the latest International

    Standards & requirements laid down by various agencies. This has made us better positioned to provide clients with comprehensive, integrated, high quality and innovative

    solutions to achieve best MEP design & engineering solutions.

    With ofces strategically located the United Arab Emirates, we have a total staff base of over 80. We also have Associate Ofces in Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha and Muscat. This makes

    UltraTech a unique partner to work with as we possess extensive international and local experience developed over the years working in UAE and regional market.


    The Marina Bay Abu Dhabi Yas Island Rotana - Abu Dhabi The Emirati Housing Project National Leadership Center - Abu Dhabi


  • 4We take pride in designing systems that do not harm the environment.

  • Al Ain Customer Service Center Al Ain Municipality The Crescent Towers - Al Reem Island The Civic Center W.RThe CUBE Hotel Abu Dhabi


    UltraTech handles each project as a unique case. As a result, we develop a clearer understanding of the intent of the project, enabling us to produce the design & engineering

    solutions that would add value to our clients businesses. With this approach we have been very successful in developing and maintaining trusting relationships with our clients.

    Our services are tailored to specic project needs to meet the budget, scope of work, schedule of the client and to achieve highest energy efciency & sustainability requirements

    in the most cost efcient and effective manner as possible. We do this by taking on a unique team approach, encouraging input from all parties involved in the project, offering a

    personalized, responsive and consistent service, coupled with our reliable technical expertise.

    UltraTech posses the latest art of Technology for Engineering Design, Drafting and Documentation work which has brought us credential for our growth.

    UltraTech area of expertise includes LEED, Estidama Compliance, Energy Modeling and Sustainability. We have worked in various distinguished projects in which we covered all

    MEP requirements for LEED & Estidama certication. Our team enjoys green design; integrate lessons learned from their research in efciency and energy into everyday design

    practices for all projects. Also we have a close associate with our advisory consultants who are experts in all aspects of green building or sustainable building.


  • 46

    We take on a unique team approach, encouraging

    input from all parties involved in the project.

  • Design Services

    We apply team approach to provide MEP designs. This approach begins by conducting several meetings with all involved parties in order to develop good understanding of the project

    expectations & requirements. Also understanding the owners goals and budget in regards to the systems they wish to install. We conduct site visits for existing projects in order to evaluate

    the existing systems and identify components that can be reused. We keep owners informed of different strategies and the associated costs with each method for the MEP systems.

    Air Conditioning & Heating System

    Ventilation System

    Industrial Cooling & Ventilation System

    Smoke Management System

    Public Health

    Natural & Liquid Petroleum Gas

    Distribution System

    Fire Protection

    Automatic Extinguishing System

    Central Hot Water Design (Boiler)



    Electrical Distribution (LV)

    Emergency Power & Back up Design

    Lighting Design

    ELV system


    Integrated Building Management System

    Structural Cabling

    Fire Detection

    Piping Layout

    Flow & Pressure Proles

    Meter Sizing

    Fixture Selections

    Water Consumption.

    Hot / Tempered Water Re-Circulating Design

    Waste Reduction Analysis

    System Zoning & Remote Monitoring

    Pump Calculations

    Central vs. Multiple Pump Analysis

    Efciency Calculations

    Gas Piping Design

    Grease Trap Sizing

    Electrical Plumbing


  • 8 Industrial Automation

    Hotel Industry System

    Laboratory Design

    Car Park Management

    Pumping Stations

    Hospital System Design

    Solar Photo Voltaic System

    Solar Hot Water Generation

    Water Features/Pools

    Irrigation System

    Water Treatment Plant

    Sewage Treatment Plant

    Vertical Transport

    Odour Control

    Slaughter House

    Waste Management

    District Cooling

    Industrial Design

    Workshop Design

    Fuel Filling Station

    Kitchen Design

    Telecom Building


    Ultratech acquire a wide range of MEP Project Management capabilities related to the

    Construction Industry from inception to completion like:-

    Feasibility Studies & Feed Design

    Site Investigation and Data Collection

    Design Development Preliminary, Schematic and Detail

    Preparation of Specication & MEP BOQ

    Preparation of Tender Documents

    Tender Evaluation

    MEP Value Engineering

    Peer Review of MEP Design & Verication

    Design Support On Site

    MEP Site Supervision & Quality Control

    MEP Project Management

    Facility Management Studies

    Management Services Expertise Design Services

  • Experience & Projects


  • Residential & Ofces

    Staff Accommodation Complex (ADNOC) Ruwais CityMeena Plaza - Abu Dhabi


  • Alqobasi Building Abu Dhabi Alqobasi Building Abu DhabiYas Island Centro Hotel

    Yas Island Rotana Hotel

    11Hospitality Facilities

  • 12 Health Care Facilities

    Corniche Hospital Al Rahba Hospital

  • 13Housing

    The Emirati Housing Project

  • Sport Stand Abu Dhabi

    14 Sports Facilities

    Al Ain Equestrian Club Multipurpose Sport Hall

    Alwathbah Camels Race Grand Stand Abu Dhabi

  • 15Educational Facilities

    ICI School Abu Dhabi

    Almarfa School

  • 16 Governmental Facilities

    The Civic Center W.R

  • 17

    Civil Defence Building - Abu dhabi Information center for the armed forces

    Building for UAE University Al Ain Customer Service Center Al Ain Municipality

    Governmental Facilities

  • 18 Governmental Facilities

    Integrated Market Al Ain

    Etisalat Building - Saadiyat island

  • 19Governmental Facilities

    Adnoc Petrol Station

    ADNOC Vehicles Service Center

  • 20 Industrial Facilities

    Industrial - Slaughter House Complex Western Region Municipality

  • 21Industrial Facilities

    Slaughter House Complex State of Qatar

  • 22 Infrastructure

    Al Falah Project

  • 23Projects List

    Sea Palace

    Abudhabi Police Head Quarters

    Red Crescent Tower - Al Qurom

    Al Bloushi Tower