Using Web 2.0 in Teaching This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

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Text of Using Web 2.0 in Teaching This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5...

  • Using Web 2.0 in Teaching This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

  • An example ofUsed forIn numbersWikiSocial BookmarkingSocial MediaBlogWriting a journalOrganising favourite websitesCollaborative editingSharing PhotosThere are 110 million10-million saved a month5,000 added in the last minute45-54 year-olds are key playersWordpressDeliciousFlickrWetpaint

  • WikiSocial BookmarkingSocial MediaBlogExample of..WordpressDeliciousWriting a journalOrganising favourite websitesCollaborative editingSharing PhotosUsed forThere are 110 million10-million saved a month5,000 added in the last minute45-54 year-olds are key players*In numbers*Editors of WikipediaFlickrWetpaint

  • Wikis

  • Wikis in EducationWikipedia modelBuilding a collection Group 'Document'Collaborative Editing Web PresentationTake advantage of the medium

  • LN120 Collaborative Writing

  • Web Presentation

  • Social BookmarkingAllows you to manage and share: internet favourites (bookmarks) , online resources, books and journal articles Tagging facilitates resource discoveryAccess from anywhere and freeDelicious | Connotea | CiteULike

  • Can be used in teaching:Teacher shares resources with studentsStudents find resources and add them to either a shared account or a shared tagPGCE example from Institute of EducationDelicious is very flexible and tags can be put onto web pagesLSE Library use delicious to manage free resources embedded into Moodle & website Delicious

  • A personal reference management tool for storing and sharing your books and journals articlesUses taggingUseful for searching other peoples referencesUseful for managing your own referencesCould be used to create a reading list for students?CiteULike and Connotea

  • WebsiteEasy-to-publishReverse Chronology

  • Blogs and learningGood for reflecting, analysing & articulating Allow progress & development to be tracked over time Enable engagement with a academic 'network'

  • Examples of blogs for teaching

  • Media SharingFind, share and re-use content from these sites including:Images, Video, SlidesIncludes Commenting, Tagging & moreFlickr | YouTube | SlideShare

  • Using Social MediaMultimedia for your presentationsYouTubeFlickr http://search.creativecommons.orgOrganising & Sharing your presentationsSlideshareStudents Creating MediaDigital Storytelling Show Beyond

  • YouTube ExamplePresident Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address

  • Desks Teaching Room University of Strathclyde by jisc_infonetTeaching Math or Something by foundphotosljAll photos licensed under Creative Commons licenceTeaching the youngster to feed by foxypar4teach.NSW Tuesday 3rd June 2008 by Joriel "Joz"...

  • Group discussionIdentify possible uses for web 2.0 services in your own LSE teachingAny reservations?

  • Thank YouCentre for Learning Technology

    Workshop links:

    *Web2.0This what today is about: the explosion in new internet technologies. (Internet-based services)

    Some names you may recognise Wikipedia? Flickr? But what are they? How might they be used in Teaching & Learning?A simple definition is that Web1.0 was the read-only Web where the majority of use read the web and only a minority were able to contribute while Web2.0 is the read-write web and everyone is easily able to add content, comment etc.

    Key Characteristics: Participation, Communication, User-generated Content

    *Handout (for printing)

    *Slide for incorporating into our presentation


    Blogs from News Statesman earlier this year

    Flickr need to check on this stat 5500 at 4pm on 08/11/2010

    Wiki this is referring to Wikipedia & age separation between viewers of content (mainly 18-24s) and content authors (45-54s are the biggest grouping!)

    Delicious - this is based on stat on their homepage which currently shows number saved in last minute.. so its very approx

    *Show and edit wikipediaHighlight ease, potential for collaborative authoring, recorded historyWiki Tools - in Moodle & hosted services

    *These overlap rather than being mutually exclusiveWikipedia Model refer back to wikipediaGroup Document show LN120 (slide)Web Presentsations Example? Mock-up?***Emphasise that all these sites are FREE - JS

    An alternative to saving bookmarks in your browser which means you can access them from anywhere on the web rather than saving them at work or at home on your PC.

    Uses keywords or tags to organise the resources with words that make sense to you!*IoE example

    almost 700 bookmarks all added by different people using a unique tag ioepgce2007 the most recent bookmarks were added in May 2009 show different usernames

    LSE Library exampleLSE Library have bookmarked useful good quality resources using delicious. You can access all the bookmarks from the free resources section of the website. Show the delicious page on the library website and click through to the international history resources.

    Now show international history subject page where you can see new resources that have been bookmarked in delicious appearing on the page. This is coming from the delicious site and the website doesnt need to be updated the list automatically updates from delicious

    ***Show page on CiteULike site which shows all books and articles that have been tagged with the word economics. Useful for resource discovery and if you set up an account you can easily save references you find in other peoples book lists.**WebsitePosts listed in reverse chronologyEasy-to-use

    Posts/messages organised in categories (tags)Commenting open to readers

    Single or multiple author*Example blog post of mine perhaps one of the digital natives posts to show reflecting etcLearning journal (moodle mockup) Engaging back mine: linking to blogs, to posts, commenting, being commented onBlog tools: Moodle? Wordpress, BloggerStudent Blogs, class blogs, show GI413 (uses database tool as a blog)Examples of blogs to show include:

    7 uses of blogs post: has about 10 in it

    49 LSE Bloggers: OtherMy general bookmarks:

    *Relate to Social Bookmarking

    *Follow these links

    FlickrInclude annotated and commented on (Devils Mouth)Creative Commons search

    YouTubeShow what Careers are doing - channelMercedes use in a course (w/wimba)Embedded in next slide

    SlideshareInclude CLT group for conferences, projects?Mention audio

    ShowBeyondUse for digital storytellingLN130 UG French course practicing their oral pick a topic themselves and record an audio track for it using Wimba voice recording tools in Moodle. Could then attach it to a powerpoint file, but they were encouraged to put it online on the Show site and in both cases they have to upload photos and create a story. If anyone wants to see it ask us at the end.

    *Obama Victory Speech

    (Requires YouTube Add-In to Powerpoint)***


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