Using The Web To Jump-Start Your Business

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1. Using The Web To Jump-Start Your Business 2. The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates thatmore than 580,000 small businesses will start up thisyear. Unfortunately, about 576,000 small businesses willfail during that same time period. So how canentrepreneurs hedge the odds in their favor? One way isto start a Web-based business or take your currentbusiness online. 3. Internet businesses sell merchandise, services,information and most anything a traditional brick-and-mortarbusiness can sell-but often with a smalleroperating cost because they only conduct businessonline. Brandon Lewis, president of StoresOnline, offersthese tips to help online entrepreneurs make the mostout of their companies: 4. Know Your Audience 5. A common online marketing mistake is to try to targettoo many audiences. There are 938 million users on theInternet. Marketing to all of those eyeballs is simply noteffective and can be very costly. If your target customergroup is women ages 14-27, it does you no good tospend time and money marketing your site to men ages55-90. Take the time to find your customer and thencustomize your approach to people who actually searchfor and therefore want to buy your product or service. 6. Build A Second Site 7. A second common mistake is to have just one e-commerceWeb site. Instead, you should build severalsites that appropriately customize your sales approachto different audiences. This allows you to effectively sellthe same product to different target groups using uniquemessaging, design and tone. One way to do this is bybuilding a second site in a different language. The sitecan more easily be searched by customers according totheir language-specific search terms and can helpincrease your revenue. 8. Get Specific 9. Try to avoid marketing dissimilar products on the samesite. This will let you take advantage of the way Webusers tend to search. People shop on the Internet bylooking for specific items or categories of items. Sellingtools and bedspreads on the same site will lower yoursearch engine rankings and cause you to lose sales.Instead, start off selling one type of product and sell itwell. You can always branch out in the future. 10.