Using technology to improve learning and teaching

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Using technology to improve learning and teaching. Kirsty Tonks Assistant Principal. Shireland Context. I nner city academy in West Midlands 1,100 students; 11-18 . Built over 100 years ago and serves an area of substantial deprivation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using technology to improve learning and teaching

Kirsty Tonks

Assistant Principal1Shireland Context

Inner city academy in West Midlands1,100 students; 11-18. Built over 100 years ago and serves an area of substantial deprivation 38.2% of students have eligibility for free school meals (63% Pupil Premium)22% have Special Educational Needs15% live safeguarding issues64.7% have English as a second language Judged as Outstanding in 2006 / 2010 / 2013

Do things differentlyMost schools have one or two issues, we have many there is a multiplier effect


Making technology work for us; not being dictated to by technology.

Finding solutions to existing issues.MundanelyClever3

2010 technology identified as lever for structural processes support for middle leaders, lesson planning2013 all of the above PLUS lesson delivery - 4Our key maximsEvery teacher should be an outstanding teacher.Behaviour and welfare are the bedrock of school improvement.Maximum intervention with students furthest away.If we dont do something truly radical we will never break the cycle.These drive our staff and studentsThere is a simple shared plan and a sense of pride people understand where the bits fit staff, students and families but also they understand how technology fits!5ObjectiveDelivery MechanismEvidenceOwnerAll Staff are at least Good with at least 20% being Outstanding through both delivery and outcomes Refine our appraisal process and associated CPD to drive an improvement in delivery

AfL is embedded in all lessons

Lesson Observation and All staff fully utilise Subject Sites, Planning Bank, Exemplification site and the PortalsSMGMAContinued development of Competencies into our KS4/5 deliveryLink all subject areas with L4L competenciesAll subjects cross-referenced to L4LMKDIACA creative curriculum which provides for the successful personal and academic development of each individual and cohort

Flipped classroom methodology in place in every curriculum area using Class SitesImplementation of Homework Central in L4LIncrease the % of submitted and marked homeworkSMGDIMKKTTo enhance further the underpinning services which support students and families Support staff in lessons are fully integrated into classroom deliverySMGImproving the Quality of delivery; Our raising attainment planThe RAP drives everything, everyone understands it, everyone contributes to it, every appraisal target is linked to it.Each area has a delivery plan6Learning Gateway

2.5 million hits last year2.5 million student hitsMain method of communication its on the Gateway. It is our unifying structure that allows interoperability, consistency and expectations of use as opposed to as opposed to a montage of clever but often conflicting solutions that you cant gel together. We can still use other tools but has to come back to LG7

Planning bankThe Planning Bank 17,000 lesson uploaded and shared by staff.40% of our staff are classed as consistently Outstanding in lesson observations with another 25% close to this.Staff share ideas, starters, lessons, schemes and improve accordingly. Technology supported Consistency drives up standards this is our consistency bank and everyone can see inside! SLT monitor lessons on a weekly basis with their HoDs8

Tutor timeTutor Sites have improved punctuality by 40% in two years.The informal chat in the morning has been replaced with social learning of key themes Science, Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Education.Tutor time has effectively added 1 hour per week in delivery time students are engaged and staff are supported this is a great example of embedding a technological solution where everyone wins!Refining it again in Key Stage 4 to become an even tighter content delivery mechanism which is more subject specific.9Subject and Services sitesHMI described these as the best sharing, monitoring and shaping structure that they had ever seen.

This technology drives our delivery processes. It supports middle leaders in their role but has also linked other service areas in terms of their delivery plans10Class Sites; flipped learningEvery Outstanding lesson in our March Inspection used technology well

Increases the effectiveness of lesson delivery and also changes the role that students play no more passive recipients we send; they do; we adapt!Flipped Learning is not a particularly clever idea making it happen whenever required is clever and this is impossible without technology. Our digitally conversant students flip between technologies at will. From SMART notebook to Onenote and back via Word.

11Flipped learning; blooms taxonomyLinking it to something that is already familiar to staff has meant that it provides a context and a form of discipline to help them understand its role and benefit.Flipped our own approach; Conversley, we are using technology to embed and develop teachers pedagogy to improve delivery and acquisition of higher order thinking skills rather than fitting technology into existing practice or embedding technology for technologys sake.12Flipped (Pre) LearningIts about quality and timing of interventions and targeted application.Lesson PlanAll staff are expected to use a Flipped methodology using technology whenever appropriate13ProgressionMonitoring and assessing impact of technologyNot a bolt on or something that can be ignoredNot a bolt on or something that can be ignored. Everyone monitors our processes using technology.15

E Learning support teamExplicit Monitoring of the use of technology across Leadership teams and within departmentsOur e-learning team are often seen as being unusual but other schools have large Learning support teams we have our e-learning team and they make such a difference!16

Online monitoringThe Learning Gateway gives us a transparency of the quality of experiences at a much clearer and deeper level.Quantitative & Qualitative To name just three! There are also Tutor sites, Resource Sites, Discussion fora, Portals and many others. 17

Tracking the Continuum of Learning18i-families / Family literacy project

Excellent progress is being achieved by all iFamilies students. L4l Teacher - Michael BanksiFamilies has inspired me to learn and achieve more. Student - MohamedThe iFamilies programme has allowed me to be more involved with my daughters education . ParentThis is a prime example of how technology can make what we do in school more accessible and engaging for our familiesSir Mark Grundy19Beyond Outstanding; helping others

Outstanding schools, which will take a leading responsibility for providing and quality assuring initial teacher training (ITT) in their area. DfE 2012

Our partners are interesting University of Warwick, Microsoft, Steljes, Step-A consultancy and a networking company and then our cluster of Primary schools and a local secondary20Midlands e-learning Hub

Microsoft Partner School

Apps for Good Ninja School

GCSEPOD Expert School

Make Waves DigitalBadges Reference Site

RMBooks ReferenceSite

Lead School

Centre of Excellence

International Gifted & Talented Centre

UK Advanced SchoolWe want to become the e-learning hub for the Midlands by bringing the companies and staff together we can play a key role in achieving value for money and showing how technology can raise achievement21

Technology is our way in.. To Supporting continuous improvement Technology is our way in to support continuous improvement but it could be for many others schools too!22 in summaryGreatest thing that tech has done is helped deliver and maintain and underpinning some of our structures within the academy but has also helped develop our staff into an outstanding workforceSame way observe teachers to ensure quality you have to monitor how tech supports the key structures23

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25Embedding Flipped learning; flipped Staff CPdProcess of training for adoptionWhole Staff CPd March 2013

5th March Flipped CPD TaskMarket Place ActivityICT 1Maths 1ENG 6ENG 5ENG 1ENG 2BrainpopENG 3ENG 4ICT 2ICT 3GCSEPodTeam 1(IT1)Team 2(IT2)Alex TipperKirsty Tonks29Department Plan of Action30FeedbackWhole Staff CPd - OctProgression