Using MSOffice Mail Merge to Create Reports with Data Director

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Using MSOffice Mail Merge to Create Reports with Data Director. Thumb Data Director Institute Huron ISD, March 30, 2011 Cynthia Compton, Supervisor for Curriculum, Port Huron Area Schools. Student Data. Data Director stores many types of student data pulled from multiple places. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Using MSOffice Mail Merge to Create Reports with Data DirectorThumb Data Director InstituteHuron ISD, March 30, 2011Cynthia Compton, Supervisor for Curriculum, Port Huron Area Schools2Student DataData Director stores many types of student data pulled from multiple places.You can create a report for a class, a school, or a district.You can pull a complete individual profile for a student.Data Director has the built-in capability to compile this type of information easily.3Sharing Student DataWhy not use the data and technological capabilities provided to make individual student reporting easier?Use the data to automatically fill in required forms, letters, and reports.4Student Data In Data DirectorAddress & Phone NumberSchool & TeacherClass ScheduleAttendanceParticipation in Federal/State ProgramsDemographicsGradesClass SchedulesELPA scoresMEAP scoresMME/ACT scoresDistrict AssessmentsClassroom AssessmentsAnything else you would like to input

5Possible Uses for Mail Merging DataEnrollment FormsParent LettersAddress LabelsProgram Invitation LettersIndividual Monitoring FormsIndividual Score ReportingStudent Evaluation FormsCustom Reporting FormsCustomized Student Reports6ExamplesTitle I Parent LabelsAfter School Program InvitationsSummer School Material RequestsFLEP Student FormsK-2nd Grade Literacy ProfilesPLAN/EXPLORE/ACT Parent Reports

7Getting StartedWhat information do you want to share?Who will be receiving the information?What will your Microsoft output will be?LetterLabelsFormWhat Data Director Information will you need?

8Lets Try ItWe will go through the steps of the process together.* Slides 9- 21 of this presentation have step by step instructions for you to refer back to later.First, lets look at our information in Data

91. Build a Custom Data Director Report For detailed instructions on how to build a custom report go to the Tools for Schools section of the St. Clair County website and choose Data Director.


1a. Save the ReportChoose to save the report as an Excel file.


1b. Save the ReportChoose the location to which you want to save the report.Renamethe file something easy to identify.122. Create Your Microsoft Word DocumentOpen Microsoft Word.You can choose tocreate the document first begin with the merge wizarduse a previously saved document

13Go to the "Mailings" tab in the toolbar.ClickStart Mail Merge.Go down to theStep by Step Mail Merge Wizard.3. Start the Mail Merge Process14

Choose the type of document you will use then click "Next: Starting document" at the bottom right of the page.

At this point you can choose to:Use the current documentOpen another documentChoose the document then clickNext: Select recipients.3a. Choose the Document15

You will use the Excel file saved from Data Director, so you want to Use an existing list and click BrowseThis will open up a "Select Data Source" box. Find your previously saved Excel document. Then "Open".3b. Select Recipients16

3b. Select Recipients *If you want to delete any students or sort the list, you can do it here.Click OK for both pop-up boxes. 17*The type of document you are creating will show herei.e. labels instead of letter3c. Select Recipients

Then click"Next: Write your letterat the bottom right of the page.18A. In the Word document, click the place you want to insert data.

4a-b. Insert Data Into the DocumentB. Then click "More items..." from the right Mail Merge menu. This will give you a box with a list of data fields.19

C. Choose the fields you want to put in the spot where you placed the cursor.

D. Click "Insert".

*You will repeat steps 4 A - D for each piece of data you want to insert into the document. 4c-d. Insert Data Into the Document20Once you have inserted all of the data fields that you need, click "Next: Preview your letters" from the bottom right of the page.

You will be able to preview the letters. As you change the recipient, the information (student name and scores) will change.

5. Preview Your Merged Documents21From the bottom right of the page, click on "Next: Complete the merge".

You are ready to print your merged documents.

*You can even add notes toindividual students by clicking"Edit individual letters...".

6. Merge & Print22Time to ApplyThink of one, simple thing you could apply this to for this year.Student information cards for grouping or substitutes.Parent lettersStudent LabelsFollow the same steps to practice.23For More InformationCindy Compton, Supervisor for CurriculumPort Huron Area School 984-3101 x282

You can find this presentation Director tab (letters) (labels)

Resources for using the MS Mail Merge Feature:


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