Using ICT to Support Students who are Deaf

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Using ICT to Support Students who are Deaf. Professional Development and Support: Why?. Isolation Unique and common problems Affirmation Pace of change in education Policy of integration Parental expectations and awareness Professionalism Educational partnership. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using ICT to Support Students who are Deaf

  • Professional Development and Support: Why?

    Isolation Unique and common problemsAffirmationPace of change in educationPolicy of integrationParental expectations and awarenessProfessionalismEducational partnership

  • Professional Development and Support: How?Through the Internet:Access to expertise/informationOn-line coursesChat roomsMessage BoardsMailing listsSharing of resourcesOther:Support groups in education centres

  • A teacher of the deaf may need:The facility to individualise teaching and learning materialsNew and exciting ways of learning to motivate studentsAdministrative tools to help with planning, record keeping etc.What else?

  • A Deaf StudentTwo specific areas of need: Acquisition of languageDevelopment of a communication system

  • A Deaf StudentHas difficulty in acquiring language in the same way as the hearing student and may have a poor vocabularyMay have difficulty in developing a communication systemMay have difficulty learning at the same rate as hearing studentsMay have a below average reading age and have difficulty coping with text books written for their chronological age

  • A Deaf StudentWill need much reinforcementVery often has low confidence and/or self esteemMay have memory problemsMay have difficulty with writingMay need extra support in class and extra time spent on a topic

  • A Deaf StudentMay have difficulty moving from the concrete to the abstractMay not seek assistance when neededMay have difficulty expressing ideasMay have difficulty keeping track of what everyone says in a class discussionMay have difficulty socialising with hearing peers

  • Memory TriangleMost people remember

  • Memory TriangleICT facilitates Active Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Memory TriangleMost people remember:10% of what we read (difficult if the deaf student has literacy problems)50% of what we see and hear (a problem for deaf students)90% of what we do (can benefit deaf students a great deal)

  • Common types of ICT use

    Teaching toolLearning toolAdministrative toolA source of educational contentA collaborative toolA medium of communicationA students functional aid (assistive technology)A medium of creative expression

  • How can ICT help the teacher?Facilitates individual instructionFacilitates individual learningFacilitates provision of additional support in mainstream classesTo vary teaching methods and add variety to lessonsCan be used as a source of professional development and support

  • How can ICT help the teacher?Reinforce basic skillsDesign programs to meet the needs of students Facilitates communicationLocate resources AssessmentsRecord keepingPreparation of notesResearch

  • How can ICT support deaf students?Opens up new methods of communication for deaf studentsVery visual medium-pictures and animationsNot dependent on the spoken wordCan extend the use of language and reinforce vocabularyCan extend the understanding of conceptsAllows deaf students to access information thus increasing confidence, independence and self- esteem

  • How can ICT support deaf students?Facilitates independent learning and collaborative learningPromotes active learningAllows students to work at own pace and levelAllows students to produce high quality, professional looking workStudents may more readily accept feedback from a computer than teacher

  • Types of ICTEducational softwareInteractive resourcesSoftware for communication (e.g. voice recognition)Technology for speech synthesis (e.g. Dynavox)

  • Types of ICTInteractive white boardsDigital camerasVideophones, videoconferencingText messaging, email, InternetLaptops, portable writing devices

  • Software / ICT ResourcesWatch for:Sound dependencyCompatibility with listening devicesAppropriate visual presentationUse of icons / captioning

  • Where can ICT help?CD-ROM and multimedia software both commercial and home made to provide access to visual informationReinforce language, vocabulary or conceptsWord processors and predictive software programs to help develop writing skillsPresentation software to visually display information for projects, web pages, etc.

  • Where can ICT help?Presentation of information in new ways to organise thoughts planning and organising programs, spreadsheets, databasesCommunication technology to facilitate communication between deaf and other studentsThe Internet has transformed the lives of many deaf people by allowing access to information and by facilitating communication


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