Using Grammar with Google Docs

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  1. 1. Using Grammar with GoogleDocs A presentation by Allison Nunnally Longwood University
  2. 2. Grammars Not Sticking! If traditional grammar teaching is not working inyour classroom, there are several methods ofrevamping the way grammar is taught andpresented. One such method is the use of technology.Students love doing things with technology, suchas using computers or iPads for activities. The article I am presenting is one teachersmethod of using Google Docs for students tokeep Grammar Journals. This idea proveduseful in the teaching of grammar as I read andthought about his ideas.
  3. 3. How Does This Work? The process is very simple. At the very beginningof the school year, each student begins a newGoogle Doc, and makes at least one entry intotheir journal each week. In addition to creating the document, the teacherleads a discussion to why students believegrammar is important. Using the students entries, the teacher andstudent work together one-on-one to assessgrammar errors. Instead of students fixing theerrors, they only become aware of what the erroris so it will be prevented next time.
  4. 4. How were the Reactions? The students were described at reactingpositively to the new activity. It was stated that even the most disorganizedstudents, whom often missed or did incorrectentries early on, began to understand thepurpose of the activity and work more seriouslyon their journal entries from then on. For the teacher, it helped him come back togrammar all throughout the year by referring tohis students journal entries for help on problemareas, thus, making the teaching of grammarmore effective.
  5. 5. What are the Benefits? The benefits found in this article were many. If usedproperly, this kind of activity could revamp the waystudents learn and relate grammar to writing. Easy to use- For both teachers and students, it is aneasy program to use. Students go in each week andcreate their entry, and the teacher later can quicklyand easily check and comment on the entries. Fromthere, the student can go back in and have feedbackthrough the comment feature with the teacher. Easy to relate- The teacher could easily sort throughthe entries to see where students are as far asgrammar goes. He can then tweak his lesson to coverproblem areas for the students.
  6. 6. More Benefits Error Logging- This activity gives students and the teachera visual error log that they may go back and check toreview what grammar skills they must improve upon. Technology- In todays world, technology is a big part ofour lives. It is so integrated into society, that mosteveryone uses a computer at some point during a normalday. This would be great to use since many studentsalready love using computers at home. Puts the learning on students- This activity shifts theburden for learning grammar more squarely on thestudents shoulders as they are held responsible foridentifying and assessing their own grammar skills, withhelp from the teacher only minimally needed. Makes students self-aware- This activity helps the studentsbecome more aware of their own grammar shortcomings,and allows theme to think critically about how to fix them.
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