Using digital storytelling in the classroom!

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<ol><li> 1. Using Digital Storytelling in the Classroom! By: Carla Whetzel </li><li> 2. How to use Digital Storytelling Know how to use simple digital tools. Come up with a story to tell Embed digital pictures Use voice overs Use animation Use video clips Wikis Powerpoints Prezis Here is a link to check out with example stories: </li><li> 3. Benefits to Digital Storytelling Stories become more interesting Allows students to present information in a unique way Peaks students interest and creative side Digital stories have a immediate and long lasting impact on students ( they will remember the stories easily and clearly) They teach 21st century skills to be used in life </li><li> 4. What will students be able to do with digital storytelling? Students are able to be creative and become out of the box thinkers. Gain new knowledge on how to tell stories Gain communication skills </li><li> 5. Why educators need to implement some type of digital media into classroom? Opens a whole new world of collaboration with in the classroom with students who are shy but are willing to utilize the computer to share ideas they have. Critical thinking skills happen with using digital media Worldly discussions begin to happen Project based learning happens with topics about the world </li><li> 6. I hope that this digital story can open your eyes to what you could do within your own classroom and how you can imagine all the things your students could gain from working with digital media!!!</li></ol>