USA Football Magazine Issue 7 Fall 2008

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USA Football Magazine Issue 7 Fall 2008



issue 7 Fall 2008

Features 4 I PlayedHow americas favorite sport helps us reach our potential By Danny Hotochin & Michael Coppinger

8 Commemorative Ball Tour

usa Football tour reaches More than 30 states

10 Worlds Best Coming to AmericaHigh school-aged national teams spanning four continents bound for Canton By Steve Alic

12 Americas Coach: Chuck Kyle

ohio prep Football legend to lead americas Best in 2009 By Danny Hotochin

28 Setting the Standard

americas largest youth organizations turn to usa Football By Michael Coppinger

DepartMents2 Kickoff with scott Hallenbeck 14 Footballs Mental Weight room now open 15 Football Facts, stats & Figures 32 What Football taught Me Dr. randy pausch, Carnegie Mellon university

11 Meet a usa Football Board Member: Deborah Yow 13 Meet a usa Football staffer: Kiley Bishop

HealtH & Fitness22 player Health Food for the Head By Danny Hotochin

CoaCHing16 What if? By Danny Hotochin 17 Quick-Hitter grid Thoughts from USA Football Members 18 the play-action Fake 19 Meet a usa Football Coaching Member: Charles Kale ane 20 Defensive line stunts By Tim Polzer 21 High school Coach aspirations? By Danny Hotochin

23 What Football Has taught My sons: Mary greisen by Michael Coppinger

league enHanCeMent24 a new page for Fundraising playbooks By Michael Coppinger 25 usa Football regional Managers 26 priceless protection By Dave McMahon, Special to USA Football

oFFiCiating30 When to Call Holding & When to Hold off By Tony Michalek

Front Coverphotos by Christina Holmes


KickoffDear readers, like a football sitting atop a tee, the 2008 season is ready to kick off. uSa football shares your anticipation for another autumn filled with the excitement of americas favorite sport. youve been busy preparing for the 2008 schedule since november and so have we. Since January, uSa football has conducted nearly 40 coaching Schools, more than three dozen State leadership forums, facilitated two dozen officiating clinics, and held our first two player academies to sharpen youngsters skills. The time to play is now. in the following pages, see how uSa football advances a sport that captures our imagination and develops youngsters into young adults. read how to be part of the national i played football-story sharing forum at; get to know chuck kyle of cleveland St. ignatius High School, the head coach of americas first Junior national team in football; see what one mother with two boys playing professional football says the game has taught her sons. These are just some of the exciting stories to share with you the dedicated people who power this great sport. applications for our $500,000 equipment grant program await you at based on merit and need, this program strengthened more than 400 high school and youth football programs in 2007. uSa footballs coaches Handbook and new coaching and skilldevelopment DvDs are also available on our site. and we proudly offer $500,000 in volunteer background check subsidies for every youth football league in america in the fight against sexual predators; something that no other sports national governing body in the country is doing. our non-profit office is driven by one mission to work for you to ensure great football experiences for everyone connected to the sport. we exist to serve you the players, parents, coaches, league commissioners, game officials, and volunteers who make football our favorite game. youre a toll-free phone call (1-877-5-football) or a few mouse clicks away from us at also, our six regional managers (pg. 25) are hard at work near you connect with them. our job is to serve you. together, well continue to move the chains for the good of the sport and for the good that it represents. Have a tremendous season! Sincerely,

usafootball.comChairman Jack kemp Executive Director Scott Hallenbeck

Usa football editorial staffManaging Editor Steve alic Contributors: kiley biSHop, micHael coppinger, Danny HotocHin, Dave mcmaHon, tony micHalek, tim polzer To contact USA Football: (703) 918-0007

traction media staffPublisher ruDy J. klancnik Editorial Director tim polzer Designer william briDgefortH Traction Media Editorial Offices 7115 Tartan Trl. Garland, TX 75044 Editorial Department Phone (972) 896-8006 Custom Publishing (972) 898-8585USA Football Magazine is published by Traction Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Traction Media does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Publisher assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. No part of this magazine may be reprinted or otherwise duplicated without the written permission of the editor.

Scott Hallenbeck uSa football executive Director

2 USA Football Magazine

Dr. Johnny Benjamin


hile growing up in Houston, Texas, football started to become an integral chapter in Johnny Benjamins life. Now, the game has continued to play an important role in Benjamins life who is now Dr. Johnny Benjamin as he claims his experience on the gridiron has helped him perform as an orthopedic surgeon. The biggest thing about football, especially being the quarterback and ultimately becoming an orthopedic surgeon, is that you have to be confident in your abilities, said Benjamin, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Indian River Medical Center and Director of the Joint Implant Center and the Medical Specialties Surgery Center in South Florida. Benjamin advanced in the sport to eventually become a quarterback at Baylor University. When you go on the field or go into the operating room, you have to feel supremely confident that you can do what is necessary and bring your team through. Benjamin would later go on to earn a Bachelors degree in Science at Baylor before acquiring his medical degree at the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. In an effort to further his career, he completed a general surgery internship and received his orthopedic surgery residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and attained his surgical spine fellowship at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater. Even after practicing as a doctor and being engulfed in the study of medicine for the past several years, Benjamin, who now lives in Vero Beach, Fla., still enjoys reminiscing about playing youth football in Houston. I played youth football for as long as I can remember, Benjamin said. For me, it was a great opportunity to play a game I loved, be with my friends, and have a lot of fun. I really grew up my whole life playing football. Aside from how many times his team scored a touchdown or won a game, the youth football memories that Benjamin cherishes most are about the lessons he learned and the friendships he made. Those things were everything to me teamwork and camaraderie are things that you really cant explain to someone whos never experienced it before, Benjamin said. When you play sports, especially a team sport like football, and everythings on the line and youre in the trenches together you just cant replicate that.

4 USA Football Magazine

How Americas favorite sport helps us reach our potentialBY DANNY HOTOCHIN & MICHAEL COPPINGERUSA Footballs nationally-televised I Played message features six extraordinary people from various walks of life. These are their I Played stories. Share yours at

GARY LAUTSBAUGHAs an Air Force sergeant and Special Operations member, Gary Lautsbaugh has served the United States for more than 30 years. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the Harrisburg, Pa.-area native compares the lessons learned through Americas favorite sport to some aspects of his military career. Im so proud of my time with Special Operations because its a family, each one took care of its own its exactly how you feel when you play football, said Lautsbaugh. Everything was for the unit or the mission, it was an accomplishment. If you failed, the whole mission failed. Like in football, if you do something not in the game plan, its going to cost you the game. An accomplished high school football player, Lautsbaugh took part in the OhioPennsylvania Big 33 all-star game, was a member of the Chambersburg (Pa.) Cardinals semi-pro team, and played in the Air Forces intramural football leagues. Football is a great kick-start for life, he adds, because it builds character, both mentally and physically, and helps teach you how to become a strong team member.

Marcos MoralesMarcos Morales of Avondale, Ariz., owns a property developmental corporation and a real estate company with offices in three states. A proud father of five and grandfather of four, Morales points to football principles for his success. Football taught me that if you let your guard down, theres always someone who is willing to take your place. Theres always someone else vying for your job or your clients. When I was a starter in high school, I constantly had to compete for my position. If I didnt show up for practice or if I was late, I might have lost that position. I had a great coach who has since passed. I remember him pulling me aside and saying, Youre smaller than most, but youre not afraid to get in there. Just keep that spirit up and youll go far. I dont know if he meant far in football or life in general, but he helped me to focus and understand that as long as I give effort and Im seriously committed to it, I could be great in football, my career, and in life.Photos by Christina holmes

JAY HEDLEYJay Hedley of Arlington, Va., having earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2001, now finds himself as the Senior Manager of Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company. Accenture provides 94 of the Fortune Global 100 companies with management consulting, technology services and outsourcing. In his spare time, Hedley flies jets for the National Guard. Through all his success, Hedley credits the game of football for paving the way. I started playing football in ninth grade, in the small town of Weston, Conn., he said. I excelled at the sport in high school and decided to give it a try in college. My college coach stressed that dealing with adversity on the football field applies to life and how if youre playing hurt, well, theres a correlation to that in the real word. When things arent necessarily going your way, do you still get up in the morning and put on your suit, which is your uniform that day or whatever it is you do and get after it? There are just so many lessons to be learned on the football field that cant be taught anywhere else.


PEGGY EVANSPeggy Evans of Glen Mills, Pa., near Philadelphia, has had great success in the business world running her own realty business. After years of playing in pick-up football games as a youngster, Evans went on to excel in athletics as a student at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pa. A decorated athlete, she ascended to become the 1985 NCAA Division III National Triple Jump Champion. Also part of the colleges basketball and volleyball programs, she is quick to point out that football was and still is her sporting passion. A mother of two children, Evans eventually became a starting receiver for the Womens Independent Leagues Philadelphia Liberty Belles in their inaugural season and scored the teams first touchdown. I grew up in Pittsburgh and you have to love football growing up there, she said. As a business owner, you always need to lead people and motivate them to do what their job entails, and by playing football, you learn that. Football is all about heart and passion and competitiveness and having fun.

TOM KANEServing the Philadelphia Fire Department since 2003, Tom Kane embodies the passion and characteristics fostered by football. He continues to play today as a member of the Philadelphia Blue Flames, a football team comprised of Philadelphia firefighters and police personnel that plays against those from other cities. Firefighters depend on each other in dangerous situations to save peoples property and often, their lives, said Kane. Football is a mere game, yes, but it teaches the fundamental qualities like teamwork and sacrifice that are directly tied to my vocation. Its important for people to share what the game taught them. Making a last-minute decision, a last-second decision, being able to take direction and go with it scenarios like these along with the aspect of teamwork, are some prominent similarities between playing football and being a fireman. In so many ways, football is the greatest game on earth.

6 USA Football Magazine

USA FootbAllS I PlAyed televISIon meSSAge FIrSt AIred nAtIonAlly on AUgUSt 3 during nbCs telecast of the Pro Football Hall of Fame game between the Indianapolis Colts and Washington redskins. Since the minutes following that 30-second message, hundreds of people have shared I Played football stories at below are excerpts of some of those submissions:Walt JusticeProfessor of Health and Exercise Science, San Diego, Calif. My most compelling story about football begins with my son, Dylan. During my tenure as a coach, Dylan really never was excited about football. The same year I stopped coaching college football was the year he says to me, Dad, I want to play Pop Warner football. I volunteered to head coach his team. To me, this was the ultimate coaching experience. To be with my son and watch him grow and teach everyone about the fundamentals of football. We went 27-10 in three years and the greatest compliment I ever got as a coach occurred over and over. Coach you love those boys and this game. Yes, I do!

William SmithPilot, Northridge, Calif. From those lessons, I was fortunate to go to the Air Force Academy and be a military pilot and leader, culminating my career on active duty flying with some of the best test pilots in the world at Edwards Air Force Base. Im currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves and am an international pilot for FedEx. Life comes at you every day, but whatever the challenges, I can handle any of them because of those lessons that sports and especially football taught me always play to the whistle and play your heart out until the clock reads zero thats what life is all about!

Chris PulleyRecreational Specialist/ Athletics, Woodbridge, Va. Football meant many things to me as a kid growing up in Northern Virginia. The smell of freshly cut grass and field chalk during the dog days of August. The glisten of the morning dew as the sun gently kissed the field on a chilly Saturday morning in September. The aroma of chimney smoke soaked in the crisp autumn air in October and November. I loved all these things about football.

Jack PlunkettTeacher/Coach, Jenkintown, Pa. My professional career has been as a teacher and football coach, as I have coached at Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia for the past 34 years...