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  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Smart Grid Initiatives


    Smart Grid Initiatives

    Rick Duke Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy

    U.S. Department of Energy

    Korea Smart Grid Week ● International Smart Grid Conference 10 November 2010 ● Jeju, Korea

  • Outline

    • DOE Perspective on Smart Grid

    • DOE Action at Home

    • DOE Action Internationally

    December 20082

    • DOE Action Internationally

    • Information Resources & Tools

  • Smart grid solutions are ever more newsworthy


  • Today’s “dumb” electricity system

    • Production Follows Demand

    • Largely Electromechanical

    • High Carbon / Low Storage

    • Blind to Distribution & Demand

    December 20084

    • Blind to Distribution & Demand

    • Very Little Information and Control

    • Central Planning, Design and Operation

  • A 21st Century “smart” electricity system

    • Information Rich

    • Distributed Design and Operation

    • Clean Tech Priority

    December 2008 5

    • Ubiquitous Storage

    • Automated Operations

    • Highly Differentiated Energy Services

  • Demand

    Grid Self- Optimization

    Highly Differentiated Reliability

    Online Energy

    Automated Efficiency


    End-to-End Automation

    Electric Vehicle

    Clean Resource Optimization

    C O N T R O L

    Smart grid technologies can help us to reach key

    electricity system goals

    December 2008

    CapacityCapacity Power Quality & Power Quality &

    ReliabilityReliability Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency

    Operational Operational


    Clean Clean


    Load Curtailment

    Demand Management

    Emergency Power

    Local Power Parks

    EE Programs

    Online Energy Efficiency & Management

    Advanced Metering

    Distribution Automation

    Distributed Renewables

    Electric Vehicle Management



    Goals / Value Streams

  • � Customer Participation

    � Integrates All Generation and Storage Options

    � New Markets and Operations

    DOE identifies seven core functionalities of an

    integrated smart grid

    December 2008

    � New Markets and Operations

    � Power Quality for 21st Century

    � Asset Optimization and Operational Efficiency

    � Self-healing

    � Resilient Against Attacks and Disasters


  • Outline

    • DOE Perspective on Smart Grid

    • DOE Action at Home

    • DOE Action Internationally

    December 20088

    • DOE Action Internationally

    • Information Resources & Tools

  • Department of Energy action at home

    � American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    One-time public investment in commercial

    applications and demonstrations of near-

    term technology

    December 20089

    term technology

    � On-going Smart Grid R&D Program

    Sustained public investment in smart grid


    � Inter-agency Coordination

  • Recovery Act: $4.5 billion in one-time funding for grid modernization

    Smart Grid Demos , Workforce Training

    Resource Assessment & Transmission Planning

    $80 Million (1.8%)

    Smart Grid Interoperability Standards, $10 Million (0.2%) Other,

    $320 Millon (7.1%)

    December 2008

    Smart Grid Investment Grants $3.375 Billion (75%)

    Smart Grid Demos , $615 Million (13.7%)Workforce Training

    $100 Million (2.2%)

    Source: www.energy.gov/recovery 10

  • Recovery Act: Smart Grid Investment Grants (100 projects: $3.4B Federal; $4.7B non-Federal)

    Smart Grid

    Systems and



    of Units (self-reported


    Improvements Impacts

    Networked Phasor

    Measurement Units

    877 • Near-nationwide coverage • 6X the 166 existing networked PMUs

    Enhanced situational

    awareness and electric

    system reliability and

    resiliency Smart Transformers 205,983 • Enables preventative


    December 2008




    671 • 5% of 12,466 transmission and distribution substations in U.S.

    Load Control


    176,814 • Enables peak demand reductions 1444 MWs of peak demand

    reduction per year

    (self-reported estimates)Smart Thermostats 170,218 • Enables peak demand reductions

    Smart Meters 18,179,912 • 13% of the 142 million customers in the U.S. Transformational changes

    in consumer behavior and

    energy consumptionIn-Home Display


    1,183, 265 • Enables customer empowerment

    PHEVs /

    Charging Stations

    12 /


    • Accelerates market entry Begins the path toward energy independence


  • Recovery Act: Smart Grid Regional Demonstrations ($435M Federal; $877M non-Federal)

    � Demonstrate cutting

    edge SG technology

    (including integration

    of renewables)

    � Prove ability/

    ease to replicate

    16 Awards Support Projects in 21 States

    December 200812

    ease to replicate

    � Show benefits

    (with actual data)

    � Validate business


    � Address regulatory

    and scalability issues

  • • Training and development programs to help prepare the next generation of workers for smart grid-related jobs.

    • Almost $100 million for 54 projects.

    • Leverages more than $95 million in funding from community

    Recovery Act: smart grid workforce training ($100M Federal; $95M non-Federal)

    December 2008

    • Leverages more than $95 million in funding from community colleges, universities, utilities, and manufacturers

    • Will both develop curricula and training programs and help train approximately 30,000

    Americans to transform the nation’s electrical

    grid and implement smarter grid technologies in

    communities across the country.


  • Recovery Act: accelerating smart grid


    Through close work with DOE and over 600 stakeholders, the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Program has:

    � Released NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards, Release 1.0

    � Released Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security

    December 200814

    � Released Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security

    � Launched Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) to provide a forum for collaboration with the private sector

  • Recovery Act: smart grid progress thus far

    December 200815

  • DOE Smart Grid R&D Program: vision (from Multi-Year Program Plan, 2010-2014)

    � By 2030, the power grid has evolved into an intelligent

    energy delivery system that supports plug-and-play

    integration of dispatchable and intermittent low-

    carbon energy sources, and provides a platform for

    consumer engagement in load management, national

    December 2008

    consumer engagement in load management, national

    energy independence, innovation, entrepreneurship,

    and economic security.

    � This smart grid supports the best and most secure

    electric services available in the world and connects

    everyone to abundant, affordable, high quality,

    environmentally conscious, efficient, and reliable

    electric power. 16

  • DOE Smart Grid R&D Program

    • Program provides approximately $30M per year in on-going support for smart grid innovation

    December 200817

  • DOE Smart Grid R&D Program: topics (1 of 3)

    • Standards & Best Practices for electrical and communications interconnection, integration,

    interoperability, conformance test procedures, and

    operating practices.

    December 2008

    • Technology Development in advanced sensing and measurement, integrated communications and

    security, advanced components and subsystems,

    advanced control methods and system topologies,

    and decision and operations support.


  • DOE Smart Grid R&D Program: topics (2 of 3)

    • Modeling accurately the behavior, performance, and cost of distribution-level smart grid assets and their

    impacts at all levels of grid operations from

    generation to transmission and distribution.

    December 2008

    • Analysis of measured data and simulations to better understand the impacts and benefits concerning

    capacity usage, power quality and reliability, energy

    efficiency, operational efficiency, and clean

    technology, as well as economic/business

    environment and crosscutting goals. 19

  • DOE Smart Grid R&D Program: topics (3 of 3)

    • Evaluation & Demonstrations of new technologies and methods in terms of performance and