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  • Community Leaders and Upward Bound Students

    Partnering for Success

    Upward Bound

    Work Study 2019

    Upward Bound

  • Page 2

    Each summer, the Upward Bound program selects a

    group of rising juniors and seniors to participate in

    the work-study experience. This experience allows

    students to be exposed to careers requiring a

    bachelor’s degree or beyond. The students meet

    with a professional in a career of their interest at

    the jobsite.

    In addition, all work-study students meet with an

    Upward Bound staff member who helps prepare

    them for the world of work.

    Connecting Classroom experience to Careers

  • Upward Bound Page 3

    The Work-Study experience

    is an important component

    of the Upward Bound

    program. When you give of

    your time, you are helping Upward Bound students to

    make important decisions about their futures.

    Our students have been invited to participate in a variety of settings such as outside mural painting, insurance agency, healthcare, retail store management, sports rehab, dental office, car dealership, library, photo studio, City Hall, coroner’s office and more.

  • Upward Bound Program

    Cuyahoga Community College

    2900 Community College Avenue, MCC 000L5

    Cleveland, OH 44115


    What is Upward Bound?

    The Upward Bound Program is a year-round pre-college

    program for high school students. It is designed to assist

    students in graduating from high school, entering and

    graduating from college. Upward Bound works in cooperation

    with the schools, the College, and the community to provide

    educational opportunities and support to achieve these goals.

    Who Can Participate?

    Cleveland Metropolitan School District students enrolled at

    East Technical, Glenville, John Marshall and John Hay high

    schools are eligible to participate in the Upward Bound

    Program. Students and families must also meet additional

    requirements established by the U. S. Department of Education

    (contact program staff for more information).