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  • Upgrade to NetWeaver BW 7.3x

    New features with ABAP Upgrade

    to 7.30 and 7.31 (EhP 1 for 7.30)

    Roland Kramer, Product Expert PM BW/In-Memory

    July 2012 November 2013

    Please refer to Document - http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-30452

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    1. Technology/Roadmap facts

    2. Whats new with the Upgrade to BW 7.3x

    3. Usage of the ASU toolbox for BW

    4. General checks prior to the Upgrade

    5. Details of the Upgrade Process

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    Evolving In-Memory Footprint in SAP

    NetWeaver BW 7.30 and 7.31

    Planning Engine

    Data Manager


    DataStore Objects

    Analytic Engine

    Data Persistency

    and Runtime




    rprise D



    house a

    nd D




    g w

    ith S





    BWA instead of


    Filter +




    BWA reporting

    for DSOs



    DataStore Objects


    planning engine

    First calculation

    scenarios in BWA





    handling and

    flexible joins

    BW 7.0

    DB + BWA 7.0

    BW 7.3

    DB + BWA 7.2 Planned: BW 7.3 on HANA

    SP5 and beyond

    EDW Processes




    Consumption of

    HANA models in


    HANA data for

    BW Staging

    This presentation outlines our general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchase decision. This presentation is not subject to your license agreement or any other agreement with SAP. SAP has no obligation to pursue any course of business outlined in this presentation or to develop or release any functionality mentioned in this presentation. This presentation and SAP's strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, ei ther express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of

    merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document, except if such damages were caused by SAP intentionally or grossly negligent.

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    SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 vs. 7.31

    choose the Go-To Release for NetWeaver BW

    SAP NW BW 7.3

    (on HANA) SP07

    Already General Available

    All SAP NW BW 7.3 functionality plus SAP

    HANA enablement

    SAP NW BW 7.31 (on HANA) SP05

    New Installation on anyDB/HANA available: Q2/2012 Upgrade/EhP1 on any DB available: Q2/2012

    Install of EhP1 on HANA available: Q3/2012

    All SAP NW BW 7.3 functionality plus:

    Improved fresh Installation based on 7.31 SP04

    Simplified Upgrade with SAP Upgrade Manager (SUM) 1.0

    All Post Copy Automation - BW Basis functionality is included in SP04 which enables a quick and stable migration to BW on HANA

    From every NetWeaver 7.0x Release, the Installation/Upgrade of the SEM Add-on 7.36 is possible.

    The Gateway Add-on (OData) can be implemented for BW EasyQuery access on a NW 730 EhP1 system.

    BW 7.31 SP04 is released between SP07/08 for BW 7.30

    (which includes 3 Month of further development)

    Recommendation for the upgrade to BW 7.31 SP04 : Customers on NW BW 7.0 should upgrade directly Customers on NW BW 7.3 should plan the EhP 1 upgrade for their next regular maintenance cycle

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    Upgrade to BW 7.3x - ABAP

    NetWeaver Java 7.3x is now shipped together with BW 7.3x. Mandatory you should separate

    the Java Stack prior to the Upgrade of the ABAP Backend, if not already done.

    The new split/deinstallation tool for the Java Stack is expected to be available November

    2011. If you are already in the process, consider the manual deinstallation of the Java Add-In

    until its availability.

    The BICS are moving to the upcoming SAP BusinessObjects Application Platform BI 4.x,

    which is also a prerequisite for the full usage of the BEx successor - Analysis -

    The Java component BW-IP modeler is redeveloped for BW 7.3x in ABAP HTTP, so the Java

    Server will not be used anymore for the BW-IP infrastructure in the future after BW 7.3x

    The new BI Authorization concept is now mandatory. Despite the fact that you either create a

    7.0x System beforehand to migrate the old BW Authorization, a potential Upgrade from BW

    3.5 to 7.3x would be possible.

    NetWeaver 7.0 EhP3 is merged into NetWeaver 7.3x EhP1 (there is no 7.03, only 7.31).

    All Components are using one consolidated Version of the Kernel (7.20 Unicode-EXT 64-BIT).

    For compability reasons there are non UC/non EXT Versions available (no 32-BIT anymore)

    The full (currently only limited by size of the DB) BW on HANA Support is available

    with 7.30 SP07 and 7.31 SP04

    Note 1641432 - SAP Product Master Releases

    Some technology facts and updates

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    Solution Manager pre requisites

    incorrect stack.xml can create unwanted follow up errors

    In order to successfully work with the Solution Manager to create necessary

    stack.xml, which is a new requirement in NetWeaver based upgrades the following

    checks had to be fulfilled prior to the creation of the stack.xml.

    Sufficient privileges for the s-user, which is connected to the Service Market Place (SMP)

    Updated PPMS data, to ensure the correct processing of the desired Upgrade Targets

    Note 1603103 - SMSY: NetWeaver 7.3 upgrade

    Latest SPs/correction/Notes for the correct usage of the Solution Manager applications

    For more information about the Maintenance Optimizer, see SAP Support Portal at


    Furthermore if you have ERP components installed, e.g. the SEM Add-On, consider

    Note 1326576 - SAP NetWeaver Systems Containing SAP ERP Software Components

    Note 1927083 - SAP NetWeaver Systems with SEM-BW

    new Option allows you more flexibility, see Blog

    Good News - Easier Modeling of the SEM Add-On in Solution Manager

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    Upgrade to BW 7.3x - ABAP

    Note 1532805 - Add-On Compatibility of SAP NetWeaver 7.3

    There is a SEM Add-On (only for the Upgrade) available with BW 7.30. The SEM (6.34) Add-

    On is available since end of Q1/2011 for all Customers. See Notes 1539356 and 1531022 for

    more details. SEM 6.34 cannot be installed on a fresh BW 7.30 Installation

    SEM 6.34 is HANA enabled, see Note 1648413 for more Details.

    The direct update from BW 7.0/SEM 6.0 to BW 7.31/SEM 7.36 is possible (Note 1326576)

    An Upgrade to NetWeaver 7.31 (7.3x EhP1 equal with 7.0 EhP3) is possible, when SP02 or

    higher is available for 7.31 and the equivalent SP for SEM 7.36.

    This Combination is currently in Rampup (November 2011) and will run until End of May 2012

    There is also the BPC 10.0 Add-On available with BW 7.30 which is currently in Rampup

    (GA expected for November 2011). With NetWeaver Version there is no Windows Server

    necessary anymore (web based maintenance). See Notes 1585589 and 1620027 for details.

    It is planned with SP06 (CPMBPC 800) to be HANA enabled

    Additional Add-Ons like GRC or DMIS will be enabled for the Upgrade to NetWeaver 7.31

    Decision about installed Add-Ons

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    Upgrade to BW 7.3x - ABAP

    SEM Add-On Implications - http://help.sap.com/sem

    BW 7.3/SEM 6.34

    (specific case for EhP4)

    Upgrade to

    NetWeaver 7.31

    SEM 7.36


    Choose your NetWeaver BW Start Release

    BW 7.01/SEM 6.04

    (specific case for EhP4)

    Upgrade to

    NetWeaver 7.3

    SEM 6.34


    BW 7.0x/SEM 6.0x

    (generic EhP approach)

    Upgrade to

    NetWeaver 7.03/7.31*

    SEM 7.36


    (Note 1326576 and


    Consider Options in Notes 1539356 (7.30), 1681435 (7.31) and 1531022 (SEM)

    * technically BW 7.31 with label NW 7.03 for product version; see Note 1681435

    Additional option: Upgrade BW 7.02/SEM 6.05 to BSi2011/BW 7.31/SEM 7.36 possible

    (via Rampup SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations 2011 since November 2011)

    BW 7.0/SEM 6.0

    (EhPs except EhP4)

    Upgrade to

    NetWeaver 7.3

    SEM 6.34

    Not possible

    directly (only via

    BW 7.01/SEM 6.04)!

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    New BI 4.0 Installation for SAP BW Customers

    Platform View - Proposal

    SAP BW 7.0

    Physical Server


    SAP NetWeaver

    SAP NetWeaver


    J2EE 7.0

    ABAP 7.0

    SAP Usage Type and

    SAP BusinessObjects

    Tiers, Apps, Services

    The XI 3.1/BI 4.0 Java apps can deployed either on an existing SAP J2EE 7.0x or 7.3x Engine, or ideally

    capsulated with BI with Tomcat. Consider the SAPJVM 4.1. A JVM switch tool is available as well

    SAP BW 7.01

    J2EE 7.01

    BEx Web



    ABAP 7.0