Upcoming Bike Events in New York City

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  • 8/12/2019 Upcoming Bike Events in New York City


    Upcoming Bike Events in New York City


    Thousands of bike events take place every year in New York city Being the greatest city in the

    world! all the participants of the events have to be certified by re"uired authority The #river and

    $ehicle %tandards &gency #$%& has the mandate of making sure that the drivers of the bikes

    are properly trained The new drivers are taught to'

    #rive the bikes in different kinds of roads

    (nterpret the different signs that are found on the roads

    &dhere to the highway code

    Theory tests

    (t)s worth noting that the #$%& charges a small fee for the driving theory test booking (f you failthese tests! the driver must wait a total of three working days so as to retake the test again

    There are two tests in the theory section The tests are'

    The ha*ard test

    +ultiple "uestion test

    ,e"uired #ocuments for the test

    $arious documents are re"uired by the #$%& officials (f any of the document is not produced at

    the time of the test! then the official may end up canceling your test This will mean paying for

    another test (n case any of the document is lost before proceeding to the ne-t process! makesure that you notify the concerning driving center The re"uired documents are'

    The compulsory basic training certificate .CBT/

    Your driving license! which must contain the photocard and its paper counterpart

    The theory pass results confirming that you have indeed passed the tests

    0ractical tests

    (n order to get the license! the driver must pass the practical tests Both the practical and theory

    tests can be booked at the same time! although the theory part must first be completed

  • 8/12/2019 Upcoming Bike Events in New York City


    successfully (f you fail the practical tests! then you have to wait for a total of ten working days to

    retake the test The tests are divided into two parts'

    The rough road test .off1road/

    On1road test

    The practical test re"uirements

    Other than the discussed documents! Other re"uirements that are needed for the test are'

    You must wear a helmet that meets the safety standards

    ,ecommended boots which provide ankle support

    2eather or heavy material gloves

    & reflective 3acket or a 3acket which has several layers underneath if for wind protection

    The e-aminer will look will look for various things while testing you (nstructions are normally

    given via a radio or any other hearing device &t the end of the practical test the e-aminer will

    either give you a certificate or tell you that you have failed the testThe e-aminer tests you for'

    Control and well handling of the bike

    4ood eyesight

    Bike maneuvering off1road and on1road

    5ill starts

    Cancelling a test

    You or the #$%& #river and $ehicle %tandards &gency! may choose to cancel a test for various

    reasons (f you choose to cancel a test at the last minute! the #$%& may re"uest you to pay

    another fee for retaking the test (f the #$%& cancel the test! then you will not be re"uired to pay

    for the test %ome of the reasons that may lead to cancelling a test may include'

    E-treme weather

    Breakdown of the bike


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