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Mr.Lee G


Dj Yel

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It’s a New Year Followers!, We have completed a awesome first year, Un-signed has made a way for so many unsigned and unknown talent to be

heard and notice. We completed 2013 with 10 awesome issues that you can still read upon if you new to the Unsigned movement.


Unsigned still is working hard to get others heard and notice in this music industry. We welcome all the new and past followers. Also the new artist

that have embarked the movement this year! Enjoy Unsigned Vol.II/Issue I as we did creating it for your pleasure.

Sincerly Your Editor,

Ceo Chocolate


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Q u e e n O f L a t i n S o u lUNSIGNED MAGAZINE

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Introducing- Amber Star “Queen of Latin Soul”a Los Angeles ,California Native on the Rise as the First Female Independent & Unsigned Latina Artist landing the #2 Spot on the REVERBNATION : Chula Vista,CA – R&B/HipHop Charts!!! With her high-ly anticipated Debut Demo including Covers from Hechizera by Mana, to La Isla Bonita by Madonna, but Type of Way pushed her to new streams of Hip-Hop and Rap Genre.Landing New Projects and Events to come! This Bilingual Multitalented Exotic Latina Singer and Artist is growing to be an assett in the MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. AMBER STAR is on the RISE baby!! BELEIVE the HYPE!!

Click here to learn more: on what Amber Star is up too….!!

Visual Press kit (Audio&Video Bio)http://princeofhype.wix.com/otrb#!__otrb-recordsArtist Radio and Tv stations: www.Unir1Latino.comAmber Star Tv, UNIR1LatinoTV, UNIR1Latino radio.

Follow her on TWITTER:@AmberStarMusic @Sensimina @UNIR1Latino

Music Press Kit:www.reverbnation.com/Amberstarmusic:

CEO & Professional Resume on LinkedIN:http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ceo-amber-star-4000/54/94a/967/


A m b e r S t a r


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Mr Lee*G a.k.a Lee G, comes from his given name Leroy Griffith jr. A man on a mission. A natural talent with a lyrical flow that is destined for greatness. His musical roots started at the age of five where he sang in the S.D.A church choir in Trinidad, the island of his birth. In 1988, he migrated to Brooklyn, New York with dreams of becoming a star. He later enrolled in Julia Richman H.S for performing arts, were he studied Musical theater. As his musical interest grew stronger, R&B and reggae greats like the Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly, Mary J

Blige, Jodeci, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Jacob Killer Miller, Shabba Ranks, Capleton, Shadow, Black Stalin and David Rudder to name a few, inspired him to write and perform his own music. In 1993 Lee*G was featured on the album “Surrender” MK featuring Alana, the songs are “Crazy Crazy”, “Precious Jewels” and he did the ruff mix for “Love Changes” (Cha-risma Records America). In 1995, Mr.Lee*G appeared and performed in the video “Let Me Show You” with female rapper Cherokee (Low Key Records) which received heavy rotation on Video Music Box, The Juke Box and B.E.T. Since then the artiste has worked with various producers such as Frank Nitty, RED, Marc (mk) Kinchen, Finesse, Commissioner Gor-don, Finguz (Etaste studios), Mattias Emanu-elsson (Svart Ehuru Vit .Sweden), Lukas Kaiser (Lewcypher) and Congoman Crew (Sweden) perfecting his craft.In 2001, Mr.Lee*G was fea-tured on two tracks of Hip Hop artist Master Ace’s CD titled “ Disposable Arts.” The tracks are “Every Other Day” and “ENUFF”. In Janu-ary 2002 LG released a 45/7” single under the Ethiopian taste record label titled “The Healing of the Nation”, later that year another single

titled “Believe” as well as a soca 45/7” titled “A Man to Woman” under the same label. In 2004 LG finished his CD titled “They Wanna Know Who’s.....the Mix CD” which he released on his own label, OonLah Records Co. The title song, “They Wanna Know Who’s Lee*G” was the result of a collaboration with producer Lukas Kaiser (lewcypher). There are 16 hot songs on the CD, like “Raindrops”, “Cannibus Tonight”, “It Is On” and “Believe”. At the same time the artiste was again featured on Master Ace’s fol-low up album “A Long Hot Summer” , singing the hook on the single “Good Ol Luv”. He then went on tour for three months with the Verizon Ladies first tour in 2004, as one of Be-yonce’s muscle men. His job was carrying her onto the stage on a chair along with three oth-er muscle men, when it was showtime. Other artistes featured on the tour were Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Tamia. In 2005 he continued to strive, recording and performing when and where ever he can. In the summer he shot his video for the single, “They Wanna Know Who’s Lee*G” with director Mat Donnelly from Mon-treal, Canada, which was then followed by a new single with producer Ghislain Porier from Canada titled “Dem Nah Like Me” in February 2006. In 2007 Lee*G released his album “Real Recognize Real” an independent project made up of hip hop, reggae and R and B songs. The incident that resulted in his album “Standing” slated to be released in 2011 had its beginning in 2008 when Mr. Lee G went to Trinidad to promote his music. Since he did not grow up in his birth country the artiste wanted to let “his fellow Trinidadians” know about his

music and introduced a CD dedicated to his mother, entitled “Mama”. Two weeks later he was invited to perform at a stage show in Trin-idad. When the after party was over Mr. Lee G left the venue alone and was approached by a vehicle and 6 shots were fired at him. 3 bullets hit him in his arm, back and leg. To this date

Mr. Lee G says he does not know any reason behind the shooting or who was the shooter. “Standing” is the outcome of the first year of recovery dealing with the feelings of being a victim. Mr. Lee G recorded 24 songs with vari-ous producers from Sweden to Brooklyn, mak-ing reggae songs to heal others. The first single from the album was recorded while on tour with Congoman Crew from Ostersund, Swe-den in 2009. With gun violence rampant across the Caribbean, Mr. Lee G believes that he can make a positive contribution and change to inspire others to choose life. The first single, also entitled “Standing”, was released end of 2010 with a video. (Video is on youtube) Mr. Lee G explains that the title “Standing” is very significant as he never fell to the ground when he was shot but instead was left standing and able to walk to his car and drive to the hospital. He calls it “A Blessing from Jah”. In 2012 Lee G have been recording song for his new album, entitled “UNDENIABLE” with a wide spec-trum of producer. Non seq( tin men music), Lukas Kaiser, Black symbolik band, Vychalle Adonia Singh(KID RAS) Trevor (fireball) Lyn and Joel Brannlund to name a few. He’s been also very busy in Gao,Mali west Africa, with his charity T.T.G.B.T.A ( a time to give back to Africa). On January 12th 2012 Mr. Lee G and his organization sponsored two under sixteen teams, boys and girls with football boots and gear. footage is available on youtube; search” Mr.Lee G charity in Gao Mali” In 2013 Lee G plans to release his new album “UNDENI-ABLE” in the fall. Get ready for songs like,” do you know?, wicked must fall, baby mother and ooh la la” to name a few. Everylittlething is the first single off the album scheduled to release on August 1st 2013. (video is on youtube”Ev-erylittlething byMr.Lee G”) His goal is to make good music for the heart and souls of those willing to listen to his true blend of R&B, reg-gae and HipHop music . “There is an element that brings it all together and it’s the soul in our music, our music is life” says Mr.Lee*G.


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We are Team Dope from Oakdale, LA our sound is really undefined. We are two brothers Elijah and Salvin Poullard and a child hood friend Mar-vette Williams Jr aka Yung Eli, YunGGin and Prince J ‘Team Dope’. We recently signed with Independent startup label Metal 2 Music Records and Franz The Hybrid One www.metal2music.com We had released several singles prior to our signing. Since signing we have released not only a promo mix tape and had our videos and singles chosen by several entities for features but, are about to embark on a whole other level with the Global release of our first album “All or Nothing”. The album features guest appearances by The B.A.R.S. Crew, Voice A True Gogetta, Yung T(Texas), Ladii Blayze, Ms Behave and others to be announced. The album is scheduled for release March 21st, 2014

SalvinBorn February 15th, 1994, it only took 12 years before Salvin Poullard aka, YunGGin got a hold of a micro-phone. Using his mellow tone singing hooks, he is the creator of some of the best tracks ever.

Prince JBorn in Alexandria, LA May of 1995, Marvette Wil-liams Jr aka Prince J always had a passion for music. As a kid he would pretend to perform Hip Hop songs on camera because of his desire to become a star. He now plans to thrive in the music industry beginning with Independent label Metal 2 Music Records.

ElijahBorn in Oakdale,LA April of 1992, Started writing music when he was at the tender age of 12.He always loved music growing up. He would always tell his friends and family “I’m going to be on t.v. one day just watch” Now 21 and being signed with Inde-pendent label Metal 2 Music Records He has a shot at his dreams. Jango> http://www.jango.com/sta-tions/339203790/tunein

t E A M D O P E


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CB: Ok, so please tell the fans who named the group?TeamDope: No one person named the group. It was something we came up with together. It made sense to us.

CB: With being a group have there being a time when as a group you couldn’t agree?TeamDope: There have been times we couldn’t agree, but we work it out. Because, without working things out we wouldn’t be able to last as a group.

CB; Who was the first to feel that the group was the best thing?TeamDope: That would be all of us. Sitting together and talking about it just insured everything.

CB: How long have each of you being writing and performing ?Young Eli: Well I have been writing for a long time. It just when I got into music i had to just go with it. So I started writing, Now, performing I been doing that for about 5 years.Yunggin: 7 years writing.. 5 years per-forming.

Prince J: been writing for several years

and performing for four years

CB: Who is the oldest in the group and do you play that big brother role?Prince J: . Eli is the oldest but we feel like there is no older person. We see ourselves more as triplets and contribute our work equally.

CB: Who are some of the people that influence you?Young Eli: Some of the people that influence me are my family. They push me to do better. So my daughter and son influence me . Prince J: . I’m mostly influenced by the legends. I look up to greats like RUN DMC and Eminem. They’ve influence

my work ethic with all their accomplish-ments.

CB; What is your opinion on the new hip hop style?Yung Eli: My opinion about the new style is it’s more flashy. Some stuff dose not make since. Some stuff you can relate to. It all depends on who you like to listen to. Pince J: . There’s nothing like the Old School but We feel that the styles of mu

sic will always change. We fit in perfect with this new generation and hopefully our time is coming.

CB: How many different skills makes Team Dope a whole?Prince J: . We create our music based off of each other since we each can sing or rap. Our singing, rapping, and abilities to work together make us a whole.

CB: Was Team Dope first performance explosive?TeamDope: Actually it was. Our first performance was a local event where we opened up for prince’s cousin who has a major local fan base.

CB: How long did it take to make the new album?TeamDope: It took us 5 to 6 months to finish it. It would and should have been finished faster then that, but obstacles came up. We overcame them and we finished it.

CB: What does the future and the music industry have coming from team dope?TeamDope: The future will hold great things. The music industry will gain more talent that will have you wanting more and more.




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DJ Yel, Born and raise in St. Louis, Start to use his love and hear for music in the early 2000’s, he has made many accomplishments and huge community contributiuons. Dj Yel started a team better known as Blazin Hot Familia/Studios with members Rj Da Kidd, PT Double G, and T Kool. with Rj being the focal point of the group at that time. In between the process of making a name for him self RJ Da Kidd decided to go on his own and do a solo project. and thats when BHF/BHS decided to go back to the drawing board.With BHS back in the studio and Dj Yel still trying to make a household name release the hit track “Bananas”. That hit track put Dj Yel on the music map. He decided to then release the first Blazin Hot Studios mixtape “The Yella Book Vol I”. Dj Yel wanted to expand the team, he then added a female artist Ms. James. With all the accomplishments he was making Rj Da Kidd decided to return to the family and Dj Yel decided to sign him as a solo artist. In 2013 Dj Yel became the host of Unsigned_Muzik

Blogtalk Radio. He is also the winner of 2013 Un-signed Magazine Artist of the Yr. and Most Requested Track, “Bananas[GMix]” Dj Yel/BHS has became a household name in St.Louis, Texas, Florida,Atlan-ta,Mississippi and many more. He has had the honor to work with Capo Danger, The Untochable OG, LA The Player and many more artist nationwide. He has started his own T-Shirt brand #IMERRWHERE. Dj Yel altar ego. The brand is making major moves local and nationwide. Since his release to his first mixtape BHS /DJ Yel has released a total of III Volumes of the Yella Book and working on the IV volume has we speak. To check out the past mixtapes go check out music on www.reverbnation.com/djyel and www.soundcloud.com/blazin_hot_studio74. you can also follow him on instagram(DjYel) and www.facebook.com/weblazinhot and order your shirts. Keep the movement going.

Mr. #ImErrWhere


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Chocolate::Why was Blazin Hot Studios started? Dj Yel: I kick off BHS for a few reason,mainly because I was tired of hearing a lot of the garbage on the radio.. I was surrounded by a lot of talent, I thought here is my chance to influence the music we listen to....

Chocolate: When did the se-quence of mixtapes come into true formed?

Dj Yel: It showed its true form, I guess after the small success of Volume II, I knew I really had something I could market.(+ it has my name in the title)

Chocolate:: How long have you been a dj?Dj Yel: I’ve been doing my thing about 10yrs now Dj’n parties around the St. Louis area.

Chocolate: Would you say Blazin Hot Studios will be an household name for the younger artist?Dj Yel: BHS will alsways be a home for the younger talent.

Chocolate: When did the idea of your altar ego go public and why?DJ Yel: Mr #ImErrWhere....I had to go public with that because with me building my brand, I am the face of the company.

“ “If I talk about it

I have to Be about It”

Chocolate: What’s your thoughts on todays hip hop?Dj Yel: Its a lot of bullshit on the radio now days, I really haven’t heard any hip hop since the late 80’s, thats why I listen to a lot un-dergorund music.

Chocolate: What’s the main goal for Blazin Hot Studios?Dj Yel: Basic to put my mark in music history doing my part to keep Hip Hop going you know if I’m go talk about it then I got to be about it.

Chocolate: What is the newest update for Blazin Hot Studios?Dj Yel: Working on a few thingsYB4 my dude Rj Da Kidd solo Mixtape coming out this summer, also I got brand music coming from the whole team also a few video you never know what’s in the future.



Chocolate Butterfli Meets with

DJ Yel

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Nicole DeHaven Vessells

I set up shop and stages of canvas ... Basquiat I have been referred... My pen stains with words like oil paints do to mutilated curves .. I kill them..

Sit still with them because I feel their pain because I am them and they are meWhat is it to forget from whence you came ?

I held the light up to my own existence.. All I saw were my five fingers but not a one to point blame...

AND SO I PAINT PICTURESof loves forgotten and borrowed hearts that have become rotten.. Because they trust-

ed in fruit which was forbidden..I take my peacock in crusted plume and etch my name across the night sky ... Although the sun has set .. I am the HAVENLY constel-

lation on which you gaze upon..AND SO I PAINT PICTURES

because in this parallel universe I am QUEEN!! My body houses an empress pyramid

However my fortitude is that of an emperor’s scepter ..AND SO I PAINT PICTURES

For ALL my kings and queens who still don’t acknowledge their station..I paint pictures of sacrifice for the greater good of self

I paint the windows to my soul to see clearly where I need improvement..I paint pictures of love being made by the uninhibited souls of men and women of

peaceAs they acclimate themselves into a healthy society which should never be kept a

secret... Lastly but certainly not the least of me AND SO I PAINT PICTURES for my seeds

The air that I breathe .. My purpose to succeed this here is for you two.. The two of you who grew in my heart long before my womb was so welcoming

The enchanted murals of my fantasy My umbilical chord dynasties This masterpiece is for YOU


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Born on the Southside of Englewood. His inspiration came from a friendship between himself and Never of Crucial Conflict. They met in the Oddy home Juvenile Detention Center 1992. TurnPike had a dream that was deterred by 16 years in prison. That’s why his music has that raw sound. Turnpike represent that Chicago DRILL!! He has collaborated with KatieGotnandz in Dec. of last year, On the the hit track G.O.M.F. (Gucci on my feet). He currently working on his \next video and single promotion of “Money Make Me Feel Strong”. TurnPike goal is to make a video to all his music, If God allows me too until; until he get his just rewards. He has an family

to raise and a quiet hustle to maintain. TurnPike is thinking a year and a half at the most to get his reap rewards. His movement is DSI (DOPE SELL ITSELF). Anything dope will be purchased. Dope mouth piece. Dope shoes. Dope bags! Etc. He started his brand by included the logo on a sweatshirt.

Contact TurnPike email: [email protected]

Facebook Turnpike Rap Twitter Turnpike Rap

Instagram Turnpike Rap Bookings email abiff20@gmail.


TurnPike Quay

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Chocolate: Explain to the fans the reason what was your motivation to start writing? TurnPike: Being locked away...Venting

Chocolate: Who was the biggest influence to the reason why you love the art of music? TurnPike: “Never” of crucial conflict. That’s been my brother for 20 plus years. I watched him do his thang from my prison mailbox. Been on it since.

Chocolate: Do you write mostly on the test and triumphs that you have been through in life? Turnpike; Some songs. I write about what I see everyday too. I sympathize with struggle so I can write about it when I see it or hear it.

Chocolate: Whats your take on the way hip hop has change over the years?Turnpike: WEAK. Everybody and they momma wanna rap. It’s a hustle. No more love for hip hop. It’s only a hand full of these new rappers that still got battle raps on stand-by. I’ll bet in it. I DO.

Chocolate: Do you feel that most of the newest artist have lost the true meaning of hip hop?Turnpike: Case by case. Yay and nay.

Chocolate: What is the main goal you want to accomplish thru your career?TurnPike: To be heard. To have that effect on people. U kno the emotion when u kno someone real and sharing your struggle. That SCREAM.

Chocolate: What is the next big plan for you in the indus-try?Turnpike: I plan on introducing my new single “Money-MakeMeFeelStrong” on my youtube page then a video soonChocolate: Do feel that your music really petray the man that you are and want the world to know?TurnPike: No. Every scenario is not me. A lot is my life but I depict others too. I want the world to kno the truth. The truth is that there is pain. Chicago is Boiling.

Chocolate B

utterf li


chats with


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EMAIL: [email protected]

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Kartie Kitten

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