University of Hawaii It nvilcc 0. v I a' a (u m m 3 in 1 rm gs ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL 18. NO. 6. LIHUE,

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Text of University of Hawaii It nvilcc 0. v I a' a (u m m 3 in 1 rm gs ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL 18. NO. 6....

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    Irs. A. S. Wilcox Donates Public

    Library to Kauai

    Mrs. A. S. Wilcox of Honolulu lias announced thaf. she will erect a $75,000 library on Kauai as a mem orial to her husband, tho late Al- bert S. Wilcox. Tho plans for the library will be drawn up in tho very near future and work on tho build-in- g

    will start at the very earliest possiblo date.

    It Is rumored that tho Llhuo plan- tation will givo a tract of land be- tween tho plantation offico and tho law office of Philip. L. nice for li- brary purposes. The spot is said to bo very near the present band- stand. But In case no more suitable tract of land is definitely acquired in tho near futuro Mrs. Wilcox of- fers to furnish tho land also on which to erect tho building.

    The operation of the Kauai Public Library will not bo postponed until the building can bo completed how-er- .

    On January 3rd tho Kauai Li- - lirni-- v naanntnHnn wna 1 ncnrnnril i nil . Last Wednesday Uev. B. W. Bayless, who has been actively working for the library for tho past several months, nppeared before tho board of supervisors and got a contract for tho operation of tho library, as is required by the territorial law. The contract has been sent back to ! tho governor and as soon as he okehs it, the money will bo Immedi - ately available. '

    At thoir regular meeting last Frl - day afternoon, tho Mokihana club

    offered its rooms for library pur -.1'Mioses until moro suitable quarters 'i . ... , ... .,, . .

    their offer will be accepted and tho regular library is completed.



    Miss Alice Moore, head of girls' work department of tho Honolulu v r rt a ....... n ........

    fger for Honolulu last week. Miss, jpioore spent ten days on Kauai, coming over as a special speaker at tho annual meeting of tho Y. W. C. A. She also spoke at tho banquet meeting of tho Y. M. C. A., and with Miss Edith Hanson, our local tecretary, visited all tho Girl Re- serve groups and Y. W. C. A. clubs on tho island. On Saturday sho hold an all-da- y conferonco for leaders of clubs at Papalinahoa. Luncheon was served to tho group at noon. Plans were made for conducting tho club work on a uniform basis throughout the lpland- - with honors to bo earned by tho girls for performance of cer- tain duties at home or at school. Miss Mooro has many friends on Kauai and is a welcome guest. Wo hope sho may como again soon. I


    J. M. Kaneakua, Henry Akl, H. j van Gleson and N. K. Hoopll will i represent tho Kawaihau district at the Republican convention in Hono- lulu on February 14th, these four lieing chosen at the meeting of tho precinct club held last Saturday night at tho Kapaa court house. Tho voting resulted as follows: Aki and van Gleson 71 votes each; Hoo- pll G7; Kaneakua CI; Kaahu and JVliinoi 60 each; Bettencourt 57, Kapoza 40; Ekekela 12, Rodrigues 10. Although a total of 228 names were on tho Republican roll, only 148 were cast.

    Keen rivalry existed among the candidates as tho vigorous campaign- ing indulged In for tho' past week had all tho voters talking 'about it, resulting in a meeting that was ex- ceedingly lively, although orderly. Kawaihau certainly does not have to play second fiddle to any dls- -

    trict when 'it comes to Interest in politics. 'According to old timers nover

    before has such interest boon shown . .lnioTofo- - to ,..!JU" W fcMW Villi' mention, and the crowded voting booths were rather unexpected. Tho last meotiug to select delegates ,..n held In 1912. before tho direct primary law was passed.

    . o Dr. G. S. B ss of Pearl Harbor,'

    arr,ved on the K.nau last Friday -

    to speak to the Mokihana Club.


    J. F. Dettencourt Jr. homesteader and formerly bookkeeper of tho Makeo Sugar Co., has joined the staff of tho local branch of the Hawaii Dank of Commerce. He will specialize in savings and insurance.

    Miss Dona Maladinlch and Mias' Laura Rnpoza were tho hostesses at a dclichtftil farewell .nartv at tho Lizama homo at Kealia last Tues-- I day evening, given in honor of Al-vi- n

    Branco who left for Honolulu list been trans-o-Wednesday, having ..xho of

    Bank of Hawaii's of- -to tho lee-fic- ec(lness t0 SociaI Work." Both there. About 25 young Portugu- - turos woro niuatrat0li by iantcr

    .cse people from Kapaa and Kealia GXami,lcdslldeSi Dr. B1Iss also cas-wer- e present and tho evening was ,., ... , ,,,, liv ,,n(.lnra nn,i

    spent in dancing and games, not to i mention tho partaking of refresh- ments.

    Charles Kano, member of tho Ma- keo baseball team for tho past five years, is tho proud father of an- other boy. This is tho second son born to Mr. and Mrs. Kano.

    Simpson Decker, sales agent, who rtarted a clearance sale of tho dry goods stock of Van Leuvan's two weeks ago, departed last week for Honolulu, after disposing of the entire stock of tho store. A small portion remaining last week was disposed of to Alexander & West of Niumalu and taken there for sale. '

    Battling for the 1021 champion- - ship in 1922 may perhaps seem a novelty elsewhere, but not in Ka- -

    aa. Tho Mills and the Sunrise earns of tho Kealia league aro still ed for the lead and next Sunday

    w111 se0 tuo en(1 of tl10 1921 sea" I8011,

    Tho courthouse was crowded to capacity on Saturday evening long oofore tho time set for the opening of tho balloting for the four dclc- - gates to represent tho local pre cinct at tho coming Republican con- vention in Honolulu. It was ladies tir3t though, and quick work by the police and inspectors enabled the election to bo finished, with time to spare, in the one hour alloieu

    '.in which to vote. Jonah B. Cummings, who .. helped

    the Makees to win their 1920-2- champ onsh ps. is no longer here but is now employed at Kiiauea plantation, and may- - not be back with tho team this year. Although local fandom will no doubt bo sor- ry to seo him go, they should re- member that baseball in these parts is always secondary to tho pursuit of worldly and Jonah no doubt owes it to himself to en-

    deavor to climb another rung in the ladder of success.



    ! Following is the complete list af delegates from Kauai county to attend tho territorial convention to be held in Honolulu next Tuesday:

    Nlihau. E. K. Kahale; Kekaha, M. Costa; Walmea, W. O. Crowell; Ma

    Ikaweli, A. Q. Marcallino; Wahiawa. J W. D. McBryde; Koloa, James K. j

    IKula; Lihue, C. A. Rice, W. H. Rice Jr., H. D. Sloggett, A. G. Kau-- lukou, S. K. Kaco; Kawaihau, J. M. Kaneakua, Henry Aki, II. van Gic-son- i

    N. 1C. Hoopii; Kiiauea, L. D.

    Larson; Hanalei, W. F. Sanborn and A. Menefoglio. .


    Tho electrical room of tho Makeo mill was tho scene of considerable commotion' ono afternoon last week. Firo began shooting in all directions from tho electrical equipment. For a little while, judging from out- ward appearances! tho wholo mill was going to burn.

    Then somebody happened to think that It might be a good idea to pull out the switch, and tho fir.o was all "ver. A snort circuit nau lurmsneu tho excitement but had done no real damage.

    Li"'e Solomon, tho six year old Krandson of Rev. David Kaaeamoku, tho Hawaiian minister of Hanalei,ITT,'was burled last Tuesday in

    cemetery. He was sick only four, days. Death was duo to a fall which resulted in blood poisoning. A pa-- .

    thetlc scene was evidenced, as his former school mates sang their llt- -

    fn.ii'nll t.r.ntr mill il nntttt t n.l , ,.


    Chag conducted thQ servlcc.

    Dr. George S, Bliss

    Gives Two Lectures

    nolatloiiBliIp Feeblemind-fsrro- d


    George S. Bliss, superintendent of tho Territorial Homo for Feeble- minded Persons, at Pearl City, Oa-lu- i.

    was a visitor to Kauai on Friday and Saturday of last week. During his stay ho gave two lectures ono to tho Mokihana Club on "What tho Presence of Feeblemindedness Means to Our Community," and tho oth- er to the Social Servico Association

    nurses In tho districts.

    Based on statistics gathered in the United States, ono per cent of the population at ho present time is feeble-minde- averred Dr. Bliss. To handle this situation adequately will bo a tremendous strain upon tho tax payers of tho country, and as tho inheritance of feoblemind-nes- s

    is established as a certain fact tho problem grows ever a large one. It Is now the greatest social problem confronting us. At least half the cases handled by our so olal workers and by our jails aro those of feebleminded persons. If, however, wo could segregate such casus so that no additional feeble minded children should bo born to them, wo could within 50 years re duce feeblemindedness by 75 per cent.

    Mr. and Mrs. E. Wood left for Honolulu last Saturday. Mr. Wood is takinK the plans for tho new Kauai Telephonic building to an architect and is taking his first de- grees in Masonry.


    Tho grand jury met at tho coun- ty court house yesterday and brought hi true bills against Eduardo and Santiago Clombro, charged with assault with deadly weapon; James Charman and Charles Wilson charg- ed with first degree burglary , and Felix Do Los Reyes, Kasamiro Ara-gon-

    Francisco Penado, Lucas Ara-gon-

    charged with first degree rob- bery. All tho indicted men will bo tried at the