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UNIVERSITY EYE INSTITUTE CORNEA AND CONTACT LENS · PDF file UEI CCLS Fees CCLS Fitting Fees: Global fitting fees: new patients being fitted with contact lenses for the first time

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  • Cornea and Contact Lens Service


  • Services

     Primary Care

     Specialty Care

     Contact Lenses

  • What to Bring to Clinic  All things necessary in family practice service plus…

    1. CL Magnifying loupe

    2. Green suction cup(s)

    3. Wratten filter (yellow)

    4. GP diagnostic set

    5. Tyler’s Quarterly

  • Auxiliary Items

     Consultation room

     Fit guides for specialty lenses

     Computers: Toric Cross Cylinder Calculation

     Computers: Microsoft Word- Internal/External referrals

     Corneal Topographers

     Autokeratometer/Autorefractor

     NCT

     FDT

     Visante Anterior Segment OCT

     Specular Microscope Camera

     Confocal Microscope

     Lenstar

  • Scheduling  Three (one-hour) appointment slots per half day

     One complete exam plus one progress visit

     2 hours for a full exam and contact lens fit

     1 hour progress visit

     Three contact lens progress visits

     3 (1 hour) progress visits

  • “Day Sheet”  A “Day Sheet” will be available at the reception window

    prior to the beginning of each clinic session

     Initial next to the patient’s name that you would like to


     Review patient charts

  • Pre-Clinic Seminars  Your attending will give responsibilities and expectations the

    first session of the first full week of clinic

     Mornings – 8:30 AM  Have your assigned exam room set up and be logged on to

    EMR by 8:00 AM

     Afternoons – 1:30 PM  Have your assigned exam room set up and be logged on to

    EMR by 1:00 PM

  • Notification • Review EMR before clinic seminar begins

    • You will be notified over the PA system that the patient has


    • Be sure to collect the superbill as you pick up the patient

  • Notification  EMR – right click on room and select your exam room

    number when you have picked up your patient

  • Stay On Time  You must complete appropriate care within the time period


     Notify your attending within ten minutes of the next

    appointment time if there will be a delay

     Always consult with your assigned attending

  • Be Available  Do not leave the CCLS area without checking with both

    your attending faculty and the clinic staff to make sure that

    you have not been assigned a patient

  • Adding a patient Search for pt by DOB found on super bill

    Do NOT Create a “new patient”

  • Must now click on each header; ocular and systemic medications EVEN if the patient does not take either (even though the template already reflects a normative statement of no medication usage)

  • Click on one for “No medication usage” and one for “No medication allergy”. (Green box)- if your patient is not on medication

    Use the radio buttons to

    go between Ocular and systemic meds.

  • Diagnostic (Trial) Soft Cls •A signed disposable trial lens Rx form must be

    provided in order for lenses to be dispensed by

    the stock room (1400) staff. (Appendix 1)

  • Diagnostic Lenses, GPs

     Always verify diagnostic GP base curves and powers

     In order to reduce the risk of ocular infection, always …

     Wash your hands before handling lenses

     Clean and rinse all lenses before application

     Rub all lenses with appropriate rewetting solution

  • Additional Items  Addipak solution, Purilens solution

     Large and Small DMV

     Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner

     Unique PH

     Progent

     High Molecular NaFl

     Lissamine Green

  • Items Charged in EMR Use Code: 99070  Addipak/Purilens

     Large and Small DMV

     Extra Strength Cleaner

     Unique PH

     Progent

     Shipping and handling

     Shipping and handling overnight

     Dry Eye Supplies

  • Lens Stock Room (1400)

     You are responsible for the safe return of all equipment, un-

    used solution (Addipak vials) and/or diagnostic lenses by

    the end of the clinic session

     GP lenses used from diagnostic lens sets are to be cleaned,

    rinsed (with saline), and dried prior to their return.

     Store lenses dry

  • CL Lens Lab (1421)

    Modification Room  Contains modification and verification equipment.

     Modification units

     Lensometers

     Radiuscopes

  • Consultation Room (1411)  Contains:

     forms (dilation refusal, records release …)

     CL fit guides

     telephone (you must call all no-show patients and document in

    the chart under the “no-show” template)

     two computers

     a projector

     a printer

  • Contact Lens Dispensing  All contact lenses must be verified before they are dispensed

     GP lenses must have base curve, power, diameter, optical

    zone, center thickness, and edges measured and/or


     Soft lenses must have their packaged label verified with the

    order form before the vials or boxes are opened

  • Contact Lens Dispensing  Any time contact lenses are verified, initial “Verified by” and

    fill in the date on the order form (Appendix 2)

     When dispensed, initial “Delivered to patient by,” record the

    date on the order form and return it to the stock room

  • Appendix 2

    ED ED

    04/19/`2011 04/19/2011







    Boston XO

    Boston XO


    Smith, Joe


    x x

  • Contact Lens Dispensing

     EMPTY lens vials or GP cases are to be given to Jim in

    the stock room.

     Please give Jim the entire tray with specific instructions

     Return empty lens trays to the stock room




  • Contact Lens Dispensing  If the lenses do not verify correctly:

     Record on the order form exactly what is out of tolerance and

    the measurement obtained

     Return the tray with the lenses and the order form to the

    stock room

     Complete a pink lens return form (Appendix 3)

     Write up a new order form

  • Appendix 3 Lens return


  • UEI CCLS Fees

     CCLS Fitting Fees:

     Global fitting fees: new patients being fitted with contact

    lenses for the first time

     Includes follow-up (adaptive) visits: 45, 90, and 120 days

     Per visit (pay as you go) fees: Established patients only.

     All fees must be paid at the time services are provided

     All lenses must be paid in full (100% ) before ordering

  • Contact Fitting Fees  All of the fitting fee codes are:


     Except:

    92072 (Keratoconus)

  • UEI CCLS Coding  Contact lens fit:

     92310: CL Professional Fitting-Daily

     Sphere GPs or SCLs

     92310: CL Professional Fitting-Complex

     Toric, MF or monovision

     92310: CL Fit Therapeutic (soft or GP)

     Post surgical, corneal scarring, or scleral lens fit, prosthetic

     92310: Orthokeratology

     92072: Management of Keratoconus

     Soft, GP, hybrid, scleral

  • UEI CCLS Coding  Full Eye Exam and Fit

     Code for comprehensive eye exam

     Contact lens fit:

     92310: CL Professional Fitting-Daily

     92310: CL Professional Fitting-Complex

     92310: CL Fit Therapeutic (soft or GP)

     92072: Mngmt of Keratoconus (any lens)

     92310: CL Office Visit/Progress

    G lo

    b a l


  • UEI CCLS Coding  Z-Code

     Z01.00 Vision exam w/o abnormal findings

     Z01.01 Vision exam with abnormal findings

  • UEI CCLS Fees

     At the conclusion of the appointment, determine the

    appropriate fee the contact lens fitting and check-off any

    and all procedures performed on both the superbill

    (Appendix 4-Front) and the EMR coding and procedures

     All superbills must then be approved and signed by your

    attending faculty

     Coding on the superbill must match coding in EMR

  • UEI CCLS Fees  The fees for lenses are posted in every exam room

    (Appendices 5a, 5b)

  • Appendix 5a

  • Appendix 5b

  • UEI CCLS Fees

     Make sure that you are charging the patient the correct lens contact lens material fees (Appendix 4-back)  Do not charge for a ProClear Toric when a ProClear Toric XR

    lens has been ordered

     Even some spherical lenses will increase in price depending on their power

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