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<ul><li><p>Universal Living Universal Living Mind, Body, Spiritual &amp; Energetic Wellness for the 21st CenturyMind, Body, Spiritual &amp; Energetic Wellness for the 21st Century </p><p>May / June 2015 | Vol. 03 Issue 03 </p><p>eZine </p><p>www.UniversalLivingEzine.comwww.UniversalLivingEzine.com </p></li><li><p> Saturday, June 21 10 am - 6pm </p><p>Berea Masonic Temple 366 Eastland Road </p><p>Berea OH </p><p>PRESENTED BY: </p><p>PAT UHR HARMONIC JOURNEYS www.HarmonicJourneys.net </p><p>216-221-8076 </p><p>HOLISTIC HOLISTIC FAIRFAIR </p><p>$5 admission includes all speakers and activities </p><p>Kids 12 and under: </p><p>FREE ADMITTANCE </p><p>Alternative Healing Prod-ucts, Candles, Soaps, Bath Salts, Organic Clothing, Pet Products, </p><p>Unique Jewelry, Psychics, Mediums, Reiki Energy Healers, Holistic Prac-</p><p>titioners, Artists, Speakers, and much more... </p><p>FROM THE EDITOR </p><p>As I write this, its Earth Day. Can you believe </p><p>Earth Day is 40 years old! Amazing. Weve </p><p>come so far since Rachel Carsens Silent </p><p>Spring. Yet we still have so far to go. </p><p>The issues have changed but the consequences are still just </p><p>as complicated - Genetically Modified Food (GMO), Electro </p><p>Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), Water - STILL an issue with </p><p>the record breaking drought in the West and the shocking </p><p>algae infested waters along Lake Eries shores causing ma-</p><p>jor problems for the residents in the Toledo area. </p><p>Weve got all sorts of new emerging hi-tech problems, but </p><p>the root cause is almost always the same - rampant greed. I </p><p>dont understand companies that want to alter the food </p><p>supply, pollute the water supply and stuff the atmosphere </p><p>with all sorts of energetic weirdness that makes us sick (and </p><p>sometimes worse!) - my question: if they kill us, whos going </p><p>to buy the crap they sell? Maybe they havent gotten past </p><p>todays bottom line to ask that question. Without consum-</p><p>ers, no sales, no sales, no profits. Ah well, one of these days </p><p>it should maybe dawn on somebody. </p><p>The shift is happening, and its happening very quickly. </p><p>Those that dont get it are left standing with mouths </p><p>agape and desperately trying to hold on to things that </p><p>worked for them in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. People, politi-</p><p>cians, religions, governments Its a new millennium folks, </p><p>time to change. </p><p>Learn about self-care, take responsibility for your reality, </p><p>learn about energy, learn a new way of thinking about each </p><p>other and the creator and all that is. Tick, Tick, Tick - the </p><p>Universe is not going to wait on us to get our act together. </p><p>Its change or be changed. </p><p>Okay, off my soapbox for now! </p><p>Quick In Memoriam for my dear friend Deb </p><p>Haltuch, who made her transition off this planet </p><p>one year ago this week. Miss you girl and thanks </p><p>for the pennies! </p><p>Namaste - Reiki ON! Sue Ball </p></li><li><p>CONTENTSCONTENTS MAY / JUNE 2015 </p><p>4 4 || Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning for your Bodyfor your Body </p><p>By Roseann Zaft </p><p>8 8 || Crisis &amp; the Crisis &amp; the Untamed HeartUntamed Heart </p><p>By Zane Curfman </p><p>1010 | | Medical IntuitiveMedical Intuitive By Mary Maynard </p><p>12 12 | | East Meets WestEast Meets West E is for Eannegram </p><p>By Mary Ellen Derwis </p><p>16 16 || Methinks theyMethinks they ask TOO much!ask TOO much! By Rosann Heinrich </p><p>19 19 | | The Dangers ofThe Dangers of Unheard SoundsUnheard Sounds </p><p>By Jill Matson </p><p>www.UniversalLivingEzine.com / info@UniversalLivingEzine.com / 216-459-9094 Content in these articles does not in any way reflect the opinion of the publisher and should not be considered as medical advice or an endorsement for any product </p></li><li><p>By Roseann Zaft </p><p>Spring is the time for new growth and a fresh start. </p><p>There's nothing more refreshing than clearing out old </p><p>clutter to make way for fresh new energy for your home </p><p>and your body too. While detox has become "the buzz </p><p>these days, there are still many people have no idea of </p><p>what it means and just how necessary it is. In this article </p><p>we uncover the truths about detox. More importantly you </p><p>will discover just how worthwhile it really is! </p><p>Imagine if you never cleaned your house. It would get </p><p>dirty right? On the surface it might look clean but when </p><p>you peer under rugs and inside cupboards you would find </p><p>lots of grime, accumulating gradually over the years. Its </p><p>pretty much the same with your body. Even if you seem </p><p>clean and healthy on the outside there can be lots of dirt </p><p>lurking inside which if left can make you sick. Having lots </p><p>of accumulated toxins and unwanted substances inside </p><p>will stop your body functioning optimally making illnesses </p><p>much more likely. </p><p>How bad can it be? </p><p>The body is a magnificent efficient machine. It has a varie-</p><p>ty of methods to process and remove toxins from our </p><p>body, but the problem is our modern lives are SO toxic it </p><p>struggles to cope. We are bombarded with toxins all the </p><p>time. Some are natural by products of our bodies own </p><p>processes, but mainly we take in toxins from external </p><p>sources. As the toxic overload increases our health gets </p><p>worse. </p><p>In the past it was infectious diseases which killed people; </p><p>nowadays it is lifestyle diseases which are the real killers. </p><p>The food we eat and the chemicals we consume are grad-</p><p>ually building up to toxic levels then one day, seemingly </p><p>out of the blue, you get sick. But most diseases are lurking </p><p>in the background for many years before we even notice </p><p>them. Detox is an effective way to restore your immune </p><p>system and give your body the helping hand it needs to </p><p>stay healthy and happy. </p><p>Where do toxins come from? </p><p>The Global Healing Centre estimate that we come into </p><p>contact with over 2 million different toxins in every 24 </p><p>hour period and this is at least twice as much as the body </p><p>can effectively handle. </p><p>200,000 toxins from the Air </p><p>Even when it seems clean the air is full of toxins, includ-</p><p>ing: Smoke, Dust Mites, Pet Dander, Mold &amp; Mildew, </p><p>Paint Fumes, Air Fresheners, Cleaning Supplies, Carpet </p><p>Out-Gassing, Fossil Fuels, Benzene, Chemtrail residues. </p><p>150,000 toxins from Water </p><p>The recycling and chemical treatment of water fills it with </p><p>chemicals our body does not want, including: Arsenic, </p><p>Fluoride, Chlorine, Pesticides, Parasites, Bacteria, Pre-</p><p>scription Drug Residue, Rocket Fuel (Perchlorate), C8 (the </p><p>Chemical used to make Teflon), Bisphenol-A </p><p>(carcinogenic compound used in making Plastic Bottles). </p><p>485,000 toxins from Food and Drink </p><p>To increase profits and extend shelf-lives processed food </p><p>is full unwanted additives, preservatives and other chemi-</p><p>cals, including: MSG, Pesticides, Hydrogenated Oils, Anti-</p><p>biotics &amp; Hormones, Genetically Modified Foods, Refined </p><p>Sugars, Artificial Colorings and Artificial Sweeteners. </p><p>180,000 toxins from Prescription Drugs </p><p>In addition to the actual medicine many compounds are </p><p>also used to deliver the drug, including: Aluminum and </p><p>Mercury in Vaccines, Spermicides, Liver Toxic Glues, Fill-</p><p>ers &amp; Binders, Artificial Colorings, Synthetic Hormones, </p><p>Synthetic Chemicals, Left-over Animal Parts from Meat </p><p>Processing Plants (Yuck!) </p><p>525,000 toxins from Microbes (Parasites) </p><p>By Roseann Zaft </p><p>Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Your BodyYour Body </p><p>May June 2015 pg 4 </p></li><li><p>Harmful organisms which feed off YOUR nutrients and </p><p>deposit waste in your body: Bacteria, Yeast, Fungus, </p><p>Worms, Amoebas and Viruses </p><p>200,000 toxins from Physical &amp; Emotional Stress </p><p>When we experience negative emotions and physical </p><p>stress the body responds with hormones which signal </p><p>trouble and they change the way the body works. The </p><p>problem is we never calm down and turn off the stress </p><p>hormones so are constantly flooded with them. </p><p>130,000 toxins from Heavy Metals </p><p>Heavy metals have long been known to be toxic, especial-</p><p>ly for the brain, but we continue to use them, in things </p><p>like: Cookware, Deodorant, Cosmetics, Aluminum Cans, </p><p>Light Bulbs, Vaccines, Mercury Dental Fillings, Household </p><p>&amp; Auto Paints. They can also often be found in many </p><p>different fish which have been Chemically-Poisoned due </p><p>to pollution of the sea, rivers and lakes. </p><p>230,000 toxins from Radiation </p><p>Even minimal exposure can cause cell damage which if </p><p>the body is unable to repair can lead to serious conditions </p><p>such as cancer and even death. There are many different </p><p>sources of radiation, including: X-Rays, Cell phones, Com-</p><p>puters, Microwave Cooking, Power Lines, Irradiated </p><p>Foods, Fluorescent Lighting, and Electromagnetic Radia-</p><p>tion </p><p>Where do all the toxins go? </p><p>Your body tries hard to process the toxins, to make them </p><p>safe, and remove them from the body. The liver is the </p><p>main organ responsible for the processing and the kid-</p><p>neys and skin are the main organs responsible for remov-</p><p>al. But we come into so many toxins the body is also </p><p>hiding them in places like fat cells. </p><p>Just like sweeping dirt under the rug the body uses fat to </p><p>hide away toxins, including emotional toxins. This is why </p><p>when you lose weight it can feel very stressful as toxins </p><p>are released back into the blood. However, it also means </p><p>that when you detox the toxins you lose weight too. What </p><p>bonus, less toxins means you need less fat so the body </p><p>naturally gets rid! </p><p>When the body is spending a lot of its time processing all </p><p>those toxins there isnt enough time or resources left to </p><p>do general repairs. This is why a toxic lifestyle leads to </p><p>cancers and other diseases. When the body has the re-</p><p>sources it needs to detox effectively we get far fewer ill-</p><p>nesses and disease. </p><p>Imagine trying to clean your house while having a big par-</p><p>ty. It would be difficult to get it really clean while all the </p><p>guests are in the way, dropping crumbs, spilling drinks </p><p>etc. Its the same for your body. We take in toxins con-</p><p>stantly and dont give it the break it needs to have a thor-</p><p>ough spring clean. Unless that is you do a detox! </p><p>What will a detox do for me? </p><p>1. It removes toxins from the body by supporting the </p><p>organs responsible for detox </p><p>2. It will prevent long term and chronic illness which are </p><p>the result of the body filling up with toxins </p><p>3. It will enhance your immune system and give it time </p><p>to HEAL you from the inside </p><p>4. You will lose weight as you flush out toxins stored in </p><p>fat </p><p>5. Slow down premature aging, which is often the result </p><p>of toxic build up </p><p>6. Improve your mood and energy levels as your body </p><p>works more efficiently </p><p>7. Improve your overall health, for example reducing </p><p>headaches, joint pain and sleep problems </p><p>8. Improve the look and feel of your skin as it is also </p><p>used to move toxins out of the body </p><p>9. Make you think more clearly as hazy thoughts can be </p><p>the result of chemicals affecting the brain </p><p>10. Restore your body to a younger, fresher version of </p><p>you! </p><p>How do I detox? </p><p>There are lots of ways you can detox your body but really </p><p>it involves 4 components: </p><p> Cut out toxins </p><p> Supplement your organs </p><p> Flush out toxins </p><p> Drag out stubborn toxins </p><p>This could be as simple as drinking green juices with sup-</p><p>May / June 2015 pg 5 </p></li><li><p>plements for a few days or more extreme 21 days with </p><p>enemas and more. The intensity of the detox should re-</p><p>flect the toxicity of your lifestyle. If you eat processed </p><p>food, drink alcohol, smoke or come into contact with </p><p>smoke, use cosmetics or drink coffee chances are you </p><p>may need a very thorough spring clean! </p><p>Fear not! Detox doesnt have to be difficult but it can be a </p><p>little confusing if you dont know where to begin. So, here </p><p>is my quick and easy guide to detox, just 3 days can have </p><p>an amazing impact on your body and you can repeat it as </p><p>often as you like. </p><p>Quick and Easy Detox </p><p>This is a 3-day REAL food plan filled with fabulous nutri-</p><p>ents, amino acids, Omega 3's and other whole-</p><p>some goodies that will make you feel amazing and some </p><p>of my clients have dropped several pounds with this </p><p>alone! Are you ready? This super easy ... and super YUM-</p><p>MY! </p><p>Day One </p><p> Upon rising drink 8-12 oz of hot water with a dash of </p><p>cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon </p><p> Breakfast: Green smoothie made </p><p>with vegan protein powder, un-</p><p>sweetened non-dairy milk, frozen </p><p>berries, greens, any other super-</p><p>foods you have in the pantry, a </p><p>dash of cinnamon powder and ice </p><p> Snack: Apple with 10 almonds or </p><p>walnuts </p><p> Lunch: Half an avocado with tomatoes, a dash of </p><p>cilantro, 3 oz of cooked shrimp, 1/2 cup of beans </p><p>(your choice) and drizzled in lime juice </p><p> Snack: 1 cup of your fav raw veggies </p><p> Dinner: A bountiful green salad with carrots, celery, </p><p>red peppers, broccoli... you get it the idea.. </p><p>any veggies you love in your salad, drizzle olive oil </p><p>and lemon juice over it served with baked or </p><p>broiled wild salmon. </p><p> Snack: Warmed vanilla almond milk with a cinnamon </p><p>stick (and a drop or 2 of liquid stevia (if you like </p><p>it sweeter) </p><p>Day Two </p><p> Upon rising drink 8-12 oz of hot water with a dash of </p><p>cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon </p><p> Breakfast: Green smoothie made with vegan protein </p><p>powder, unsweetened coconut milk, pineapple, </p><p>greens, bee pollen, cinnamon and ice </p><p> Lunch: Romaine Wraps: Place cooked wild salmon or </p><p>cod in a romaine leaf with a slice or 2 of avocado, </p><p>some sprouts, diced tomatoes and grated carrots </p><p> Snack: A handful goji berries and seeds </p><p> Dinner: Steamed veggies (like broccoli and squash) </p><p>over arugula with raw red cabbage and halibut </p><p>topped with basil pesto </p><p> Snack: 1 frozen banana blended with a dash of spice </p><p>(like cinnamon, nutmeg or all-spice) to make a fruit </p><p>'ice-cream' add a couple of drops of liquid Stevia if </p><p>you like it sweeter </p><p>Day Three </p><p> Upon rising drink 8-12 oz of hot water with a dash of </p><p>cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon </p><p> Breakfast: Green smoothie made with vegan protein </p><p>powder, coconut water, 1/4 avocado, greens, any </p><p>other superfoods you have in the pantry, a dash of </p><p>fresh orange juice and ice. </p><p> Snack: Pear with 8-10 pecans </p><p> Lunch: A gorgeous green salad with slices of citrus, a </p><p>handful of chopped walnuts served with organic </p><p>poached, baked or grilled chicken and a 1/2 cup of </p><p>cooked lentils. </p><p> Snack: 1 cup of fresh green veggies: string beans, </p><p>snow peas or bracelet </p><p> Dinner: Roasted veggies with slices almonds served </p><p>with your favorite white fish (like mahi-mahi, cod, or </p><p>tilapia) </p><p> Snack: A cup of herbal tea </p><p>(peppermint or ginger) with a </p><p>small handful of sunflower or </p><p>pumpkin seeds (or nuts) </p><p>So there you have it! Three very simple and tasty days </p><p>which you will clean you from the inside out! </p><p>May June 2015 pg 6 </p></li><li><p>Are you on board? </p><p>After learning why detox is so good for you and seeing just </p><p>how simple, and tasty it can be, you may be ready to em-</p><p>bark on a spring clean for YOUR body. Spring and Autumn </p><p>are optimal times of the year to do a detox so if you are </p><p>ready to give it a go, or want a little more information </p><p>check out my FREE eBook How to Detox which will teach </p><p>you HOW and WHY to detox your whole body simply and </p><p>effectively. </p><p>If, however, you read the 3 day meal plan above and </p><p>thought, I cant live without my sweets / bread / choco-</p><p>late then you are probably affected by sugar addiction. </p><p>Its not surprising that most of us are. I urge you to consid-</p><p>er a specially designed Sugar Detox which will help you </p><p>understand and address the sweet villain in your life. My </p><p>revolutionary 10 D...</p></li></ul>