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XII International Seminar of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Port State Control in the United States – 2008 Annual Report & Recent Developments Mr. Jeffrey Lantz Director, Commercial Regulations and Standards. United States Coast Guard. 2007/2008 PSC Statistics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • XII International Seminar of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

    Port State Controlin the United States 2008 Annual Report & Recent Developments

    Mr. Jeffrey LantzDirector, Commercial Regulations and Standards

    United States Coast Guard

  • 2007/2008 PSC StatisticsPSC Rolling Detention Ratio 2007: 1.60% PSC Rolling Detention Ratio 2008: 1.76% Security Major Control Action Ratio 2007: 0.53% 1 Security Major Control Action Ratio 2008: 0.41 1

    20072008Increase/decreasePSC Safety and Environmental Protection Detentions15217617% IncreasePSC Examinations10,42311,58211% IncreaseISPS Major Control Actions422736% DecreaseISPS Examinations8,9019,4917% Increase

  • Detainable DeficienciesThe leading detainable deficiency found in 2008 related to MARPOL Annex I.A smaller number of ISM related deficiencies were uncovered aboard substandard vessels.

    MARPOL, Annex I 69Engine Room Equipment65Fire Fighting Appliances62Crew Competency51

  • 2007/2008/2009 PSC StatisticsRussian FederationPSC Rolling Detention Ratio 2008: 1.76% Security Major Control Action Ratio 2008: 0.41

    20072008Current Detention Ratios2009(Jan-Sep)PSC Safety Detentions203.95%0PSC Examinations3122--15ISPS Major Control Actions000.00%0ISPS Examinations2618--11

  • AppealsInitiated through local USCG SectorUSCG Headquarters Office of Compliance is responsible for final actionAppeal processes are contained in 46 CFR 1.03 and 33 CFR 160.7


  • QUALSHIP 21Benefits: Improved Port State Control Performance - Ships and Registries Strive for RecognitionLess Port State Control activity Worldwide Recognition:QUALSHIP 21 Certificates On line Recognition- Flag State Recognition - Annual ReportExcellent marketing tool Owners Operators Flag States


    QUALSHIP 21Certificate of Eligibilityawarded to the vesselM/V LESPAUL

    C. E. BONERear Admiral, U.S. Coast GuardAssistant Commandant For Prevention





  • Long Range Information & Tracking (LRIT)

    Operation of the IMO mandated LRIT System began on 31 DEC 2008Starting 1 JAN 2009, the USCG examined all commercial vessels subject to LRIT regulations to determine the status of compliance, no deficiencies issuedStarting 1 JUL 2009, the USCG began the compliance & enforcement phase

  • Annex VI ImplementationAll commercial ships operating in U.S. waters must now comply with the air pollution requirements of MARPOL Annex VIAnnex VI compliance is intended to be a record review and a spot check of equipment Like other similar exams of this type, exams can be expanded on an escalating scale if non-compliance is suspected

  • U.S. EPA NPDES Vessel General Permit (VGP)Applies to domestic and foreign ships in U.S. waters out to 3 nautical milesCompliance date: 6 FEB 2009Notice of Intent Date 18 September 2009CG will verify compliance with VGP during routine port state and flag state boardings

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    Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRP) Vessels are required to have submitted NTVRPs to USCG HQ as of August 10, 2005. Applies to self-propelled vessels > 400 GT ITC Guidance on development can be found in (NVIC 01-05 CH-1) Noncompliance with NTVRP - denial of entry!

  • PSC TrainingPQS Personnel Qualification StandardPSC CoursePSC-related Courses, examples:CVE SchoolLNG TrainingJob Aids

  • PSC Training OpportunitiesThe Coast Guard maintains 120 different courses of instruction, including our Marine Inspectors and PSC Officers Courses.We have accepted limited numbers applications by other Administrations for these training courses.The Coast Guard also considers requests for the exchange of personnel to allow for a less structured, but often times more practical, training experience.Applications for either type of training opportunity should be routed to the nearest American Embassy or Consulate for processing and forwarding to Coast Guard Headquarters.A complete list of courses and further information on this subject can be found at the following website:


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  • ContactsCDR Jennifer Williams- Chief of the Foreign & Offshore Vessel Compliance

    Mr. E.J. Terminella- PSC International

    LCDR Chuck Fluke- PSC Program

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