United Kingdom The United Kingdom The UK is a sovereign state. The Entire name of UK is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nations.

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland</p> <p>United Kingdom2The United KingdomThe UK is a sovereign state.The Entire name of UK is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.The nations belonging to the UK are England, Northern England, Scotland and Wales.The UK is a city.The name of the British Anthem is God Save the Queen.</p> <p>3National IdentityEnglish (specifically England) =/= British (generally Great Britain)United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Britain = England, Scotland, and Wales</p> <p>National Flag = England (St. George) + Scotland (St. Andrew) + Ireland (St. Patrick)</p> <p>Queen of United KingdomThe Queen of United Kingdom is the Queen Elizabeth II. She was born on 21 April 1926th in London. She was crowned on 2 June 1953. Her Majesty's Government (HMG),commonly referred to as the British government, Welsh, is the central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The government is led by the prime minister, who selects all the remaining ministers.Current Incumbent David Cameron since11 May 2010. </p> <p>The United Kingdom is located on the northwest coast of continental Europe, surrounded by the North Sea, English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean.</p> <p>It includes 4 countries:England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.Geographical location</p> <p>GEOGRAPHY OF THE UK</p> <p>In the UK, there is Wales, England, Scotland and Northern England.The capital of UK is London. The population in UK is about 62,008,048 people.</p> <p>The capital of England is London</p> <p>LondonLondon is the capital of England and the United Kingdom.The city is also an important tourist destination for many visitors. </p> <p>London hosted the Olympics in 1908 and 1948, they also hosted the Olympics in 2012.</p> <p>9The UK is a key global player diplomatically and militarily. It plays leading roles in the EU, UN and NatoInternational Role </p> <p>Sources of Energy</p> <p>THE CLIMATEIn Britain, the weather is usually rainy and windy.</p> <p>The average temperature is between -11C and 35C</p> <p>SPORTS IN THE UKSPORTS IN THE UKSPORTS IN THE UK</p> <p>CRICKET</p> <p>tenis</p> <p>RUGBY</p> <p>FOOTBALLEnglands national sport: cricket.Most popular sport: soccer (football)</p> <p>Rugby: this sport used to be played by the rich upper class onlyTennis: Wimbledon</p> <p>Polo: brought to Britain from India in the 19th Century by army officers </p> <p>poundeuroThe UK currency is the Pound (1=1.1113)</p> <p>BirminghamGlasgowBig Cities</p> <p>LiverpoolManchesterBig Cities</p> <p>LeedsEdinburghBig cities</p> <p>Ben Nevis is the highest mountain, 1343 meters. </p> <p>FoodTraditional English Breakfast (Full English)eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushroomsTraditional English Dinnermeat and 2 vegetables with hot brown gravySunday Roast Dinnerroast meat, two vegetables and potatoes with a Yorkshire pudding </p> <p>Fish and chips </p> <p>Yorkshire Pudding The main course is Breakfast.</p> <p>RoastBeef BRITISH FOOD</p> <p>21Etiquette in EnglandDo:Stand in lineTake off your hat when indoorsCover your mouth when yawning or coughingShake handsDrive on the left side of the roadDonts:Greet people with a kiss unless its family or close friendsTalk loudly in publicStare at others</p> <p>Interesting FactsIn the UK, if you reach your 100th birthday, you get a personalized card from the Queen.</p> <p>In the UK, accents change noticeably about every 25 miles (40km).</p> <p>Slavery was not made a constitutional offense in the UK until April 6, 2010.</p> <p>The Queen Mary of Scotland became queen when she was only six days old.</p> <p>ReferenceBritish Life and Culture: http://projectbritain.comhttp://www.factslides.com/s-UKhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Minister_of_the_United_Kingdom</p>


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