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Find everything that you need to know about Orientation 2013

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  • usu StudentsAssociationat Unitec


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    18 february 2013

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    Contributors: Rick Ede, Ben Kevey, Jayne King, Jey Johnston, Elizabeth Leuo,

    Nicki Spring, Dallas Spring, Shweta Shetty.

    Editor: JAYNE KINGGraphic dEsiGn: MArK LovAtt

    Disclaimer Opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publishers. Submissions and contributors are welcome, but the publisher reserves the right to select and edit the material submitted. Materials submitted will remain property of the publisher unless alternative arrangements are made.

    Editorial inquiriEs ph. (09) 815 4321 Ext. 7927 studENtMEdIA@uNItEc.Ac.Nz

    advErtisinG inquiriEs ph. (09) 815 4321 Ext 7383 usucoMMuNIcAtIoNs@uNItEc.Ac.Nz

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  • iTs greaT To have you here anD we look ForwarD To seeing you grow anD succeeD. This is an exciting year to be joining us whether youre a new student or youre returning to study for a new year. Not only do you have a fun-filled first few weeks ahead with our orientation line-up, you will also be among the first students to benefit from new industry opportunities here at Unitec. These include working and learning opportunities exclusive to Unitec students, with the recent opening of an IBM Delivery Centre based at our Mt Albert campus. Weve also made some key changes to the things that matter most to our students, including the food options available on campus. Your feedback will always be listened to here, and it does feed into the decisions we make that shape your experience. While its important you have fun, were here to also provide you with a well-supported, career-focused education today, that takes you where you want to be tomorrow. Youve got all the potential, and were here to help you achieve your goals. Throughout this diary youll find helpful hints, directories and advice to help you get the best out of your experience here at Unitec. Be sure to make use of all the resources available theyre for you, after all!

    Good LucK ANd wELcoME.Rick EdEC h i e f E x e c u t i v e

    i wanT To welcome you all anD i hope you have an amazing experience wiTh your sTuDy liFe here aT uniTec. This year is looking To Be a greaT year For sTuDenTs in all areas.

    Unitec 2013 is looking more and more exciting, as we move into a year of new beginnings for a lot of us, and new study adventures. For those of you that are new to Unitec, I hope that your orientation experience is the party of a life time. Enjoy and take in all the opportunities and activities that Unitec has to offer. For many, I guarantee you will SEE ME lining up to be involved. Honestly, the lunchtime BBQs, the Amazing Race, and for many going to Sounds in the Sun. Who could ask for a better beginning?

    While you guys lived it up in summer sun and summer fun, we as your student representation have been working our asses off, to better meet your wants and needs as students. For almost three months my head has been knocking walls and kicking curbs to get you a better study experience, and a more enjoyable Unitec life while youre here.

    Some of the thingS that are freSh for 2013 are: A longer and more awesome Orientation (6 weeks long) Mt. Albert Campuss new neighbour IBM which will be hiring students The new food contract provider in the Hub The new upgrade to Te Puna Reo child care centre The stage 2 upgrade of the Northern CampusThe new coffee cart company at Waitakere and Mt Albert Campuses

    This year I will be feeding you info on whats up, and whats not. I want you the students, to tell me and show me what you want. In 2013 we might ask you and your friends your opinions on what makes Unitec great, or what makes it SHIT! I want to know if you love it, or loathe it. So have a think and when you see me round throw me your thoughts on things.

    ENJoY thIs YEAr, ANd MAKE 2013 thE BEst studY YEAr oF Your LIFE!

    BEn kEvEyU n i t e c S t u d e n t Pr e z 2 0 1 3

    WELCOMEoriEntation 2013 5

    kIA ORA



  • FEATUREoriEntation 2013 7

    welcome To The FirsT oF many laTesT & greaTesT By our resiDenT sTuDenT conTriBuTor Jey JohnsTon. This will Be one oF The places on our new sTuDenT meDia weBsiTe To FinD ouT whaTs hoT, whaTs noT anD everyThing else in BeTween! From The laTesT inTerneT sensaTions, sTuDenT news, celeBriTy goss, hanDy iphone apps, viral viDeos anD awkwarD #hashTags, you can counT on Jey To source The Top picks From The weB. iF you have any quirky news anD or iDeas To share Then make sure you hiT up Jey aT her new regular posT on The sTuDenT meDia weBsiTe


    EdITORIAl orienTaTion is super exciTing! iT Feels like only yesTerDay when i FirsT came Through gaTe Three, BrighT eyeD, Bushy TaileD anD reaDy To emBark on a new Journey For BoTh me anD my young Family. i rememBer Feeling slighTly nervous as i raceD my pram Down To one oF The onsiTe Daycares. noT only was iT my FirsT Day in sTuDying TowarDs a Bachelor oF Business, BuT iT was also my son's FirsT Day in Day care. leaving him There was The harDesT challenge For me on ThaT hoT Balmy summer Day. The guilT plagueD my minD ThroughouT my FirsT Day, anD more so The nexT, as iT was his FirsT BirThDay.

    fast forward four years later and... I am still here bright eyed, bushy tailed and

    eagerly anticipating Orientation all over again. I too yet again, am returning to the classroom to complete the last leg of my degree. And this year, my baby starts his first day at primary school. Where did the time fly?

    2013 is set to be a really exciting year! The Student Media team is delighted to announce the launch of a new website

    This site will be the NEW home to all our regular magazine content and images

    - so this means we will no longer be printing our fortnightly Script publication. Instead our issues will be uploaded to this new online web source for all our Unitec students to enjoy.

    We are really looking forward to having more students on board the contributors team this year so make sure you sign up and get involved today!

    pEAcE & chIcKEN GrEAsE JaynE S t u d e n t M e d i a E d i t o r

    SOUNdS IN ThE SUN Not only do we have an awesome line up again this year, the weather is promising to be amazeballs. Get your tickets now! #WinningCAMPUS FOOd Yes! There has been a change in catering contracts and we now have a wider range of food to look forward to on the daily, better prices and therefore a better reason to ditch last nights leftover pizza.IbM CENTRE IN bUIldING 172 - IBM has said that it expects to create about 400 full and part-time jobs within two years at the centre, which opened at the Mt Albert campus this month.ISTUdIEz PRO ( Enter your semester timetable into this handy little app and you will never miss a lecture, study group or assignment due date again!CONCERTS Coming up in March we have the Jackson brothers gracing our shores, as well as shows from the ginger ninja Ed Sheeran, FUN, The Civil Wars and One Direction *sigh* just to name a few!

    IPhONE 5 There, I said it. Having to buy new shaped cases, protector screens, chargers, docks and so on is getting tricked by business and swindled and pimped - from "Thriftshop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Ft. Wanz) kA-ChING! #NP aka Now Playing A common hash tag on Twitter people use to let others know what kind of mood theyre in. #NP something depressing, something gangster etc. Nobody actually cares.STUdylINk It had to be done and I can hear your moans and groans about it from here. Nothing is ever as simple as you can now do everything online. We forget passwords and usernames, you lock us out of the system and we end up having to spend 45 minutes waiting for you to answer. In an ideal world, you would set up a call centre with an appropriate staff to tertiary student ratio. Jeez.PUblIC TRANSPORT Yes, another gripe we all have to deal with, whether youre unfortunate enough to catch a bus which shows up late (or not at all) or get cut off by an ignorant bus driver. Thank the Unitec lords for the shuttle which travels between and around Mt. Albert and Waitakere campuses.

    For now Ill leave you with a picture describing how I feel about returning to Unitec in 2013... #DAYSWITHJEY



    Jenaya Johnston is a 3rd Year Bachelor of Communications s

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