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  • Unit Title: Using ICT to Support Writing

    1 of 1 Version 2 December 2014 AIM Awards 2014

    AIM Awards

    Unit Credit Value: 1

    Unit Level: Entry 3

    Unit Guided Learning Hours: 10

    Ofqual Unit Reference Number: R/600/9895

    Unit Review Date: 31/07/2017

    Unit Sector: 14.1 Foundations For Learning and Life

    Unit Summary The aim of this unit is to identify how writing is supported in the workplace through ICT and to select and use appropriate applications to word process information.

    Unit Information It is expected that before the unit is delivered, the tutor will have read the Qualification Specification to ensure all conditions regarding Rules of Combination, delivery, assessment and internal quality assurance are fulfilled. Additional guidance is available below as Assessment Guidance for Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria in bold. This unit has 2 learning outcomes


    The learner will: The learner can:

    1. Understand the role that ICT can play in supporting writing in the workplace

    1.1. State what is meant by ICT 1.2. List the activities at work that use ICT 1.3. Give an example from the workplace of

    how ICT can support an individual with writing

    1.4. State two advantages of using ICT for writing

    1.5. State two possible challenges of using ICT for writing

    2. Write using appropriate technology

    2.1. Write a very short account of the use of ICT in the workplace

    2.2. Use a spell checker and grammar checker to edit own writing

    2.3. Produce a hard copy of unedited and edited versions of text

    2.4. Save and store file electronically

    Evidence Requirements Evidence of practical ability must be demonstrated.


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