Unit 23 Database and Spreadsheets Prepared by :Nahed Al-Salah.

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Chapter 3 Control Methods

Unit 23 Database and SpreadsheetsPrepared by :Nahed Al-SalahIntoduction A database is needed to store information so that it can be searched and sorted in various ways.Each item of information stored in a field.A collection of related fields form a record.Simple searches can often be created by allowing the user to type the required field information into a blank record and pressing a search button.More advanced programs usually use a query language known as SQL ( structural Query Language.This allows users to type statements using logical operators to specify the search conditions. MeaningLogical operator Both condition A and B are trueA.AND.BEither condition A or condition B or both are trueA.OR.BCondition A is not true.NOT.ASpreadsheet A Spreadsheet program is used for calculating formulae.It made up of a grid or array of rectangular boxes called cells as shown below :

The columns are labelled A,B,C The rows of cells numbered 1,2,3 To refer to a particular cell e.g A1 , B1,C1

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