Unit 2 Health Review Mrs. Sherwood. A statement you say to yourself as a reminder Self-statement

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  • Unit 2 Health ReviewMrs. Sherwood

  • A statement you say to yourself as a reminderSelf-statement

  • A rule by your parents that tells you how to actFamily Guideline

  • To change and make right or betterAdjust

  • An action that can be harmful to healthRisk Behavior

  • To work well with others toward a goalCooperate

  • Stopping before you do something you should not doSelf-control

  • A legal end to a marriageDivorce

  • Your usual way of doing thingsHabits

  • The feeling of being mad or upsetAnger

  • To do something several times to get betterPractice

  • If you do not like someone, you shouldHit the personCall the person namesBe rude to the personShow respect for the person

  • Self-control helps youDo things you regretDo too much of somethingBlow up when you are angryManage your emotions

  • A true friendStands by youMakes fun of youDoes not want you to have other friendsWants you to have bad character

  • An example of a risk behavior isPigging out on a lot of junk foodEating healthful foodsWearing a helmet when inline skatingGetting plenty of rest and sleep

  • If a friend makes you feel left out, you shouldKeep your feelings to yourselfStay by yourselfShare your feelingsLeave your friend out the next time you go somewhere

  • Your family does NOT includeYour brotherYour auntYour teacherYour cousin

  • When you feel angry, it is ok toHit someoneTake time outDestroy propertyHarm yourself

  • You can cooperate byAlways getting your own wayFightingNot doing your share of the choresSharing

  • When a married couple is married, but lives apart, they areSplitSeparatedDivorcedBad people

  • If a family member dies, youMight feel griefShould discuss your feelingsShould share memories of the person with other familyShould do all three of these


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