Unit 1 Project Making a list of pros and cons Unit 1 Project Making a list of pros and cons.

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  • Unit 1 Project Making a list of pros and cons

  • Lead-in questionsHow many of you have a mobile phone?2. Why do you use mobile phones?3. Can you list some functions of mobile phones?

  • Different functions of mobile phonesmaking a phone call

  • taking photos

  • listening to music

  • Surfing the Internet

  • sending short messages

  • keep in touch with others search for the useful information about study send short messages be fashionable

  • interfere with the classroom order be a waste of study time increase financial burden on parents produce radiation

  • Now lets read a newspaper article about the possible negative effects of mobile phone use on peoples health.

  • a newspaper article the titlethe 1st paragraph

  • Read the title and the first paragraph carefully and predict whats the authors attitude towards mobile phone use.Skimming

  • Paragraph 2 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 7

  • Place: in _______ Subject: 1617 patients _________________________between 1997 and 2003 Process: Comparing the patients with the same number of _______ people. Result: People using mobile phones were _____________times more likely to have a brain tumour.Swedenfound to have brain tumours healthytwo and a half main point 1: Using a mobile phone doubles the risk of developing brain cancer.

  • Place: in _________ Subject: _____mice Process: Half of the mice were _________ radiation while the other half received no ________. Result : The first half had over twice the ___________ of the second half after 18 months.Australia200 exposed toradiationcancer rate (main point 2): Digital mobile phones are an actual danger.

  • A large amount of profit from____________________________ prevents the results of the findings from being made public.

    telecommunications industry main point 3: The reasons why there is no definite scientific evidence available now about the effects of mobile phones on peoples health.

  • True or false questions. Reading comprehension. Fill in the blanks.

  • 1.It is said that using a mobile phone doubles the risk of developing brain cancer.

    2.The industry has clearly announced that the products they are selling could be possibly dangerous.

    3.Now we all know the fact that cancer is associated with smoking.OR

  • Choose the best answers.According to the findings of the researches, ___.Brain tumors are caused just due to the use of mobiles phones.B. mobiles phones bring no advantages to people at all.C. the amount of time spent on mobile phones should be limited.D. your phone should always be on though you neednt use it.

  • 2. According to the text, which of the following is true?A. It is not necessary to worry about the use of mobile phones.B. New digital mobiles phones that produce less radiation can be used without caution.C. The cigarette companies have warned people that cancer is associated with smoking.D. Sir William Stewart points out that mobile phones are more dangerous for children.Choose the best answers.

  • Fill in the blanks with proper words. According to the findings carried out in Sweden, using a mobile phone doubles the r_____ of developing brain cancer. It was found that people who used mobile phones were two and a half times more l____ to have a brain tumor than people who didnt use them. The research c__________ on old types of mobile phones, but it does not n________ mean that new digital mobile phones should be used without c______.iskikelyoncentrated ecessarilyaution

  • Fill in the blanks with proper words. Another study performed on mice proves that there is a definite and direct l___ between mobile phone use and cancer. However, some people doubt the e_______, because they think humans are different from mice. Different people have different ideas about it. One Australian scientist said that he saw no scientific r_____ to stop using his own mobile phone. Sir William Stewart p____ out that childrens skull were not fully developed, so he supported the idea of h____ pricing to reduce use of mobiles by children.inkvidenceeasonointsigher

  • Are there any ways to reduce the risk of being harmed when using mobile phones?

  • limit the amount of time spent on the mobile phonekeep the phone away from the bodycall others through a headphone instead of mobile phone directly reduce the use of mobile phoneskeep the mobile phone off the ear in the first five secondsturn the phone off when it is not usedanswer the phone call when the signal is good

  • 1. This study was conducted with 200 mice, half of which were exposed to radiation while the other half did not receive any radiation.be exposed to ,, This kind of paint can be exposed to all kinds of weather.As a nurse in the war, she was exposed to many dangers.

  • __________ to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one's skin.A. ExposedB. Having exposedC. Being exposedD. After being exposed2002:__________ to sunlight for too much time, your skin will be done harm to.A. ExposedB. Having exposedC. Being exposedD. After being exposed

  • 2. The amount of radiation was equal to using a mobile phone for two half-hour periods per day.be equal to , On the whole, women are not equal to men in physical strength.

    He is equal to this task. He is equal to doing this task.

  • equal adj. tocut the cake into six equal piecesIt is equal to me whether he comes or not. vt. Three and five equals/makes/ is eight.None of us can equal her.

  • 3. previous adj. to

    a day previous to Christmas

    I had collected material previous to writing.

    You are a little too previous.

  • The road and the railway are parallel to each other.= The road runs parallel with the railway. be parallel to/ with

    draw a parallel between

    parallel bars parallel (lines)4. paralleladj. ,n. ,/

    a parallel case

  • 5. acknowledge I acknowledge the truth of his statement. He was acknowledged as/to be the best player. _______________________________that dogs have a good sense of smell. , It is universally acknowledgedacknowledge + n/ doing acknowledge +n+ as/ to be

  • 6. Can we have faith in them and believe that they are being honest?have faith in = believe in , , I still have faith in John despite his shortcomings.He still has a great gift, but he has lost faith in himself.faithful adj.= loyal faithfulness .faithfully faithless adj. lose faith in ..

  • As we have learnt how to make a statement and how to support it, now you are expected to complete the project to make a list of pros and cons.Project Time

  • Advantages and disadvantages of computer use/ Mp3/ TV Choose a topic and discuss with your partners on this topic. Then write a list of the advantages and disadvantages of

  • Advantages and disadvantages of computer useWhat are the advantages of using computers?What are the disadvantages of using them?Do you think computers are a danger to your health?Can you list some evidence to prove your statement?Sample

  • Writing structureIntroduction Advantages/ evidenceDisadvantages/evidenceConclusion

  • Useful expressionsIt is said that/ It is acknowledged thatSb. believed/ thought that hold an opinion thatadditionally/ in additionon the other handin the same way

  • Homework1. Finish the newspaper.2. Finish the learning paper.


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