Unit 1: Career Decision-making Agenda

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Rogue Community College. Unit 1: Career Decision-making Agenda. Review Myths about Career Decision-Making Learn the Elements of Career Decision-Making Explore the Steps in Good Decision-Making Learn to Prioritize. Myths about Career Decision-Making. Choosing a career is easy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Unit 1: Career Decision Making</p> <p>Unit 1: Career Decision-making AgendaRogue Community CollegeReview Myths about Career Decision-MakingLearn the Elements of Career Decision-MakingExplore the Steps in Good Decision-MakingLearn to Prioritize1Myths about Career Decision-MakingChoosing a career is easyMoney is the key to happiness You will learn to hate your hobby if it becomes your careerHot Careers of the Future should guide my choiceOthers know better than I what career would be best for me 2Elements of Career Decision-Making</p> <p>3Organizing Information: John Hollands HexagramInvestigativeArtistic SocialEnterprisingConventionalRealistic4Steps in Making a Good Decision</p> <p>5Example-Grid</p> <p>6Prioritizing Grid</p> <p>Priorities1. conclusion, you have:Reviewed and debunked the myths about career decision-makingLearned the elements of career decision- makingExplored the steps in good decision-makingLearned to prioritize, a valuable life skill!</p> <p>8</p>


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