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Understanding Brecht

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Walter Benjamin

Text of Understanding Brecht

Understanding Brecht



Translated by Anna Bostock Introduction by Stanley Mitchell

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Introduction by Stanley Mitchell vn What is Epic Theatre? [First version] What is Epic Theatre? [Second versionJ Srudies for a Theory of Epic Theatre From the Brecht Commentary 27 33 A Family Drama in the Epic Theatre I I5 23

The Country where it is Forbidden to Mention the Proletariat 37 Commentaries on Poems by Brecht Brecht's Threepenny Novel 75 The Author as Producer Conversations with Brecht Bibliographical Notes Index I23 I22 85 I05 43

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grateful to Stefan S. Brecht

and Eyre Methuen Ltd for their kind permission to reproduce the poems by Bertolt Brecht discussed in this book. Translator's note: I have consulted the French edition, Essais sur Breclu, translated by Paul Laveau (Franois Maspero, Paris, 19