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Constructing branding for towns that have none

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    A travel-guide to an unknown town you should get to know

    Uncovers EVER edition 1st Uncovering places youve never heard of

    JANUARY 2015 1

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    Welcome to the first edition of Uncover. Uncovers aim is to construct branding for towns and cities that have little - to no branding, yet deserve much more recognition. I live in a little town called Neasden, located in the North West of London. It isnt very known at all (anyone outside of North west London will definitely have never heard of it) and the people that have heard of it, have heard only negative things. Neasden is thought to be a little ghetto; A cursed little town full of trouble and sadness. Maybe at first glance it isbut I know, having lived in Neasden for more than 3 years now, that Neasden is a secret paradise. People just havent given the place a chance. Its reputation had been tarnished so bad that no one wanted to advertise in Neasden Shopping Centre (the heart of Neasden) and the estate agencies were finding it difficult to sell and rent out houses in Neasden. If only people knew all the magic Neasden has to offertheyd never want to leave. Sometimes one must open his/her eyes and heart to really see whats going on. Let me take you on a journey to uncover this little town and help you see the marvelous in the everyday. Get your Tourist Gaze on please!

    JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 3

    Neasden sunset

  • A few years ago when I was doing my GCSEs a young man was stabbed to death on my road in Neasden outside the Ox and Gate pub by a gang of boys for no clear reason. There are still flowers laid in his memory on the corner down the road where he lost his life.A couple of years later when I was doing my A-levels there was a day where one of the girls from the lower school didnt show up. We later found out her house had gone up in flames over night and the fire had literally consumed her family. Her mother and two younger siblings burnt to death in that house in Neasden. She survived and so did her dad. Her face has been ruined forever though. I remember crying my heart out. I didnt know her, but Id seen her around, and it was so tragic and it felt surreal. I visited the burnt down house the next day. I will never forget it. I went to a school on Crest road, in Neasden of course. It used to be called John Kelly Girls/Boys Technology School. The school had the worst reputation. I remember my friend telling me she was in the mosque one day, and she had started to speak to a woman there, who was being very nice to her. Things changed drastically when my friend told the woman that she attended John Kelly Girls; the woman was visibly disgusted and she ended the conversation right there. Similarly, I remember going to buy lunch for my family from the local chicken shop in Neasden shopping centre (Neasden Parade). I was having a conversation with a lovely old woman and the shop owner whilst I was waiting for my food. Everything was fine until the woman started talking about how awful John Kellys Girls and Boys were and how their parents must hate them for sending them to such an awful school. I remember feeling embarrassed and upset. I took my food and left the shop as quickly as possible. I have to be honest, my school was pretty bad. I have some wild memories of the things that went on in that place. I remember my first day, I walked into the building and I was looking for the reception to ask them where I should go.

    As soon as I set foot inside the building I saw a girl arguing with a teacher. The teacher was begging the student to put her drink away and go to her lesson since lunch time had come to an end. The girl refused and she then threw her drink over the teacher. I stood there, watching, mouth open. I was young and at the time the only thing I was interested in was how the girls friend thought she was so brave and hard for doing what she had done. Of course if I had the mentality that I have today I wouldnt approve at all, but as a nave 15 year old, I was in awe. When I was doing my GCSEs in year 11, I remember there was a group of Irish girls and boys and a group of Portuguese boys and girls that had started new at our school. They never seemed to get along and they were always threatening one another. One day, on a Friday afternoon I saw crowds of students running towards the school gates. It was Friday and it wasnt a strange sight as such (it was common for students to have a fight afterschool on Friday afternoons in my school), but that day was different. I ran out my art class to see what was going on, on my way to the gates I came across a teacher who was running back into the building. She was in tears and her clothes were ripped. I was so shocked. Who would do such a thing? I looked up and I saw police helicopters hovering over my school. What in Gods name?! , I remember thinking. It was the Irish students and the Portuguese students fighting and it had gotten way out of hand. They were throwing stones and their parents had come to join the fightI heard some of them had knives.Now the police is always in Neasden, even until this very day. So you see, it doesnt surprise me that people think Neasden is an awful place. Im sure you probably think it is too after reading this and it isnt even half of what Ive experienced. But thats not the whole story

    JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 4

    Uncover the stories..

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    - The girl that survived the Neasden fire is now strong and happy, her smileinfectious and inspiring.- Despite the reputation of the school, many students from John Kelly Girls/boys

    have made it to University (including myself).

    - John Kelly (now: Crest Academy) has been transformed and the old buildings are in the process of getting knocked down. New, bigger buildings with better facilities are to replace them.

    Hope & change

  • Neasden: making it big a place lled with love, nature, spirituality and art

    JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 7

    The truth is Neasden is a special place with a tainted reputation. Its not the nicest place in London I agree, but I think thats what makes it so special. This town with all its struggles and troubles has produced beautiful and great things/people. The people of Neasden have a lot of potential. You could say Neasden is a lucky town. Many people start out in Neasden thinking their life is going nowhere and yet they end up making it bigger and better than they could have ever imagined. Neasden is the place where people begin their journey, where ever they may go in life, it is Neasden where they were made and where it all startedMany probably dont know, but the very famous English actress, model and singer Twiggy was brought up in Neasden! Neasden, the so called cursed little ghetto produced a Vogue cover girl!Also, I bet you didnt know that the internationally known Jamaican reggae artist Bob Marley lived in Neasden, did you? Actor Jeremy Piven, winner of Golden Globe award and three consecutive emmy awards said lets go to Neasden when filming for the Mr Selfridge series in London.And Guess where Lady Sovereign started out? YES, NEASDEN! Thats where her Musical career started. In this little town you thought wasnt worth much.Lady Sovereign was signed by Jay Z and her song Love me or hate me became the first song by a British rap artist to EVER reach number one MTVs TRL. Not bad for a girl from Neasden huh?


    Bob Marley

  • JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 8

    Neasdens parks are definitely Neasdens best attractions. Despite it not being a very large town, Neasden has two huge parks (namely Gladstone Park and Welsh Harp) with each unique things to do and see.

    Beau%ful whale carving in Gladstone park. Symbol for community and protec%on.

    Secret Flower Garden in Gladstone park

    Family friendly Gladstone park in Neasden

    Welsh harp romanVc views

    Welsh harp acVviVes



    JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 9

    Neasden made Headlines when Utbal proposed tohis Girlfriend in Gladstone park byspelling out Will you marry me? with 900 tea lights in the Middle of Gladstone Park. The spectacle was even capturedfrom air by helicopters!

    Now thats something special. Have you fallen in love with Neasden yet?


  • Neasdens pride: NEASDEN TEMPLE

    JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 10

    This isnt just any temple. This Glorious piece of architecture is Neasdens Pride and joy. This traditional place is one of Neasdens main attractions, Showcasing beautiful Fireworks on Diwali and holding various events, opento all: all year round. The temple was featured in Time Out and London-Pass as a must visit London tourist attraction.


    Biggest Hindu Temple outside India: The Shri Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden, London, UK, is the largest Hindu temple outside India. It was built by His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj, a 92-year-old Indian sadhu (holy man), and is made of 2,828 tonnes of Bulgarian limestone and 2,000 tonnes of Italian marble, which was rst shipped to India to be carved by a team of 1,526 sculptors. The temple cost 12 million to build.

    In the Guinness World Records 2000!:

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    ( ConstrucVng branding for Neasden isnt complete without some iconic posters to make it more memorable )

  • JANUARY 2015 | UNCOVER 12

    ( ConstrucVng branding for Neasden isnt complete without some iconic posters to make it more memorable )