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ultimate star event management private limited franchaise ppt presentation


<ul><li> 1. Ultimate-star event management (p) ltd.Become anUltimate-star franchisee </li></ul> <p> 2. Ultimate-star event management (p) ltd. Share The rewards Of A Growing industry 3. Ultimate-starevent management (p) ltd. To make a mark for yourself All you need is a 1000 sq.fts office space Decent contacts And 10 lacs to invest 4. Ultimate-star event management (p) ltd. If you are selected you will enjoy many Advantages We will only give one franchisee per city So. You could be lucky franchisee 5. Ultimate-starevent management (p) ltd. Training &amp; support A dedicated ultimate-star franchise team Will assist you to get started And will be there for you all along Your growth path. 6. Ultimate-starevent management (p) ltd. Massive advertising support Thanks to our assocation with countrys Leading media owners, Ultimate-star has earmarked Rs.5 crores budget over the next 36 months 7. Ultimate-star event management (p) ltd. This is one ideal opportunity for those are Ambitious and willing to accept the challenges of rapid growth. The chosen One must have the ability to appoint &amp; Lead a team of sales and service staff. 8. Ultimate-starevent management (p) ltd. We have witnessed success stories of husband-wife teams A potent combination! 9. Ultimate-starevent management (p) ltd. If you are interested in earning assured Profits do write to us giving details of Your space location, investment capacity Within 7 days 10. Ultimate-starevent management (p) ltd. The franchise Manager Ultimate-star Event &amp; entertainment Regus business centre Landmark , 5th floor, Ramdaspeth,Nagpur. M.S. I N D I A Phone: +91 712 3011400 +91 712 3011477 direct +91 712 3011600 fax 950 locations 400 cities 70 countries one call </p>


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