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The Basketball Renegades

UltimateScoring WorkoutBy Taylor Allan www.BasketballRenegades.com TaylorAllanTraining LTD.All rights reserved. No part of this e-book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without expressed written permission from Taylor Allan.

The Renegade WayThe days of shooting 500 lazy jumpers and going through elementary level ball handling drills are over. If you want to make it to the top of this game, you need to train the way the pros do with HIGH INTENSITY BASKETBALL TRAINING. Every drill, every complex must have a specific purpose towards elevating your game. Remember: The Ultimate Scoring Workout is just one workout the real magic happens when you get your hands on one of our fully periodized, step-by-step PROGRAMS. Consider this workout an introduction to The Renegade Way. Get ready. Your game is about to change. Lets do this.

The Workout*Please reference the Ultimate Scoring Workout video for demonstrations of the drills Warmup 2 Leg Lateral Line Hops x 20 2 Leg Vertical Line Hops x 20 1 Leg Lateral Line Hops x 20 per leg Pogo Jumps x 10 Tuck Jumps x 10 - No rest between exercises Tap, Squeeze, Slap Series Taps x 5 trips up and down Squeeze x 30 Slaps x 20 BackLeg Ball Wraps x 8 Each Direction, Each Leg 2 Ball Complex With Gloves Hi-Low Pistons x 20 high dribbles each hand Crossovers x 30 1-Cross x 20 Between The Legs x 10 each leg Seated In-Outs x 30 total 1 Ball Movement Complex *Perform ALL to half court & back for one trip each 1 Ball Hi-Low 1-Cross Rhythm Crossovers Cross-Betweens Tap Circles The Pistol Drill

- All drills moving from baseline to 3 point line and back for 2 trips each Form Shooting 1 Hand Form Shooting x 3 each spot (Right Baseline, Middle, And Left Baseline 9 total shots) Backboard Bounce Shots x 10 perfect bounces Finishing Complex With Gloves 2 Foot Mikan x 2 each hand 2 Foot Reverse Mikan x 2 each hand 1 Dribble Reverse Layup x 2 each hand 1 Dribble Inside Layup x 2 each hand Baby Hooks x 2 each hand Baby Banks x 2 each hand Floaters x 2 each hand 10 Free Throws Isometric Lunge Drives - 5 second hold on each rep x 4 drives each wing (8 total) 10 Free Throws The Doubles Drill - 5 Freestyle on each wing (any combination of moves and finishes you want mix it up!) 10 Free Throws 2 Chair Shooting - 4 each side (8 total) 10 Free Throws 5 x 20 Shooting 2 Inside 3 Spot Up Jumpers 2 Outside 3 Spot Up Jumpers 2 Pullups Inside 3 2 Pullups Outside 3

2 One-Step Jumpers Inside 3 2 One-Step Jumpers Outside 3 2 Drop-Turns Inside 3 2 Drop-Turns Outside 3 2 NBA 3s 2 Spot Up 3s - 20 total shots each spot - Repeat sequence at all 5 spots (Left baseline, left wing, top, right wing, right baseline)

End With 50 Free Throws

The Next Level

Before you head to the gym to do the workout, Ive got a quick story for you: About a week ago, I was sitting in my living room talking with the CEO of what is now the most prestigious elite-level basketball camp in the world, Point Guard College. Like most conversations, we got to talking about our players The success they have been having, and what separates the successful ones from those who fizzle out and never achieve their goals. Now, understand that PGC has players from the NBA, WNBA, Europe and all over D1 basketball who come and learn from their programs.

Not only that, but they have younger high school and even junior high players who attend the very same sessions. So I wasnt too surprised when he said this: The D1 and pro players come out of our sessions and COMPLETELY change their game all of them say that they learned more in just one session with us than they did the entire season back home The less experienced players on the other hand, come out of those sessions saying they already knew all that stuff. Hah! Can you believe the ignorance? Unfortunately, I wasnt surprised. I get emails every day from players who claim to know all that stuff, or worse, they want it all done for them. It usually goes something like this: yo, i need a program that will give me handles and a better shot and a huge vert. and i need a meal plan and a weights workout. get that stuff to me by tomorrow.

Clearly, this kid isnt a member of Basketball Renegades. At least not a good one. If he was, he would know that: 1.) You NEVER make demands to your coach Id love to see him walk up to Coach K at Duke and talk like that. This kid will never play college basketball for that reason. 2.) There is NO SUCH THING as done for you. Even if the program is all layed out for you, YOU still have to put in the work! No one else can do it for you. 3.) If you arent willing to invest in your game (or in yourself, period), you will get no where. Seriously, do you have any idea what Ive had to go through to get to where I am today? Do you know what its like to read upwards of 1000 books on training, mindset and nutrition? Do you know what its like to get a job refereeing house league games every week-night so that you can get up at 5:30 am the next day and pay your trainer for the morning workout? Do you know what its like to be told by two NATIONAL TEAM

doctors that youll never play again? Do you think that I asked them for a freebee hand out? Heck no. I busted my ass in the gym and proved them wrong. Heres the bottom line: Renegades dont demand an easy way out. Renegades dont cry, moan and whine when a program is too hard. We dont make excuses or give up and say that we already know that stuff. We dont ask for freebee handouts. We dont complain that its too expensive or too much work. Why? Because ITS INSULTING TO THOSE OF US THAT HAVE PAID THE PRICE! STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND DO THE SAME. Success is not the result of luck or an accident.

Success is not easy. Success is the culmination of countless failures and endless hours of study. But most of all Success is worth the sacrifice. There is no room for excuse makers in the fraternity of Doers. Since youve already started the process, I can tell that youre a true Renegade. You have what it takes, and you WILL be successful. You will always be welcomed into the Basketball Renegades community like a brother. Use the workout inside this manual it will serve you well. But most of all Start now. Everything you need is available to you, right here. Im here for you ever step of the way.

About Taylor AllanTaylor Allan is a highly sought-after training consultant to high school, college, and professional athletes. His programs have been featured on nearly every major media outlet including SLAM, CBS Sports, ESPN and MaxPreps. Taylor Allan Training LTD. has reached over 70,000 athletes worldwide. You can learn more about Taylor and his programs at www.BasketballRenegades.com