UKOLN is supported by: Digital Preservation Benefits Tools Project Dissemination Workshop Dr Liz Lyon, Associate Director, UK Digital Curation Centre Director,

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<ul><li><p>UKOLN is supported by:</p><p>Digital Preservation Benefits Tools Project Dissemination Workshop</p><p>Dr Liz Lyon, Associate Director, UK Digital Curation Centre Director, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0</p></li><li><p> Intro : Brief History2008 KRDS 1 report Activity Model2009/10 KRDS2 report Benefits Framework (v1)</p><p>2010 Keepit Repository Preservation course2010 JISC RDMI project benefit case studies2010 I2S2 Value Chain and Benefits Impact (v1)2010 Dryad Repository Sustainability Planning2010 KRDS User Guide and Factsheet (Framework v2)</p><p>2011 Benefits Analysis Toolkit (Framework v3 + Value-chain and Impact v2)</p></li><li><p>Structural Sciences Infrastructure</p></li><li><p>Research OutputsCitations, ReferencesUser registration data; Instrument allocation data etc.Comments, annotations, ratings etc.Risk assessment data; other sample dataProcess &amp;AnalyseDerived DataResearch Concept and/or Experiment Design Start ProjectPeer-review Proposal Conduct ExperimentGenerate, Create, &amp; Collect Raw Data Check &amp; CleanRaw DataInterpret &amp; Analyse Results DataArchive, Preservation &amp; Curation(OAIS conformant; Representation Information etc.)IPR, Embargo &amp; Access ControlDiscover, Access, Validate, Reuse&amp; Repurpose DataPublish Research Results DataDerived DataProcessed DataRaw DataDocumentation, Metadata &amp; Storage (Reference, Provenance, Context, Calibration etc.)Acquire SampleWrite Proposal(include DMP)Scholarly KnowledgeWrite Usage ReportResearch ActivityAdministrative ActivityCuration ActivityInformation FlowKEY:Peer Review Prepare Manuscript Prepare Supplementary Data Publications DatabasePublication ActivityAppraisal &amp; Quality ControlPrograms (generate customised software)Papers, articles, presentations, reports An Idealised Scientific Research Data Lifecycle Model</p></li><li><p> Demonstrating Value?I2S2 Outcomes 2010-11KRDS Activity Model Benefits &amp; MetricsUse Case 1: National Crystallography ServiceUse Case 2: Researcher in the lab2011 ChallengesHow to articulate Benefits and Value?Value to whom? Community scope? Benchmark, test and refine tools</p></li><li><p> Project Overview6 month project starting Feb 2011Funded by JISCTesting, developing and documenting for users two evolving toolsKRDS Benefits FrameworkKRDS/I2S2 Value Chain &amp; Benefit Impact ToolPartners CB, UKOLN/DCC, UKDA, ADS, UCL, OCLCProject close and tools release 31 July</p><p>*The I2S2 project aims to understand and identify the requirements for a data-driven research infrastructure in the Structural Sciences. The work is focused on the exemplar domain of Chemistry, but with a view towards inter-disciplinary application. This Idealised Scientific Research Data Lifecycle Model produced by the I2S2 project seeks to extend and adapt from a researcher perspective, the Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) Activity Model. It adapts KRDS from an archive-centric to a researcher-centric view by:</p><p> Defining and emphasising more of the activities in the research (KRDS Pre-Archive ) phase where research data is created;</p><p> Adding a Publication set of activities;</p><p>Concatenating the KRDS Archive phase activities in the centre of the model for simplification and presentational purposes;</p><p> Adding some specific local research administration activities.</p><p>In addition for the purposes of the project, it adds some selective detail of information flows and information objects between the activities. </p><p>Note this is an idealised model and several activities such as peer review or conduct experiment may have multiple instances or repetitions. It also represents a project view as of June 2010 and may be subject to further changes.</p></li></ul>


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