UK Student Visitor Visa Checklist

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nikunj goel


<ul><li><p> Dated: 29th May 2015 </p><p>To, </p><p>The Visa Officer, </p><p>British High Commission, </p><p>Chanakyapuri, </p><p>New Delhi, </p><p>Dear Sir/Madam, </p><p>Subject: Request for Student's Visitor Visa </p><p>I, undersigned Ashok Kumar Somani S/O, Shri. Kaushal Kishore R/O 245, Sainik Vihar, </p><p>Pitampura, Delhi-34, inform you that my son/daughter Mr. Vaibhav Somani holder of </p><p>Passport No: K2350470, Date of Birth 16th</p><p> May 1995 is traveling to UK. </p><p>I declare that I am sponsoring my son/daughter Mr. Vaibhav Somani who is going to study </p><p>short term course Leadership in Organization in London School of Economics &amp; </p><p>Political Science for the duration of 3 weeks from 6th</p><p> July 2015 to 24th</p><p> July 2015 </p><p>I undertake to provide full financial support during his stay in UK including his tuition fees, </p><p>accommodation, air fare expenses and living expenses. </p><p>Kindly issue the Student Visitor Visa to him and oblige. </p><p>Thanks &amp; Regards </p><p>Ashok Kumar Somani </p><p>Signature </p><p>Mobile No: 9811014480 </p><p>Email ID: </p></li></ul>


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