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UFS3 Tornado by Saras with 120 cables it's complete kit for servicing such phones series as Nokia DCT3, Nokia DCT4, WDT2/EPOC, TIKU BT2, DCT-L, Samsung, SonyEricsson or Motorola Acer. It allows to repair all bugs in SW of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola or SonyEricsson such as Bluetooth erro, No service, Contact Provider, Illegal software loaded, TA. Of course it can be also used for remove simloc, security code, phone code, change software or language, upload Java applications. Have a look at the powerfull and professional made hardware, which is not more bigger than a nokia 6600 and which is much more than a flasher for mobiles phones. The incorporated USB hub enables you to connect up to 5 boxes with each other or to use simultanely other USB devices like memory sticks, dongles, digital cameras or even other flash cables. Even you are using all your usb ports by connecting many Twister boxes, you will always have one or more USB ports free.

We are general distributor for UFS - not only resseler. Our Tornado Box are 100% Original and already Activated so it is guaranteed to work on newer Tornado by SARAS software. Each customer will recive unique access to http://www.ufsxsupport.com page for all future upgrades. SPECIAL PROMOTION !!!

Now to each UFS bought from our company we add UFSx2COM software for free. UFSx2COM UFS Virtual COM Port was designed to use with UFS SarasSoft Series boxes. e.g UFS2,UFS3 Tornado/Excalibur,Twister,NBOX and PowerFlasher also tested to be worked on UFS Clone. THis software created virtual COM port that can be used in any Windows used softwares (for data transfer, synchrozniation, simlock remove, flashing etc.) with speed up to 1 Mbit/s (921600 kb/s max). You can use existing cables from FREIA to flash any Siemens phones by SWUP flasher. Check more about UFSx2COM Supported models: Nokia DCT3: 3610 (NAM-1), 2100 (NAM-2), 3410 (NHM-2), 6250 (NHM-3), 3310 (NHM-5), 3330 (NHM-6), 3350 (NHM-9), 3390 (NBP-1), 6210 (NPE-3), 5510 (NPM-5), 5190 (NSB-1), 6190 (NSB-3), 8890 (NSB-6), 8290 (NSB-7), 5110 (NSE-1), 5110i (NSE-2), 6110 (NSE-3), 7110 (NSE-5), 8810 (NSE-6), 3210 (NSE-8), 5130 (NSK-1), 5130 (NSK-3), 6150 (NSM-1), 8850 (NSM-2), 8210 (NSM-3), 8250 (NSM-3D), 8855 (NSM-4), 5210 (NSM-5), 9110 (RAE-2), 6090 (NME-3)

Nokia DCT4: D211 (DTE-1), 3300 (NEM-1), 3300b (NEM-2), 7210 (NHL-4), 7250 (NHL-4J), 7250i (NHL-4JX), 6610 (NHL-4U), 6800 (NHL-6), 6820a (NHL-9), 6650 (NHM-1), 8910 (NHM-4), 8910i (NHM-4NX), 8310 (NHM-7), 3510 (NHM-8), 1220 (NKC-1), 1260/1 (NKW-1), 7600 (NHM-3), 3320 (NPC-1), 6310 (NPE-4), 6310i (NPL-1), 6100 (NPL-2), 6200 (NPL-3), 5100 (NPM-6), 5100a (NPM-6X), 3590 (NPM-8), 6510 (NPM-9), 3595 (NPM-10), 3360 (NPW-1), 6360 (NPW-2), 8390 (NSB-8), 6800a (NSB-9), 6590 (NSM-9), 6108 (RH-4), 3108 (RH-6), 3510i (RH-9), 6340i (RH-13), 3560/20 (RH-14), 1100 (RH-18), 3100 (RH-19), 6220 (RH-20), 6560 (RH-25), 3200 (RH-30), 3200b (RH-31), 1100b (RH-36), 1100a (RH-38), 2260/1 (RH39+41), 2220/1 (RH40+42), 3586i (RH-44), 3100b (RH-50), 2300 (RM-4), 2300a (RM-5)

Nokia DCT-L: 9290 (RAB-3), 9210 (RAE-3), 9210i (RAE-5)

SonyEricsson: R520, T39, T65, T68, T68i, T200, T202, T230, T238, T300, T306, T310, T312, T610, T616, T630, T628, P800, P802, P900, P908, Z600, Z608, A3618, T100, R600, T66, T600, Z200

Samung: A2xx, A800, N1xx, N2xx, N300, N400, N500, N600, N611, N620, N625, N628, R200, R201, R208, R210, R220, R225, T100, T108, T400, T410, T500, E400, E710, E715, P100, P400, Q100, Q105, Q200, Q300, Q400, Q605, S100, S105, S108, S200, S208, S300, S300m, S308, V100, V200, V205, V208, X400, X430, A100, A110, A188, A300, A400, M100, E100, E105, E700, E708, S500, S508, X100, X600, A500 E-Gold, C100 SkyWorks, C108 SkyWorks

Siemens: C30, S40, C35, C35 NEW, M35, M35 NEW, S35, S35 NEW, A35, A36, A40, A50, A52, A55, A60, 1168, C45, 2118, C55, 2128, C60, C60 boot, S45, S55, SX1, ME45, M55, M55 boot, SL42, SL45, SL55, 6688, MT50, M50, 3118

Motorola (ACER): T190, T190 ZEUS (v6.xx), T191, C200, C300

About device: USB universal flasher (not USB-Serial emulation.) no need LPT & COM port no need external power, can be used outdoor plug & play instalation incredibly fast operations, more RELIABLE performance you can use up to 5 devices on one PC automatic operations mode FREE future updates works on Win98/ME/Xp/2000 OS

Features: Nokia DCT3 - read/write flash - unlock SP simlocks - rebuild / repair IMEI - Save User Settings - set UI Defaults - reset User Code - set LCD Contrast - Convert FLS->Nokia - Convert Nokia->FLS files - write virgin eeprom FLS Nokia DCT4/TIKU BT2/WD2: - flash software (upgrade/downgrade) - unlock SP simlocks - Rebuild IMEI - flash Bluetooth - Save User Settings

- Full UI Defaults - UI Factory Defaults - Full Factory Defaults - Software Upgrade Defaults - reset User Lock (Security code) Nokia DCT-L: - flash softrware (upgrade/downgrade) - unlock - set FAID - rebuild IMEI - set UI Defaults Samsung: - Upgrade Software versions - Remove all SIM-locks - Reset phonelock - Full Factory-Reset - Read and write EEproms

SonyEricsson: - remove simlock/flash/repair newest phones with RSA algorythm without opening phone/tespoint's ! - check status of RSA in phones - flash mcu part - flash modem part - unlock user lock - unlock SP lock - repair IMEI - restore security area - write GDFS - empty board flashing - PDA FLASHING (full/part P800 & P900) Motorola: - Upgrade Software versions - Upload any language packs to any model - Supports all known versions - Supports Asia and Euro origin handsets - Fix "Illegal software loaded" - Fix "Tamper Alert"

- Remove all SIM-locks - Reset phonelock to 1234 - Full Factory-Reset - Re-Lock to network - Activate diffrent language packs - Activate additional menu items - Activate different logos - Repair IMEI : T190, T191, C300 INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CERFULLY With this hardware/HASP key you will NOT get any software, *flashes, *languages on CD. Our company produce and ressels only hardwares/HASPs that works with software that can be found FREE on Internet without any problems. Information regarding direct link with login and password to software on HTTP://FREEGSMTEAM.COM server (from where you can download needed files to work with above HASP/hardware), each client will recive after buying this equipment. By this you take all applicable laws and regulations to you by using this third parties softwares downloaded from Internet. Komplet zawiera: UFS3 Tornado Box by Saras UFSx2COM software 120 special service cables: - cable for Nokia N95 - cable for Nokia E61i - cable for Nokia N71 - cable for Nokia E50 - cable for Nokia E60 - cable for Nokia E70 - cable for Nokia 8600 - cable for Nokia N91 - cable for Nokia E61 - cable for Nokia N80 - cable for Nokia N76 - cable for Nokia N73 - cable for Nokia 6085 - cable for Nokia N77 - cable for Nokia 6233 - cable for Nokia N90 - cable for Nokia N70 - cable for Nokia N93 - cable for Nokia 5610XM - cable for Nokia 3555B - cable for Nokia 5310 - cable for Nokia 7210C - cable for Nokia 2600C - cable for Nokia 7510

- cable for Nokia N96 - cable for Nokia 8800E - cable for Nokia N75 - cable for Nokia 2680S - cable for Nokia 6220C - cable for Nokia 3120C - cable for Nokia E71 - cable for Nokia MINI EASY - cable for Nokia 7500 - cable for Nokia E90 - cable for Nokia 5130 - cable for Nokia 6600F - cable for Nokia 7070D - cable for Nokia N93i - cable for Nokia 6500c - cable for Nokia N82 - cable for Nokia N78 - cable for Nokia 5220 - cable for Nokia N85 - cable for Nokia N79 - cable for Nokia E51 - cable for Nokia 6120C - cable for Nokia E66 - cable for Nokia N81 - cable for Nokia 7310C - cable for Nokia 6110N - cable for Nokia 3610F - cable for Nokia 1650 - cable for Nokia 5700 - cable for Nokia N9586 - cable for Nokia 6210N - cable for Nokia 6650D - cable for Nokia 6555 - cable for Nokia 3600S - cable for Nokia 5320D - cable for Nokia E65 - cable for Nokia 6208 - cable for Nokia 6600S - cable for Nokia 1680C - cable for Nokia 2760 - cable for Nokia E75 - cable for Nokia 2630 - cable for Nokia 6300 - cable for Nokia 5300 - cable for Nokia 6260S - cable for Nokia 5800 - cable for Nokia 6500S - cable for Nokia 6131

- cable for Nokia 6680 - cable for Nokia 6122 - cable for Nokia 5000 - cable for Nokia 6125 - cable for Nokia 6280 - cable for Nokia 7390 - cable for Nokia 3500C - cable for Nokia 6270 - cable for Nokia 6630 - cable for Nokia 5500 - cable for Nokia 6151 - cable for Nokia 6290 - cable for Nokia 6234 - cable for Nokia 7370 - cable for Nokia E63 - cable for Nokia 6070 - cable for Nokia 3250 - cable for MOTOROLA T191 - cable for SE K750 - cable for LG GSM24PIN - cable for LG GSM18PIN - cable for T-28 - cable for NM20+USB - cable for M-20+USB - cable for T2-18 - cable for TU-2X12 - cable for C260 - cable for J132 - cable for KG300 - cable for LG 8110 - cable for LG KG800 - cable for S-18 - cable for GX30 - cable for TU 24 - cable for T-18 - cable for T-24 - cable for DMOD-18 - cable for KP130 - cable for M-20 - cable for A-18 - cable for C140 - cable for SHARP 3G - cable for C160 - cable for 6X20 - DMOD-NM20 - TU-24 - T2X12 - cable USB A/B

warranty card instruction WarrantyTo this product we offer 12 months of warranty Niniejszy opis nie stanowi oferty w rozumieniu Kodeksu Cywilnego. Multi-COM Sp. z o.o. zastrzega sobie rwnie prawo do bdw w powy szym opisie produktu. W celu weryfikacji prosimy o kontakt z naszym Dziaem Sprzeda y.

Multi-COM Sp. z o.o. ul. 22-go Lipca 31b 36-100 Kolbuszowa POLSKA tel. 0048172270025, 0048172275045 Infolinia: 0801671717 Skype: Multi-COM


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