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UDAYANTEE RAJIV KUMAR RAJIV · PDF file Father's Name : RAJIV KUMAR _____4. Nationality: INDIAN _____5. Whether the Candidate belongs to Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe: GEN _____6

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Text of UDAYANTEE RAJIV KUMAR RAJIV · PDF file Father's Name : RAJIV KUMAR _____4. Nationality:...

  • Signature of Class Teacher Checked By Principal Seal

    Sl No.: 862 Admission No.:4939 DISE No.:240706096351720062"_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Name of Pupil : UDAYANTEE RAJIV KUMAR_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.Mother's Name : ANNAPURNA R KUMAR_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Father's Name : RAJIV KUMAR_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Nationality: INDIAN_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Whether the Candidate belongs to Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe: GEN_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Date of First Admission in the school with class: IX_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Date of Birth (In Christian Era) according to Admission Register [in figures] : 25/07/2002_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Date of Birth according to Admission Register [in Word] :

    Twenty Fifth of July Two Thousand and Two_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Class in which the pupil last studied (in figures) : STD. X (TENTH) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. School/ Board's Annual Examination last taken with result : CBSE_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Whether failed, if so once/twice in the same class : ----_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Subject Studied : Computer,English,Mathematics,Sanskrit,Science & Technology,Social Science_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Whether qualified for promotion to the higher class. If so, to which class [in Figure] : YES, STD. XI (ELEVENTH)_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. Month upto which the pupil has paid school dues/paid : PAID_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 15. Any fee concession availed of, if so the nature of such concession : ----_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 16. Total number of working days : 203_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 17.Total number of working days present : 163_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 18.Whether NCC Cadet/Boy scout/Girl Guide : ----_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 19.Games played or extra-curricular activities in which the pupil usually took part : ----_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 20.General Conduct : GOOD_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 21.Date of application for certificate : 12/06/2018_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 22.Date of issue of certificate : 12/06/2018_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 23.Reason for leaving the school: CHANGING BOARD_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 24.Any other remarks : SEAT NO. 1103650_________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Transfer Certificate should be issued only under the signatures of the regular Principal / Vice Principal

    and it should be countersigned by an officer not below the rank of District Inspector of Schools / Deputy

    Director of Education / Education Officer of the Education Deptt. of the State / Union Territory

    concerned. In case of a student migrating from one CBSE affiliated school to another CBSE affiliated

    School the transfer certificate of a previous school of such a student may be countersigned by the

    Regional Officer / Astt. Secretary / Section Officer of the Board or the Assistant Commissioner of the

    Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan or the Deputy Director, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti in India or an officer

    of the Board at the Head Quarters and by the First Secretary / Attache / Cultural Attache or an equivalent

    officer of the Embassy / High Commission of India in the concerned country in respect of students

    studying in an affiliated school of CBSE situated outside the country and the student shall not be admitted

    to a school without such a counter signature. Assistant Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

    have also been authorized to countersign the Transfer Certificates issued by the School run by Directorate

    General, Boarder Security Force.


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