(Ubersnap) Aura - The Ultimate Photo Booth advanced photo booth in the world. Designed and made in Singapore,

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  • Meet Aura, the most advanced photo booth in the world. Designed and made in Singapore, by the inventors of the GIF booth with holographic prints. This is where beauty meets cutting- edge technology.

    Photos or GIFs, the way you want it. Aura was designed to give you the perfect photo booth experience, whether you want photos, GIFs or both at your event.

  • Be the hero of your event. When you plan an event, you want to give your guests an experience to

    remember. That means working with new and interesting ideas. Like you, we were disappointed by the lack of innovation in event photography. That’s why we built Aura, so you can have the most advanced photo booth in the world.

    Work with us and feel the pride of making a killer event.

    Made with an award winning designer. With its all aluminium casing and sleek design, our photo booth is perfect for your event or retail space. Whether you’re planning a casual party or product launch for a luxury brand, it will adapt seamlessly and beautifully. Because everything you need is integrated into a compact footprint, our photo booth

    will fit into even the smallest spaces.

  • Photo booth Aura takes incredibly clear and beautiful photos, and rapidly prints them out on

    industry-standard 4R photo paper.

    GIF booth Aura engages you with interactive

    Boomerang-style GIFs—so you can move, dance and laugh at our photo booth. Walk

    away with one-of-the-kind holographic prints or industry-standard photo strips.

  • Nothing more memorable than a holographic print. You want to help your guests capture and remember your event, with innovative photo and GIF experiences. Give them something they’ve never seen before—our one-of-the- kind holographic prints.

    Your print can move

  • Relive your memories. You don’t just want to capture your memories, you want to remember them too. With the “Remember This Day” feature, you’ll get an email to recap the photos and GIFs that you took at our photo booth, a year before.

    If you have a recurring event, use it to remind your guests of the awesome time that they had at your last event—and to sell tickets for your next event.

  • Exceptional image quality. All of your photos and GIFs are taken with a DSLR for the best possible image quality. The generously sized front screen makes it easy for you to find your best pose, so that taking your photo (or GIF) is an interactive experience.

  • Beautiful lighting for studio- quality portraits. The only photo booth with a beautiful, custom-made integrated lighting system—it looks good and makes you look good. All of the LEDs have a CRI rating of above 95, which is higher than even most professional studio lights. This matters because it renders colours accurately and naturally, so that you look amazing on camera.

  • Integrated printer with no messy cables. A high speed printer is built right into the photo booth—no messy cables or unreliable connections. It has a rapid, industry-leading printing speed—just 8 seconds per print.

  • Large back screen to engage everyone. A generous screen is built right into the back of the photo booth to engage everyone—not just the people posing in front of the camera. All of your photos and GIFs are displayed instantly on the live gallery. It’s an incredible way to attract a crowd and add excitement to your event.

  • It’s not just the hardware, it’s the software too. A photo booth is only as good as its software—that’s how we make our

    unique features possible. Aura comes loaded with our latest custom software, designed for the perfect photo booth experience.

    It has a beautiful user interface and is incredibly intuitive to use—so simple that anyone can come up to our photo booth and start using it themselves. That’s important if you’re looking to rent our photo booth as a self-service

    kiosk, for events or retail spaces.

  • See your photos and GIFs instantly. You’re living in a digital age, so there’s no reason you should have to wait for your photos. With our photo booth, all of your photos and GIFs are instantly uploaded to a web gallery, where you can view and share them. See not just your own photos, but those that your friends took—it’s social entertainment for your event.

    Concerned about your privacy? We have you covered. You can opt to make your gallery private, so that only you and your guests can see it.

  • Send to your phone, by email or SMS. Instantly send your photos or GIFs to your phone, via email or SMS. We know that you can’t wait to share them with your friends. Now, you don’t have to. With Ubersnap, you can expect nothing less than instant gratification.

  • *We guarantee that your photo booth will start on time - not a minute late. You’ll also get your photos and GIFs within 24 hours from the end of your event.

    You’re backed by the industry’s only service guarantee.

    You can feel perfectly confident in working with us because we’re backing you with the industry’s only service guarantee*. If we don’t meet the extremely

    high standards that we’ve set for ourselves, you’ll get your money back.

  • Easy hiring plan 1. Refer to our sales kit for packages and

    pricing 2. Choose a standard package or ask for a

    customised plan 3. We send you a quotation to confirm your

    booking 4. We show up at your event and give your

    guests an experience to remember

    Contact us today hello@ubersnap.com +65 9012 8537