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  • Vampire® UAS Embedded Training

    • Fully emulates ALL operator functions for AV’s Small UAS (Puma, Raven, and Wasp). • Requires NO additional hardware: VAMPIRE® runs on fielded PanasonicTM Toughbook and Ground

    Control Station -- Train as you fight...Anywhere, Anytime. • Integrated and correlated with FalconViewTM software to allow mission planning and rehearsal. • Tailorable tactical scenarios with scripted, Moving 3D human and vehicle models, urban areas, special effects - as the enemy adapts so can your training. • Geo-Specific terrain for any area of interest. • High-fidelity, Game-quality Graphics.

    The Vampire Advantage



    Wasp • 410 Jan Davis Drive • Huntsville, AL 35806 • 256.922.0802

    Fully embedded simulation that trains all operator functions and emergency procedures for family-of-systems small UAS (Raven®, Wasp™, Puma™). Vampire runs on fielded Panasonic Toughbook and Ground Control Station with no modification to fielded hardware and software.

  • Vampire® • Institutional Training System (ITS) • Bi-directional Advanced Trainer (BAT)

    Vampire® Bi-directional Advanced Trainer (BAT): Vampire® BAT is an embedded trainer that runs on fielded One System Remote Viewing Terminal (OSRVT) hardware and trains operators on basic OSRVT operations as well as bi-directional capability of system. It simulates operator interaction with UAV without requirement for live flight and uses geo- specific terrain and tactical vignettes to train operators in advanced OSRVT operations.

    Tactical Scenario Scripting



    Vampire®Institutional Training System (ITS): An extension of the successful Vampire® embedded training system, AEgis’

    offers a classroom training enabler for Small Unmanned Air Systems with Vampire ITS. System features an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) and 10 Student Training Stations that can accommodate up to

    20 students at a time. Real-time analysis and scoring with scenario and flight playback create an interactive training environment for instructor

    and operator to increase and maintain proficiency.

    IED Emplacement


    Thermal Sensor View

    Moving Models

    • Ability for Instructor to Insert Malfunctions – Battery failures – Link Faults – RF Propagation Issues • Advanced Mission Planner Integration with FalconView™ – Add Triggers and Advanced Interaction with Entities – Create New Scenarios – Edit and Modify Scenarios – Script 3D Moving Models, Vehicles, Dismounts and Static Models -- Defined for Mission -- Display in Overlay Prior to Mission Start -- Can Change As Required to Meet Mission Goals

    • Composite Vignettes To Support Large Extended Scenarios* – Ability to Turn on Random Scenario Events -- Dismounts -- Entities -- IED Placements • Game Play for Instructional Engagement* – Time Based Variables to Help Focus Objectives -- Objectives are Clearly Defined at the Beginning of Each Session -- Points are Awarded or Deducted for Specific Events – Capturing Pictures of Specific Locations* – Call for Fire Events or Coordination with Instructor* – Time Based Scenarios are Triggered Based on Positional/Situational Awareness – Scoring Based on Overall Performance

    – Small Arms Fire – Sensor Failures – Structural Failures

    -- Malfunctions Activated -- OP Orders • 410 Jan Davis Drive • Huntsville, AL 35806 • 256.922.0802

    * Under development