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  • 1. Design Against Crime Research CentreBikeoff Research InitiativeJill Dando InstituteDesigning for the 21st Century, AHRCUniversity of the Arts LondonBikeoff - Adam ThorpeIncreasing cycle use by reducing cycle theftFriday, 29 April 2011

2. 17% of cyclists experience bicycle theft. Of these, 24% stop cycling and 66% cycle less often. Transport Research Laboratory 1997 Cycle theft is one of the greatest detractors from bike use and the benefits that cycling has to offer the public: Quick (journeys under 5 miles) Healthy (obesity/heart disease) Affordable (inclusive) Non-polluting (zero CO2 emissions) Low Hazard (less harmful than motor vehicles) Low consumption QuietUK: aims to increase cycle usage fourfold by 2012, DTR National Cycle Strategy 1996London: aims for 80% increase by 2012 and 200% increase by 2020. Mayors OfficeFriday, 29 April 2011 3. "As Bikeoff started in 2004 bike theft went up but also so did the number of people cycling in London. And then something remarkable happened around 2005-6 - bike theft went down a little and cycling went up even more... theres still a long way to go ... but the work that Bikeoff, in partnership with multiple stakeholders is delivering, is making a difference..." Rose Ades, Head of Transport for Londons Cycle Centre of Excellence (CCoE), September 2008"It is great that this multi-agencyapproach is working to bring designforward into dealing with a real problemfor cyclists and the cycling communitywhilst at the same time being innovativein the approach"Dr. Kulveer Ranger, Director of Transport Policy for theGLA, September 2008Friday, 29 April 2011 4. Open innovation model of research was used to deliver a designresearch portfolio of interlinked projects:1. Bikeoff secure bike parking design guidelines (innovative capacity againstbike theft)2. Bikeoff bike theft reductive exemplar(s): communications, furniture, bikes,locks, environments, services (operational capacity against bike theft)3. Bikeoff design resource: developed for education and industry (innovativecapacity against bike theft), 29 April 2011