typographic comp + 3d
typographic comp + 3d
typographic comp + 3d
typographic comp + 3d
typographic comp + 3d

typographic comp + 3d

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brief 2 + 3 semester 1 YR1 GDNM

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  • Brief 2:Typographic Composition

    Make 3 A5 illustra-tions that evoke the atmosphere of your original image, using only your col-lected typographic forms and your extracted colour palette.

    Attitudes to colour: Of these illustra-tions, one must make use of com-plementary colour, and one must make use of subtractive colour.

    Attitudes to com-position: Of these illustrations, one must employ the

    rule of thirds, and one must make use of the golden ratio.

    Compile the 3 il-lustrations into an A3 pdf.

    Use the remaining A5 space to write a brief explana-tion of your use of colour and compo-sition.

  • Composition 1: Social Scene


    The first part of the picture that i wanted to explore was the social na-ture of the scene. The crowd of peo-ple are stereotypi-cally cool, which at its heart shows a certain level of conformity, a need to fit almost. I decided that Social Scene would be the main tag line for the composition but i wanted get across the idea of fitting in into the piece. To do this i created the different words that all had some-thing to do with conforming into a block at the top of the composition. The bulk of the letters were

    constructed using my see-through version of the vernacular type i had made for the project. Scattered throughout these different words are filled in verions of these letters, which when read together spell out social scene. I thought was a interesting way of presenting the idea of fitting in to a social setting with the letters. Composition wise the image was constructed using the rule of thirds in the structure, the sizing of the words was done using the rule of thirds and the colour scheme is complementary.

  • Composition 2: Hazy


    With the second composition i did, i wanted to describe the lighting of the image which re-ally sets the mood of the picture. As there is a hazy summer/dusk feel to the photo i decided to use the word hazy. The first thing i wanted to do is give the let-ters i used a haze around them while trying to trying not to make the letters seem out of focus. By rasterizeing them and splitting the channels i was

    able to create the appearance of an outer haze while have a clear letter form within the centre. For the background col-ouring i sampled the a pallete from the original image, using the colours of the sky and the street lamps. Using the gradient mesh i was able to blend the colours into each other instead of having clear divides between dif-ferent colours. The colour pallete i used was subtractive.

  • Composition 3: Crowded


    For the third com-position i wanted to express the crowded nature of the street. Firstly i created 7 circles which would be the areas that each of the letters would be in. I started of by filling them with random typefaces that were all black. This would enable the white letters be visible a also make them stand out so the word wouldnt get lost.

    I felt also that by haveing the letters that you read be a differnt colour from the rest of the backing letters it would reaffirm the need to fit in but also the fact that the people in the photo all also trying to be noticed, to be seen different. I liked the juxtaposition between confirming and finding your own identity. I used the rule of thirds in this compostion.

  • Brief 3: 3dTypographyUsing outline paths from your own vernacular type collection (week 2), create three-dimen-

    sional typography in 3DStudio Max.Composite your three-dimensional typography with a

    high-resolution im-age of a real-world environment (could be the image you chose for assign-

    ment 2 (week 2)).Your typography should take the form of a word or a series of words

    that expresses or contrasts with an aspect of your cho-sen environment.Light your three-

    dimensional ty-pography so that it matches the light in your backing plate (high-resolution

    image).Render out a se-ries of three stills OR a five second animation.

    For the first 3d com-position i decided to use the word crowded. Instead of using the same piece which i used for the 2d typography brief idecided to redo it. I ended up shaping

    the latters to give the impression that they were being squeezed together. I took the colour from the the pavement as i thought it summed up the feel of the crowd.

    Similarly to the last composition i used letters from th 2d counterpart to usein its creation.I sample the col-our from the street lights as i think there part of what gives the image its haze.

    Due to the crowded scene depicted in my original im-age i decided to find a different image to base my last composition.

    As picture is of a tagged wall, i decided to use the word create as the focus for the image. I sampled th colur from the red graffiti on the wall.