Typical Computer Input/Output and Storage Devices

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<p>Typical Computer Input/Output and Storage DevicesInput / Output and Storage Devices Input Output Storage Keyboard Monitor Floppy Disk Printers (all Mouse Diskette types) Trackballs Audio Card Hard Disk Touchpads Plotters Disk Cartridge LCD Projection Pointing Sticks CD-ROM Panels Computer Output Joysticks Microfilm Optical Disk (COM) Pen Input Facsimile (FAX) Magnetic Tape Touch Screen Speaker(s) Cartridge Tape Light Pen . Reel Tape Digitizer . PC Card Graphics Tablet . RAID Scanner . Memory Button Microphone . Smart Card Electronic Optical Memory . Whiteboard Card Video Cards . . Audio Cards . .</p> <p>Camera - most cameras like this are used during live conversation s. The camera tran smits a picture from one computer to another, or can be used to record a short video. Compact Disc (CD) - CDs store information. The CD can then be put into another computer, and the information can be opened and added or used on the second computer. Note: A CDR or CD-RW can also be used as an OUTPUT device. Keyboard The keyboard is a way to input letters or numbers into different applications or programs. A keyboard also has special keys that help</p> <p>Mouse - The mouse is used to open and close files, navigate web sites, and click on a lot of commands (to tell the computer what to do) when using different applications. Digital Camera - A digital camera can be used to take pictures. It can be hooked up to a computer to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer. Some digital cameras hold a floppy disk, and the floppy disk can be taken out of the camera and put directly into the computer.</p> <p>Drawing Tablet - A drawing tablet is similar to a white board, except you use a special pen to write on it and it's connected to the computer. Then the word or image you draw can be saved on the computer.</p> <p>Microphone A microphone is used to record sound. The sound is then saved as a sound file on the computer.</p> <p>Scanner - A scanner is used to copy pictures or other things and save them as files on the computer.</p> <p>Disk Drive A disk drive can hold a CD or a floppy disk. It reads the information on the disk so that the computer can use it.</p> <p>Joystick - A joystick is used to move the cursor from place to place, and to click on various items in programs. A joystick is used mostly for computer games.</p> <p>Touch Screen - A touch screen is a computer screen or other screen that you can touch with your finger to enter information. Examples of touch screens include a smart board, a microwave, a dishwasher, or an ATM at a bank. Bar Code Scanner - A bar code scanner scans a little label that has a bar code on it. The information is then saved on the computer. Bar code scanners are used in libraries a lot.</p>


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