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Tyler Cooper. Problem Statement. How do we get the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the largest audience possible optimally?. Strategic Considerations. Think globally and understand our audience Publish content in a variety of forms (languages, devices, media types) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tyler Cooper

Problem Statement How do we get the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the largest audience possible optimally?2

Strategic ConsiderationsThink globally and understand our audiencePublish content in a variety of forms (languages, devices, media types)Leverage electronic distribution methods when possible for cost savingsUtilize volunteers3

Crowdsourcing PrinciplesLeverage skills/talents of volunteers for Church department needsMinimize Church human resource requirementsIntegrate crowd efforts into existing work flows/supply chainsConsider blessings of service with Church volunteers4Vineyard Activity - Core ValuesEasy to startActivities for everyoneSmall and discrete tasksActivity matching to volunteer capabilitiesCrowd check for accuracyLeverage subject matter expertise of Crowd5The Vineyard

Vineyard is the portal to volunteerism at the Church6Activities

Church MultimediaMaterials Service Department Receive Materials from volunteers (Images and videos) Enrich content

Church PublicationsCurriculum DepartmentReview newly digitized content

TranslationReceive Translate church materials into

Family HistoryLink to Family Search Indexing


User Generate Content

Image Tagging

IP Review89




Activities Performed13Volunteer Feedback

RoadmapNew Service ActivitiesTask Management Multiple DepartmentsFamily History DepartmentImprovements to the vineyardGoals/AchievementsProfile management (skills/capabilities)Allow video and other content uploads from volunteersContent Submission ClassificationImproved Metrics and ReportingPossible LDS Tech Opportunity1516

----- Meeting Notes (3/22/11 17:21) -----Add - You have spent X amount of time17

----- Meeting Notes (3/22/11 17:21) ------Currently when signing in it forces you to update your profile, WHY??----- Meeting Notes (3/23/11 14:48) -----Frank: Recurring emails, "hey we haven't seen you in a while"18Getting InvolvedRegister and try the activities http://vineyard.lds.org Spread the Word Find times to workWhile riding public transportation@ home, @ school, @ playProvide feedback on ways to improveWatch for future Vineyard projects in LDS Tech19Frequently Asked QuestionsWho is the target audience of Vineyard?Answer Church members and other volunteers. Membership isnt a requirement.How is Vineyard different than LDS Tech?Answer LDS Tech is targeted to software development, the Vineyard is available to non-technical audiences. Why does the Vineyard use proprietary technologies that limit participation?Answer Concept was being piloted so speed of development drove the technology decision. With the concept accepted, we will re-visit technology decisions and re-factor when appropriate.20