Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary 2018-08-26آ  there will be a display of beauful olive-wood handmade

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  • 212 Meredith Street • Kennett Square, PA 19348

    MASSES Saturday Vigil: 5:00 PM

    Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 AM and 12 Noon

    Weekday Mass: 7:30 AM Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM Saturday


    Saturday: 3:45 PM to 4:45 PM Holy Days of Obligation - See

    Sunday bulletin.


    Mondays 8 AM to 7 PM

    Parish Office 205 Lafayette Street

    Telephone: 610-444-4364 Fax: 610-444-2129

    Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

    Religious Ed. Center

    210 Meredith St. Buffington House

    227 Lafayette Street 236


    Rev. Christopher B. Rogers, Pastor

    Rev. Victor F. Sharrett, Pastor Emeritus

    Rev. Andres Garcia, In Residence

    Oblates of St. Francis DeSales, Sunday Assistance

    Deacons James K. Madonna and James J. Elliott

    Andrew Auletta, Seminarian

    August 26, 2018

    Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

    MISSION STATEMENT St. Patrick Church, in the process of strengthening its Catholic Community, seeks

    to make the gospel of Jesus Christ better known and loved through prayer, stewardship and good works

  • Monday, August 27, St Monica 7:30AM Anthony Malchione r/o Clara Dunlap & Family

    Tuesday, August 28, St. Augustine 7:30AM Mary Puoci r/o Clara Dunlap & Family

    Wednesday, August 29, The Passion of St. John the Baptist 7:30AM Josephine Braccio r/o Kathleen Frost

    Thursday, August 30, Weekday 7:30AM Mary Puoci r/o Carolyn & Tom Peppernick

    Friday, August 31, Weekday 7:30AM Anthony Malchione

    r/o Sonny & Laraine Maddalozzo

    Saturday, September 1, Weekday 8:00AM Special Intention Vigil, Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 5:00PM Mary Puoci r/o Betty D’Amico

    Sunday, September 2, Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:30AM Mass for Parishioners 9:00AM Szablewski & Sabeski Families

    r/o Conrad

    10:30AM Neil Cunningham

    r/o Abate Family

    12:00PM Jewel Brightbill

    r/o Don & Mary Drinker


    Good and loving Fa-

    ther, watch over and

    protect all who serve in

    the Armed Forces of

    our nation. Surround

    them with your love and care & bring them

    safely home.

    SGT Richard Baffa

    SSG Raymond Burke III LT Michael Crawford

    Capt. Dominic Paul DellaPelle, USMC LCPL Ben Farrell, USMC

    Senior Chief Shauna McNeely SFC Tyler Nellens

    E1 Airman 1st Cl Andrew Szonntag Major Ian C. Whiteman

    1st Lt. USAF Scott Seidenberger 1st Lt. USAF Natalie King


    All praise and glory is yours, Lord our God, for You have called us to serve You in love. Bless our sick: Ro Teel, Gweneth Malchione, Bill Ewell, Ronald Hall, Frank Reck, Michael Odorisio,

    Sr., Mario Lorenzut, Ginny Basilio, Pastor Dan

    Nicewonger, Steve Briley, Ana Teresa Encar-

    nacion, Robert “Mack” Marc-Aurele, Clara Dunlap,

    Phil Morehead, Rosemary F. Madrigale, Tim Ewell,

    Ida DiNorscia, Rosa Maria Santos, Thomas Layug,

    Steven Mangini, John Pellegrino, Thomas Kelleher,

    Angela Smoker, Diane Jones, Giovanna Sankus,

    Emily DiStefano, Frankie Knowles, Jackie

    VanGrofski, Lucy DiNorscia, Maria Rowe, Richard

    Reynolds, Marc Palfy, Karen Dinius, Joshua

    Brown, Deacon Jim Elliott so that they bear this

    illness in union with Your Son’s obedient suffering,

    restore them to health, and lead them to glory.


    OUR FAITHFUL DEPARTED: For those who have been faithful, O Lord, life is not ended. An

    eternal dwelling place awaits them in heaven.


    Now more than ever, we need to keep informed as a parish community. If you have not as of yet signed up for FLOCK- NOTE, do so today. (SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON BACK OF BULLE- TIN.) If you have not as of yet friended our FACEBOOK PAGE, do so today.


    NOVENA FOR THE LEGAL PROTECTION OF HUMAN LIFE- The U.S. Bishops urge our par�cipa�on each Friday in a na�onwide Novena for the Legal Protec�on of Human Life, August 3-September 28. Par�cipants will receive weekly email or text reminders to pray and fast, along with li�le known facts about Roe v. Wade to share with others. Sign up at



    My Dear Parishioners,

    Praise be Jesus Christ! First, I want to thank you for your kind words to me over this past week. I am grateful for your kindness and heartened by your faith. Second, I want to assure you of my prayers for you. As Pope Francis said in his le�er addressed to all of us this week,

    quo�ng St. Paul: “If one member suffers, all suffer together with it”. (1 Cor 12:26) So we suffer together, but must remember most of all the vic�ms who have suffered and con�nue to suffer the most. I think we know a bit more how deep the suffering that Christ endured for us. My God, have mercy.

    Now my message.

    Two weeks ago, I was surprised to find Halloween Decora�ons already out -- front and center-- at the Dollar Tree. With temperatures in the 90s, I was not expec�ng it! Then, I remembered, we live in America where consumerism is king and where Halloween decora�ons are almost as popular as Christmas Decora�ons. (God Help Us!)

    In light of that I hope you no�ced and are a bit surprised that our Lenten Crosses are front and center on our Church Property. No, I am not ge�ng an early start on Lent; No, I have not lost my mind. Rather, in this �me when the Church has lost so much, I believe we need a sign -- We need the Sign of Christ Himself: which is the CROSS. The universal sign of our faith, the sign of all that has been lost, the sign of all that has been given. The sign that is the world’s salva�on. No, those crosses are not early Lenten decora�ons, but declara�ons of God’s judgement on the world and the call which is upon us: Reform. The cross is the means by which true re-form happens. And we need reform. So the crosses will remain out from now �ll Thanksgiving and I pray that they remain a powerful reminder to all of us.

    On Tuesday Evening, we gathered in Church and as Church to pray for the Church. We prayed over the cross and placed on it all the hurt, all the sin, all the shame. We renewed our faith, rejec�ng Satan and all of his works and all of His empty promises. We lit our bap�smal candles and were splashed with the Waters of Holy Bap�sm. It was a powerful night. Then on Wednesday the cross was planted and there it will remain. The candles that burn in front of the crosses were lit from the Bap�sm Candle and will remain lit in repara�on for all the sins commi�ed by cowards who liked to hide behind religious decora�ons. Those candles will remain lit in hope-filled confidence that you and I may be the people God has called us to be.

    Our faith is such a beau�ful gi� but it demands care or else it becomes a decora�on. And for many in the Church, including Bishops, Priests and Deacons: faith is nothing more than a decora�on. May God spare us of that, May God spare us of such false disguise. He does. But it demands something from all of us. REPENTANCE, CONTRITION, FAITH.

    Repent, he said, and believe in the Gospel.


    Fr. Rogers


    In �mes of crisis, people respond. These days evoke a response. What might that be? Consider abstaining, fas�ng, and com- mi�ng to acts of charity. Do something each day that will be different. Things that will be a reminder of God’s Love in you, things that will be a sacrifice for others and a powerful gi� that could benefit the Church. Prayer, Fas�ng and Charity are more powerful than we realize. It’s �me to realize it. 236


    Sunday, August 26

    Baptism 1:30PM C

    KOC Meeting 2:30PM CB

    Monday, August 27

    Back to School Catechist Mtg. 6:00PM BH

    Tuesday, August 28

    Jubilee Fundraising Mtg. 7:00PM PO

    Wednesday, August 29

    Thursday, August 30

    Friday, August 31

    Saturday, September 1

    Rosary 8:30AM & 4:30PM C



    Pregnant? Scared? Call 1-800-CARE-002

    Birthright: 610-436-0773

    HopeA�erAbor�; a�erabor� or 1-877-HOPE-4-ME


    Assistance/Resources for Marriage Troubles:


    Annulment Proceeding: Contact the Metropolitan Tribunal,

    Archdiocese of Philadelphia 215-587-3750. Interviews are confiden�al.


    Courage: Courage ministers to those with same sex a�rac- �ons and their loved ones. A weekly peer support group is offered to homosexual men and women who wish to