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Tutorial Tutorial. Read all the directions before proceeding Anything that says “(click to learn more)” will point to a button that you can click to learn more information about that topic. In the bottom left hand corner are that will take you back to certain pages. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Tutorial TutorialRead all the directions before proceedingAnything that says (click to learn more) will point to a button that you can click to learn more information about that topic. In the bottom left hand corner are that will take you back to certain pages.Any steps will be numbered and colored in red. Follow the steps in numerical order.Follow the links in the tutorial, do not use your mouse wheel to advance slides, (it messes up the rotation)If you get stuck or are finished just right click and end show.

    (Click here to go to the next slide and to learn more)

  • Not now but I see you are getting the hang of it.(Click here to learn more and go back to the start!)

  • Intro Page BGT Report WriterFor help with Adding Reports (Click Here)Links & Images (Click Here)Image Rules (Click Here)

    If you are doing this for the first time, you should follow the buttons in this order1. Click and read the HELP button2. Personal info3. Set up4. Write and editClick HELP first and read the directions

    Pay great homage to.Click one of the buttons to begin.

  • Tester Bio Page2. Enter Informationto include 100 Word Bio1. Click Add3. When finishedclick Save (Add turns to Save)To Input Tester Info

  • Report Preference PageThis is the Report Format page. This will change how your report looks when you are done. You can manipulate headers, subtitles, and report text.

    To change font colorsTo change font size

    Help Button (for the advanced section only)Danger Will Robinson Danger!

  • Edit PageI feel the advanced pageis easier.(Click to learn more)On this page you can Edit Old reports, Enter New Reports, Output to HTML,Change Grid Views, or ExitIn the BGT Report Writer To edit a report, 1. Choose a report from the gridthen click the button above titled2. I want to edit a Report(Click to learn more)Click One(Click to learn more)Click here to learn how to add a report

  • Advanced EditClick Normal to return to Normal Editing Mode (Click to go back)2. Click on tabs to edit report(Click to learn more)

    To edit a report in Advanced Mode

    1. Click a report to Edit3. Click Links or Images to add (Click learn more)4. When you are ready to post your text versionClick Make Text for Posting and follow the Prompts. (click to learn more)You can change the view of the report grid here. The reports thatare finished show yes in the done columnAdd new report(Click to learn more)

  • Help Button from Main Page

  • Edit ReportsTo Edit reports, click on the tabs across the top of the screen.(Click to learn more)Note: click the links and imagesbuttons to learn more about those.

  • Normal Mode Add Report1. Click Add New Report2. Name of your report 3. Click OR or Test Series4. Choose Tester5. Enter Date6. Save your report

  • Advanced Mode Add Report1. Name of your report2. Choose OR or Test Series3. Select Tester4. Enter Date (MM/DD/YYYY)5. Save New ReportTo add a report in advanced mode

  • Editing SectionsThe tabs across the top let you add content to your report. There are 10 sections to add information.

    Leave the section title blank if you do not want it show up in your report. Additionally if you dont like the title of the section you can change it as well.

  • Links and ImagesChoose one:LinksImages

  • LinksThe same method is used to insert links or images in a report

    1. Click the Links button on the report writer

    2. Type in full URL (web address)

    3. Add link Text

    4. Check Link (click the blue go button)

    For links, type in the full URL (web address) of the pageunder the links Tab. To insert the link in your report type inthe following where the number corresponds toeach link you add. I.E. 1,2,3,4(Note: You need the http:// in your full address ) adds 1st link in your reportClick here for an exampleLINK tags must be in CAPITAL LETTERS at this time. I.E.

  • Example Link/Image HTML



  • ImagesFor images, click the large X under the image number. A file location dialogue will appear. Navigate to your image, and clickon it to select it. Add Alt Text, Align the picture, Float, border around the picture, border color, and caption (optional).

    You must use Alt Text when uploading pics to the BGT site. Float controls how text wraps around an image. It is not required, but users should experiment with it to discover exactly how it affects their Images and text. adds 1st image in your reportClick here for an exampleTo read more on image rules click here

  • Image RulesEach image must be 100 kilobytes or less.

    Allowed formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif files.

    Alt Text or Alternate Text is required when uploading pictures to the BackPackGearTest web site.

    Alt Text is a short description of what is in the image. This is used in browsers for the visually impaired. As such it is considered a required image attribute in the HTML specs. Alt attributes can also have a positive impact on the search engine rankings

    Please read the bylaws Chapter 11: Including pictures in your reports and reviews to learn more. (Click link above to go there now.)

  • Add reportsIn Normal Mode Click on the I want to make new report button(click the button to learn more) In Advanced mode click on the Add New Report button(click the button to learn more)

  • Text & HTMLWhen you generate both text and HTML, a pop up box will tell you where they are saved. Navigate there to upload your HTML files to the BGT Web site.

    There is no need to save the information in the report writer, except where prompted with a save button. Otherwise the report writer saves your information automatically.