turkey drawings

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Some line drawings of people and places,

Text of turkey drawings

Henrickson: The Mother of Gengis Kahn Baykal at 90

Henrickson: Tourist Port Kusedasi, Turkey

Henrickson: At 17- life is adventurous

Henrickson: Intelligence Mired in Confusion

Henrickson: Waiting for Military Induction

Henrickson: Swimming in the Akadenise

Henrickson: Sherif

Henrickson: Scamp

Henrickson: Valter

Henrickson: A Lad

Henrickson: Body Guard

Henrickson: Un Jeune Homme de Belgique

Henrickson: Odalisk

Henrickson: Despairing

Henrickson: Mustafa

Henrickson: Anna

Henrickson: Turko from Jersey

Henrickson: The Archetype

Henrickson: Home and Bewildered

Henrickson: Thinking, Maybe

Henrickson: Drifting

Henrickson: Shore Unravelling

Henrickson: Quiet Cove

Henrickson: Athenas Phallus, The Nesting Place for Storks

Henrickson: A Lacy Edge

Henrickson: Waves and Rocks

Henrickson: The Edge of Asia

Henrickson: Seljuck

Henrickson: Crusader Fort

Henrickson: Diver

Henrickson: Yacht in the Akadenise