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  • 1. TULASI SEEDS (P) LTDFastest Growing Cotton SeedCompany in the Country

2. PROMOTER Tulasi Ramachandra Prabhu Chairman, Tulasi Group A Mechanical Engineer fromprestigious Indian Institute ofTechnology, Madras Tulasi group has thirteencompanies Groups annual turnover isaround IRS 3000 Millions 3. AWARDS Blank graphic object1 4. HELPING POOR 5. DIRECTORS T R PrabhuChairman T Yogish ChandraMD T Krishna Chaitanya Director T Aruna Director Dr P Chandrasekhar E D 6. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dr P CHANDRASEKHAR, M Sc (Ag), Ph D A Doctorate in Agriculture (Genetics & Plant Breeding) with specialization in PlantBiotechnology Total 15 years experience in Seed Research. Participated in the Project on DNA Fingerprinting of Cotton hybrids at the Nuclear Agriculture& Biotechnology Division, BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), Mumbai. Worked under Dr.Raj K Bhatnagar (Senior Scientist, Insect Resistance Group, InternationalCentre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, New Delhi & Dr.V.Siva Reddy (SeniorScientist, Plant Transformation Group, ICGEB) and actively involved in the development of BtTransgenic cotton hybrids. 7. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Worked in plant Biotechnology section (R&D Division), Maharashtra State Seeds Corp, Akolafor eight years (10.01.1995 to 01.01.2003) as Manager (Biotechnology) and looked after allResearch & Production activities of Plant Biotechnology section. Worked under the guidance of Dr.V.S.R. Anjaneyulu, Principal Breeder for cotton BreedingProgramme. Working in Tulasi Seeds (P)Ltd. Since 6th January 2003 as Executive Director and lookingafter all the Research activities of Plant Breeding & Biotechnology, Quality Control, SeedProduction, Processing, Regulatory approvals, Marketing and administrative activities of thecompany. 8. TULASI GROUP OF COMPANIESTulasi Seeds (P) LtdChaitanya Packagings (P)LtdCoastal PackagingsTulasi Filing SystemsTulasi Digital StudioTulasi Technosoft (P) LtdTulasi Ram Chits (P) LtdTulasi Cotton Industries (P) LtdImpec Soft Solutions (P) LtdChandra TransportVamsy Trade LinksTulasi Townships (P) LtdDiehard Dies (P) Ltd 9. TULASI SEEDS (P) LTDWAS ESTABLISHED ON 15th MAY 1992 10. KEY MILE STONES Company incorporated in 1992 Tulasi 4 hybrid entered in market in 2000 R & D recognized by DSIR, Govt of India in 2003 Received ISO Certification in 2003 Sublicensing agreement with MMB in 2003 National award received in 2005 Tulasi Bollgard cotton hybrid commercialized in 2006 Tulasi BG II hybrids commercialized in 2008 Collaboration with Monsanto for RRF technology in 2010 Collaboration with CIMMYT, Mexico for Corn hybrids in 2010 11. PRINCIPAL BREEDER Mr. V S R Anjaneyulu (1922 to2008) A Post Graduate fromprestigious Banaras HinduUniversity. 60 years experience in cottonbreeding He was the Principal Breederand advisor for Tulasi cottonbreeding program from 1990 to2008 12. TULASICORPORATE OFFICE 13. PROMISING TULASI HYBRIDS Tulasi - 4 BG II Tulasi - 45 BG II Sainik BG II Bhaskar BG II Taakath BG II Lambuji BG II Prachand Bhaskar BG II Tulasi Vahini BG II Namaskar BG II Maha Tulasi BG II 14. TULASI BG II HYBRIDS UNDER INHOUSE TRIALSTotal 74 promising Tulasi BG II hybrids areunder Replicated and Non Replicated inhouseR&D trials 15. SEED STAFFDivision NumberR&D29QA 12Production 49Processing 47Marketing300Administration38 Total 475 16. TULASI DISTRIBUTORSState NumberAndhra Pradesh224Orissa9Tamilnadu 17Karnataka 31MS100MP29Gujarath46Punjab31Haryana 27Rajasthan 16Total 530 17. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 18. Tulasi New Processing Plant 19. NEW PROCESSING FACILITY 20. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 21. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 22. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 23. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 24. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 25. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 26. TULASI INFRASTRUCTURE 27. TULASI BIOTECH LAB 28. TULASI BIOTECH LAB 29. TULASI BIOTECH LAB 30. QUALITY ASSURANCE 31. R & D PROGRAMCrops:CottonRed PepperSorghumSunflowerMaizeOkraEgg plantTomatoGourds 32. COTTON R & D PROGRAM Germplasm evaluation Inbred development program Hybrid development program Maintenance breeding New hybrid evaluation program In house & Multilocation trials MLRT BG & BG II introgression breeding program Zygosity testing 33. Bt BACK CROSSING 34. TULASI - 4 BG II Very high yielding Wider adaptability Tolerant to jassids Good reviving capacity Strong stem Good quality fibre Big bolls and good wt Suitable for both light andheavy soils Tolerant to droughtconditions 35. TULASI - 4 BG II Very high yielding Wider adaptability Tolerant to jassids Good reviving capacity Strong stem Good quality fibre Big bolls and good wt Suitable for both light andheavy soils Tolerant to droughtconditions 36. TULASI 4 BG II 37. TULASI 4 BG II 38. TULASI 4 BG II 39. TULASI 4 BG II 40. TULASI 4 BG II 41. TULASI 4 BG II 42. TULASI 4 BG II 43. TULASI- 45 BG II 44. SAINIK BG II (TULASI- 162) 45. TULASI 9 BG II Very high yielding Big Boll (6-7gms weight) Uniform bursting Easy for picking Tolerant to jassids Good quality of the lint Uniform arrangement ofsympodia High strength of the stem 46. TULASI - 9 BG II CROP 47. TULASI 118 BG II Very high yielding Earliness Good reviving capacity Strong main stem Tolerant to para wilt Tolerant to sucking pests Good quality of the fibrewith high elongation ratio 48. TULASI 45 BG II High yielding Profuse bearing Drought tolerance Tolerant to jassids Good quality of the fibre Uniform bursting 49. TULASI 7 BG II High yielding Erect type Suitable for less spacing Uniform boll bursting Good quality of the kapaswith naked seed Uniform arrangement ofsympodia 50. EGG PLANT 51. RED PEPPER 52. TULASI OKRA HYBRID 53. TOMATO BREEDING 54. RED PEPPER 55. EGG PLANT 56. EGG PLANT 57. GRAIN SORGHUM 58. SUNFLOWER 59. THANK YOU