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The official Texas State Technical College Waco magazine.


<ul><li><p>Spri</p><p>ng</p><p> 20</p><p>12</p><p>TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE WACO MAGA ZINE</p><p>ALSODraftingstudents</p><p>give back (Page 8)</p><p>We all ADD up (Page 11)</p><p>Vol. 2, No. 2</p><p>AA FreshFresh Start Start for for Culinary ArtsrtsWith a new building and more kitchens, this popular With a new building and more kitchens, this popular program is heating up. program is heating up. (Page 5)(Page 5)</p><p>HNICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL CCCCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACO </p><p>IN THIS ISSUEThe Life of a Working Graphic Designer(Page 15)</p><p>New Vision for Career Services(Page 17)</p></li><li><p>At TSTC the signs of spring are pop-ping up all over and its not just the fl owers! </p><p>From the opening of the new Greta W. Watson Culinary Arts Center, to the new Airport Control Tower and coming soon, the new Col. James T. Connally Aerospace Center, the growth at TSTC Waco is amazing. It has been more than a decade since we have had this much construction on campus. </p><p>In addition to reading about our Culinary Arts program and its move to the new state-of-the-art facility in A fresh start for Culinary Arts on pages 5-7, this edition of the TSTC Magazine features an informative article on Draft ing students give back to Waco community on page 8; an in-depth look at our Qual-ity Enhancement Plan in We all ADD up on pages 11-12; an alumni update in The Life of a Working Graphic Designer on pages 15-16; a center spread photo of the Air Tra c Control new high fi delity tower simulator; a Q&amp;A with new Career Services Coordinator Edgar Padilla on page 17; and much more. </p><p>Finally, if you havent been on campus in a while, now is a great time to come see whats blooming at TSTC. Contact our Recruiting Services at (254) 867-2360 to set up a visit or join us for lunch at the new Culinary Arts Center, details on page 7.</p><p>As always, thank you for all you do for TSTC!</p><p>Dr. Elton E. Stuckly, Jr.TSTC Waco President</p><p>PRESIDENTDr. Elton E. Stuckly, Jr.</p><p>MARKETING DIRECTORJan Osburn</p><p>EDITORSarah-Jane Menefee</p><p>CONTRIBUTING WRITERSMary DrennonSarah-Jane MenefeeJan Osburn</p><p>PHOTOGRAPHERSMark BurdineRyan GriponSarah-Jane Menefee</p><p>PHONE (254) 867-3035E-MAIL tstcmagazine@tstc.edu</p><p>NUMBERS TO KNOWMain (254) 799-3611Recruiting (254) 867-2360Admissions (254) 867-2362Alumni Association (254) 867-2026</p><p>TSTC MAGAZINE is published two times a year by the Marketing &amp; Communications offi ce at Texas State Technical College Waco. </p><p>Texas State Technical College Waco is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate of Applied Sci-ence degrees and Certifi cates of Completion. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Texas State Technical College Waco.</p><p> Copyright 2012 Texas State Technical College Waco. All rights reserved. </p><p>A PUBLICATION OF TSTC WACO VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2 </p><p>SPRING 2012</p><p>MAGAZINE</p><p>WRITE TO US:We welcome your letters. The editor reserves the right to determine the suitability of letters for publication and to edit them for accuracy and length. Letters should refer to material published in the magazine and include the writers full name, address and telephone number. If an alumni, please include degree and year of degree.</p><p>E-MAIL: tstcmagazine@tstc.edu</p><p>WRITE:TSTC Waco Magazine3801 Campus Drive Waco, TX 76705 Attn: Marketing &amp; Communications</p><p>1</p><p>ww</p><p>w.w</p><p>aco.</p><p>tstc</p><p>.edu</p><p>From the President</p><p> Flowers in bloom at the Golf Course &amp; Landscape Management greenhouse.</p><p>New things are blooming at TSTC</p></li><li><p>5 A fresh start for Culinary ArtsWith a new building and more kitchens, this popular program is heating up</p><p>8 Drafting students give backCommunity-oriented class takes on Waco projects</p><p>9 Campus SnapshotNew Air Traffi c Control simulator</p><p>11 We all ADD upTSTCs Quality Enhancement Plan takes a traditional math class for a surprisingly fun twist</p><p>15 Alumni FeatureJonathan Gomez creates for a living</p><p>17 Campus Q&amp;AEdgar Padilla shares his vision for Career Services</p><p>ON THE COVERCulinary Arts student Austin Lockwood with a plate of roast pork, spin-ach and other sides from one of the weekly Culinary luncheons.</p><p>Contents &amp; Calendar</p><p>18 People &amp; PlacesPhotos from TSTC events</p><p>Campus Snapshot Page 9-10</p><p>In This Issue:</p><p>APRIL 2 Summer registration begins for returning students</p><p> 6 Student &amp; employee holiday</p><p> 9 Summer registration begins for new students</p><p> 27 Last day to register for summer</p><p> End of semester</p><p> Spring commencement, 6 p.m., Waco Convention Center</p><p>MAY 7 Summer classes begin</p><p> 22 Fall registration begins for returning students</p><p> 28 Student &amp; employee holiday</p><p> 29 Fall registration begins for new students</p><p>JULY 4 Student &amp; employee holiday</p><p>AUGUST 17 End of semester</p><p> Summer commencement, 6 p.m., Waco Convention Center</p><p> Last day to register for fall</p><p> 27 Fall classes begin</p><p>SETEMBER 3 Student &amp; employee holiday</p><p>OCTOBER 12 Last day to apply for graduation</p><p>For more events, go towaco.tstc.edu/calendar</p><p>Calendar of Events</p><p>TSTC</p><p> WAC</p><p>O M</p><p>AGA</p><p>ZIN</p><p>E SP</p><p>RIN</p><p>G 2</p><p>012</p><p>2</p><p>Scan this QR code with your smartphone to view the calendar.</p></li><li><p>3ww</p><p>w.w</p><p>aco.</p><p>tstc</p><p>.edu</p><p>tech notesCampus News &amp; Briefs</p><p> As the 10-year accreditation period draws to a close, TSTC Wacos Executive Team is hard at work for the rea rmation process with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges also called SACS. SACS is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states. Its mission is to enhance educational quality throughout the region and to improve the e ectiveness of institutions by ensuring they meet standards estab-lished by the higher education community that address the needs of society and students. The Executive Team submitt ed compliance certifi cation in mid-March and will host an on-site visit in the fall.</p><p>TSTC Waco Executive Team leads SACS initiative</p><p>JET award provides CNC lathes The State of Texas Comptrollers o ce has notifi ed TSTC Waco that a $295,499 JET (Jobs for Every Texan) grant proposal has been funded. The project will be led by Jose Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering Technology faculty member, and will facilitate the purchase of twelve Manual/ CNC lathes for use in the programs Machine Shop, Machine Operations and Specialized Tools and Fixtures courses. The lathes that will be purchased with JET grant funds feature electron-ic numerical controls with industry-grade metal gears. TSTC anticipates that 100 students will use the new lathes during the fi rst year of fund-ing. A strong demand for machinists exists in the Central Texas region and throughout TSTCs statewide service area.</p><p>Scout events at TSTC bring technology to next generation Area Girl and Boy Scouts will learn about technology at TSTC events hosted in March and April the an-nual Boy Scout Heart of Texas Camp-O-Ree/Merit Badge College and the new Girl Genius STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Conference. At each event boys and girls can learn about technologies ranging from aviation to welding and earn a badge or patch. Events are sponsored by TSTC and several local groups.</p><p>MCI photography showcased at local exhibit Media Communications &amp; Information Technology (MCI) students showcased their artistic photographs at the Carleen Bright Arboretum in February and March. </p><p>Some of the best student and graduate photos were selected for the exhibit. For many students, it was the fi rst time to have their work hung in a public gallery. </p><p>For more photos from the exhibit, go to Page 14.</p><p>From left: Ron Sanders, vice president for Student Learning; Carliss Hyde, vice president for Institutional Advancement; Paul Wood-fi n, vice president for Administrative &amp; Financial Services; Shelli Scherwitz, executive director of Information Technology; Dr. Ben Cox, executive director of Institutional Eff ectiveness, Research &amp; Planning; Dr. Elton E. Stuckly Jr., TSTC Waco president; Angela Ball, associate vice chancellor of Human &amp; Organization Development; Rob Wolaver, executive vice president; and Becky Musil, executive director of Strategic Initiatives.</p><p> Student Ryan Gripon with one of his portraits at the exhibit. </p></li><li><p> This annual award recognizes faculty and sta whose outstand-ing contributions and achievements benefi t the TSTC students and community. Along with recognition from the Chancellor, recipients are presented with a 2012 NISOD Excel-lence Award at the National Insti-tute for Sta and Organizational Development conference held at the end of May in Austin.</p><p>Campus News &amp; Briefs</p><p>Stephen Tanton</p><p>Retention Programs &amp; Placement </p><p>Services</p><p>TSTC</p><p> WAC</p><p>O M</p><p>AGA</p><p>ZIN</p><p>E SP</p><p>RIN</p><p>G 2</p><p>012</p><p>4</p><p>2012 Chancellors Award for Excellence recipients</p><p>employee kudos</p><p>Casey Jones</p><p>Computer Science </p><p>Technology</p><p>Jan Osburn</p><p>Marketing &amp; Communications</p><p>Carson Pearce</p><p>Aircraft Pilot Training</p><p> With the new year comes a new look for the TSTC website, www.waco.tstc.edu. The site provides visitors with improvements in ease of use, search, navigation and appearance. The new site bett er refl ects our reputation as a leader in technical education and o ers visitors im-proved graphics with bett er user navigation in order for content to be quickly and easily accessed, said Jan Osburn, director of TSTC Marketing &amp; Communications. Features of the website include a drop-down menu naviga-tion, graphic map and calendar, landing pages for students and employees and updated copy on programs and services. Based on focus group research and trends in higher education websites, the new site design features a splashy front page with large graphics and photos and an interactive spotlight panel. The design features TSTCs signature blue and red colors along with gold, a highlight color used extensively in TSTC Waco branding. Osburn said the web update took place in a shortened amount of time due to TSTCs upcoming reaccreditation. Our website committ ee did amazing work to create the new site in around three months, Os-</p><p>burn said. With our reaccreditation right around the corner we needed to work quickly to fi nish the highest priority pag-es fi rst. Some pages are still in develop-ment and we plan to have it all completed very soon. The committ ee was comprised of sta and faculty from di erent areas of the campus, including the Web Design &amp; Development program. They started the web redesign by conducting website testing with current students, employees and high school students. Aft er creat-ing the site, the group did more testing with students from A.J. Moore Academy to ensure it was user-friendly. Since the site is still under de-velopment, students, employees and the public are encouraged to submit feedback when they cant fi nd something or come across an error. A feedback butt on is located in the righthand corner of every page, and copying the URL of the page with the error helps speed up the repair process. Well respond as quickly as we can, Osburn said. Your feedback is invaluable to us.</p><p>New look, navigation for waco.tstc.edu</p><p>Scan this QR code to visit the full version of the site. Mobile version coming soon.</p></li><li><p>... enjoyed a gourmet lunch in what she re-ferred to as the one of the nicest restaurants in Waco. This is quite beautiful, she said. Its clean and its new and its light. It has the atmosphere of a very nice restaurant with the tablecloths and china. Walker and her friends enjoyed their meal in the dining room of the new Greta W. Watson Culinary Arts Center during one the weekly luncheons. It was her fi rst time to dine at the new facility and she was not only impressed with the atmosphere, but also with the food and the students who created it. The food was all very tasty and well presented, Walker said. I heard some-where that you eat with your eyes fi rst, and they certainly pay att ention to that here. I </p><p>also love that students are both our chefs and our waiters. It gives them the opportu-nity to see the progression of how to work with clients before they get in the kitchen. Its very entrepreneurial that they see what its like from all sides, just like if they were running a business. One of Walkers waiters, second-semes-ter student Dorothy Galanis, plans to open her own bakery some day and chose TSTC to get the training she needed. Aft er grow-ing up in the restaurant business her family owns 1424 Bistro in Waco Galanis said she knows the value of the new facility and equipment. The new facility is amazing, she said. All the great equipment we get to work with is very nice. Its the kind equipment you always dream of having at your own </p><p>5</p><p>ww</p><p>w.w</p><p>aco.</p><p>tstc</p><p>.edu</p><p>A start </p><p>Amid the tinkle of glasses and chatter at different Amid the tinkle of glasses and chatter at different tables, Doloris Walker tables, Doloris Walker and a group of her friends ...</p><p>wac</p><p>o.ts</p><p>tc.e</p><p>du</p></li><li><p>restaurant some day. Past the formal dining room that culi-nary patrons see, the main att ractions of the new cen-ter are the three spacious commercial kitchens with industry-grade equipment that are dedicated for instruction in hot foods and baking and for restaurant and catering services. Fift h-semester student Austin Lockwood spent the majority of his time in the old culinary facility and cant say enough about the change. Its like night and day, Lockwood said. Before, we were in one kitchen that was separated into three classes. Now its more </p><p>professional and its bett er for learning because we can see our instructors and they </p><p>can see us. And with new equipment and space, Lockwood said, there isnt the problem of waiting in line to fi nish your assigned lab. For Lockwood, who will graduate in the upcoming summer semes-ter, the building is a dream come true. For a long time TSTC culi-nary students have done re-</p><p>ally good work, but the facility we worked in didnt refl ect that, he said. Now we have something we can be proud of. That sense of pride is practically univer-sal among the students in TSTCs Culinary </p><p>6</p><p>TSTC</p><p> WAC</p><p>O M</p><p>AGA</p><p>ZIN</p><p>E SP</p><p>RIN</p><p>G 2</p><p>012</p><p>The training here is The training here is wonderful and its a wonderful and its a great addition to our great addition to our city and to TSTC. This city and to TSTC. This will rival any other will rival any other culinary school culinary school around.around.</p><p>Greta W. WatsonGreta W. Watson</p><p>for Culinary Arts</p><p>Far left: Will Nickle puts together a fi nished plate in a Prep 2 lab class. Center left: Chef Mark Schneider assists student waiter Dorothy Galanis during a culinary lun-cheon. Center right: Students prepare a range of baked goods in the new baking lab. Far right: Tamara Panici fi nishing icing a pan of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.</p><p>By Sarah-Jane Menefee</p></li><li><p>7ww</p><p>w.w</p><p>aco.</p><p>tstc</p><p>.edu</p><p>Culinary Arts www.waco.tstc.edu/cul</p><p>For more information about the Culinary Arts degrees off ered at TSTC, call (254) 867-4868.</p><p>Gourmet luncheons are served from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on We...</p></li></ul>