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Truant Bunny. Come, children, listen to me, Hear what I shall relate About a silly truant Hare, And think upon his fate. Attention give to what I say, And bear it well in mind, And when you hear the story through, The moral you will find. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Truant Bunny

  • Truant Bunny.

    Come, children, listen to me,Hear what I shall relateAbout a silly truant Hare,And think upon his fate.

  • Attention give to what I say,And bear it well in mind,And when you hear the story through,The moral you will find.

  • A certain wise grey Owl did onceFor youngsters keep a school,Where little pigs, and hares, and dogs,Were sent to learn by rule.

  • It happened that a silly HareThe truant once did play;And oer the fields did scaraper-off,From school-house far away.

  • A gun upon his shoulder lay,A bag flung oer his back :What fine sport I shall have, said he,Ere I to home go back.

  • Hed not gone far upon his way,Before a Fox he saw :Says Reynard, Ah Im glad youre here,And offered him his paw.

  • Shake paws with me, and then we bothTo join some friends will go;Theyll treat you well,before you part,Youll like them all, I know.

  • The Fox the silly Hare believed,And followed him till whenHe saw three other Foxes, allCarousing in their den.

  • They welcomed Bunny, who was fainTo do as they were doing,Not thinking that what would ensueMust lead to his own ruin.

  • These wicked Foxes well were knownTo all the farmers round;Theyd robbed the country far and near,Where poultry did abound.

  • Hounds, as Police, were on their track,The den they sought and found it,Where on the floor poor Bunny snored,With gun, and bag around it.

  • Policeman Trim soon collared Bun,The Foxes fled away;The gun and bag were also seized,For Bun had nought to say.

  • Bunny was then to prison borne,Like malefactor bound,And soon for poaching he was tried,Before Judge Ape profound.

  • His guilt was plain, sad proofs appeared,Nought could poor Bunny save;The bag and gun, - the Foxs den, -Brought Bunny to the grave.

  • Behold the last sad scene of all, -The Ox, with mournful tread,Led Bunny to the gibbet tall,To hang till he was dead.

  • Now you whove heard poor Bunnys fateFrom it this moral glean,Who in bad company is found,Will dearly rue, I ween.