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Trip Planning For Choirs

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Trip Planning For Choirs. 2011 ICDA Conference Butler University Presented by Greg Moore. Trip Planning For Choirs. Welcome! Let’s “Talk Travel…”. Trip Planning For Choirs. About Your Presenter: 26-Year Veteran of Performance Group Travel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trip Planning For Choirs

Trip Planning For Choirs2011 ICDA ConferenceButler UniversityPresented by Greg Moore


Lets Talk Travel

Trip Planning For ChoirsTrip Planning For ChoirsAbout Your Presenter:

26-Year Veteran of Performance Group TravelPlanned Tours & Accompanied Groups to Various Domestic & International DestinationsTraveled to all 50 United States, all 10 Canadian Provinces, and nearly 30 CountriesParticipated in Various Bands & Performance Groups throughout High School & CollegeReside in Fishers, Indiana with wife, Kelly, and four children all students of music education

Trip Planning For ChoirsAbout Your Presenter:

Graduate of Indiana University with B.A. in Germanic StudiesPresident of Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) 2002 2003Senior Sales Manager for MusicAmerica and the WorldPass Travel Group

Why Travel with your Choir?Give them the Opportunity to Perform their Craft in front of a New/Different AudienceTravel will Broaden their HorizonsExperience New Cultures Domestic or InternationalBreak down Barriers Eliminate StereotypesAllows for Greater Bonding within Group

Is it a lot of Work to Plan a Trip?Getting Organized and obtaining the proper assistance will certainly help, but it is rewarding!Trip Planning For ChoirsWhat To Consider:

PerformanceWhat do you as the director need to get from it?What do the students need to get?DestinationTime of YearApproved Time Off from School?Spring Break vs. Fall Break vs. A Three-Day Weekend vs. Budget $$$Determine what is realistic know what the groups limitations are

Trip Planning For ChoirsPerformance

Formal or Informal?Festival or Non-Festival?Competitive or Non-Competitive?Single or Multiple?Performance can also determine DestinationTrip Planning For ChoirsPerformance InformalTrip Planning For Choirs

Performance Formal

Concert HallsCarnegie HallLincoln CenterKennedy Center

Churches & CathedralsWashington National CathedralSt. John the Divine New York

Trip Planning For Choirs

Performance FestivalsTrip Planning For Choirs

Performanceand then theres Disney!

Trip Planning For Choirs

Destination Domestic

Trip Planning For Choirs

Destination International

Trip Planning For Choirs

Searching for a Tour OperatorBut wait, do I really need one???

Yes, unless you have unlimited hours of free timeWill save you TimeCan even save you MoneyBut I thought they are more expensive!Can provide Liability Coverage & Insurance OptionsExperts in the FieldYou dont allow just any teacher to teach choir, why would you allow just anyone to plan your travel? Trip Planning For ChoirsSearching for a Tour OperatorHow Do I Find One??

Call a Colleague or FriendWho do they travel with and why?

Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA)The Voice Of Student & Youth Travelwww.syta.comSYTA is to the Student Tour Operator what MENC & ACDA are to the Choir DirectorTrip Planning For Choirs

Searching for a Tour Operator

Call Me

Trip Planning For Choirs

Whats Next?

Youve Determined your Desired BudgetYouve selected a Destination and/or Performance VenueYouve Determined which Group of Students the trip is forYouve selected a Tour Operator

Time To Get Organized!

Trip Planning For ChoirsGetting Organized:

Request Your Tour ProposalBe Specific: State the anticipated number of tour participants, number of director packages required, number and type of meals, etc.

Special Services Needed?Private Security Guard(s) @ HotelIndividual Payment ProgramOptional Travel Insurance Plan(s)

Trip Planning For ChoirsGetting Organized:

Getting Administrative ApprovalConsider an In-House Trip CoordinatorFundraising???Determine a Deposit Due Date & Payment ScheduleReview Cancellation Policy and Non-Refundability IssuesSet a Meeting with Tour Operator and Trip CoordinatorSet a Meeting with Tour Operator, Parents & Students (also arrange a mandatory pre-trip meeting with all tour participants, chaperones, parents, & staff approx 1 2 weeks prior to departure)Communicate! ...with Students, Parents, Tour OperatorTrip Planning For ChoirsQuestions?

? ? ?Thank You! Performance Group Travel is Rewarding

Thanks to ICDA

Trip Planning For ChoirsGreg Moore Contact Info

Greg Moore, Senior Sales Manager800.553.4723 x 147317.432.6636

Trip Planning For Choirs

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