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TRANSMEDIA PRESENTATIONBy Blake ONeill & Ned DonohoeTransmedia yet to be defined?Most previous media franchises were based on reproduction and redundancy, but transmedia represents a structure based on the further development of the storyworld through each new medium- Henry Jenkins (2011)

Focusing on the individualA transmedia text does not simply disperse information: it provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life. We might see this performative dimension at play with the release of action figures which encourage children to construct their own stories about the fictional characters or costumes and role playing games which invite us to immerse ourselves in the world of the fiction. Henry Jenkins (2007)

However, Christy Dena.Contrary views

Games of ThronesInteractive sitesFan-Fiction BooksINFLUENCER BOX transmedia?

Influencer Box

Myles McNutt TV Blogger

The Influencer Box was not simply designed to promote the process of watching Game of Thrones, but rather to promote the idea of engaging with Game of Thrones as though it were a part of your life.- Myles McNutt (2013)Is this Transmedia?

Myles Response

Viewer vs. CreatorIs it the performative act of the viewer or the content purposefully created by the producer that most influences transmedia? Serendipitous eventsCould they be interpreted as transmedia?Jenkinsien approach?Room for broader criterion?

Hey Dad- Australian TV Series

Elmo from Sesame Street

The Dark Knight Rises- (2012)

ConclusionAsk yourself, would this effect your experience? Possibility for broader criteria?