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Transform Emails into HTML Emails. Dr. Amy M. Adams Capital University How to get started. Setup Colleague server to send email. Discuss with System Administrator (Implementing Envision E-mail). Change the S.EMAIL and S_MIO_MAIL Subroutines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Transform Emails into HTML Emails

  • Transform Emails into HTML Emails

    Dr. Amy M. AdamsCapital


  • How to get startedSetup Colleague server to send email. Discuss with System Administrator (Implementing Envision E-mail).

    Change the S.EMAIL and S_MIO_MAIL SubroutinesAnswerNet document 15215.44 describes changes that need to be made to the S.EMAIL and S_MIO_MAIL subroutines

    For the document type of EMAIL, change the Document Merge Subroutine to S.EMAIL or to a custom subroutine

    Also since we were on UNIX made change to SEMS

    Attended Creating HTML Emails in Communications Management via web conference on June 10, 2009


  • Some Basic Info on DOC*Author receives batch confirmation report after each batch is sentHierarchy identifies which email address to use when the document is assigned and processed.

  • Document ParagraphsCreate paragraph codes using your institutions naming conventionCan utilize rules to determine who should receive the paragraph*

  • Define Custom Paragraphs*Reference fields must exist in the merge file listedReferenced fields must be preceded by the @ symbol, field name must be in all capital letters (and spelled correctly), and it must be followed by a space.

  • Required Sections of an HTML EmailHTML ParametersMIME-Version 1.0Content-Type: text/htmlGraphic and Font Information

    Email Text and HTML Tags

    Dear @FIRST.NAME ,Heres the first of many emails well create at our institution using HTML code. This paragraph contains the body of the emails.Sincerely,Amy M. Adams, Ph.D.

    *Combine into 1st paragraphCombine into 2nd paragraph

  • Create HTML Paragraph*Use naming conventionSpecify the MIME-Version and the content typeIdentify graphics to use in email

  • Example of graphic*Right click on graphic & Click on Properties

  • How to find URL*Note the address (URL)Note the Dimensions. Try to select graphics that are less than 600 pixels wide.

  • Sample Images*

  • HTML Tags*Taken from page 41 of Creating HTML Emails in Communications Management Datatel manual

  • Create the Email Body*

  • Create your test HTML document*Develop hierarchy for emails or modify current hierarchy to include emails

  • Add test paragraphs*HTML Parameters and Graphic and Font InformationEmail text and HTML Tags

  • Time to test your text HTMLSend the document to someone suggest it be yourself

    Make sure your emails are correct on NAE (or if choosing someone else, you can change their emails to yours)

    REMEMBER whether you are in the test account or not these emails are sent to whomever you choose!

    Can use PCB or PCEX to test emails*

  • Results!*HTML tags worked as wellGraphic appears!

  • Time to tackle current documentsConcern whatever graphic you link to needs to be on a public websiteand what happens when that changes?Need letterhead to help distinguish the importance of these emails

    Developed 3 different letterheads Registrar, Financial Aid and Undergraduate Admissions


  • Signature blockWanted signature line to look more robust and match current signature line being used in regular emails


  • Signature Block - Continued

    Sincerely,Brent A. KoerberCapital University

  • RCGAPP- Grad Application ReceivedRDGAR Grad Application Recd Confirm letterRRGGVNRRGDAFNRRINCGRDRRMFERPARRNRGDRFERPARRMTFRRMTSAlso utilizeRDNGAP- Need Grad Application RDGDEM Need Updated EmailCM for Graduation Tracking*

  • Begin to Transform EmailsInsert HTML Paragraph*

  • Detail on ParagraphInsert HTML CodingMove Subject Line to EMLD*

  • Helpful HintsEasier to detail into UTECUtilize CTRL+C and CTRL+VDont forget to add ending body & html*

  • Time for Testing!Change Author to Yourself!*

  • Another Helpful HintChange Addresses to Your Own!Enter Subject Line*

  • Time to PCEXChange to Yes on BothBest to use yourselfSave out of screenChange Output Device to H for Hold/Browse (do this twice)Emails are sent after you close the Report of Letter Requests Built*

  • Success!!*

  • Troubleshooting HTML EmailsHTML tags appear in the sent emailMake sure S_MIO_MAIL is updated (in BOTH Test & Production)Make sure S.EMAIL is updated & on DTYS

    Paragraphs all run togetherMake sure HTML tags are placed in the proper locations within email text

    Merge fields do not appear in emailsMake sure they are set up correctly just like plain text emails

    There are more troubleshooting tips in the manual*

  • *Questions?

    Dr. Amy M. AdamsCapital

    *This is where all document codes are defined. *Paragraphs are associated to documents on the DOCP form. For EMAIL-type documents, the entire text must exist in custom paragraphs.*ALL OF THIS REMAINS TRUE FOR HTML EMAILS*Can create single vs. multiple paragraphsMultiple paragraphs use information from EMLDCan establish HTML paragraphs and reuse

    *Create a link to a public websitenext slide shows how to do thisFont face will attempt first one, then next, sans-serif is a catch allFont size 2 is about an 11 font

    MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions*This size dimension will fit in most email systems without forcing the reader to scroll from left to right.

    When typing the URL, you may need to detail on DPAR down to the editor to place a lengthy URL or can create shortcut using a website like*You can detail into NAMH probably dont have access talk to system administrator*This proved to be more challenging! Needed to have different font sizes & different colors. Need to have HEX code for colors.*Useful website of most popular colors or can create your own**This is a new screen! Previously the subject line needed to be within your paragraphs and there was no way to differentiate the return and reply-to address.*